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The Keepers of Gaia

Since ancient times humans have been connecting to our Earth, Mother Gaia, and learning to live in connection and harmony with her rhythms and cycles. Through this connection, many of these ancient people also understood that they were not alone on this planet, and that there were other beings living within Gaia. Zuni and Hopi legends talk of the “Ant People” who are said to live in the Earth and during cataclysmic events, surface to take humans underground for shelter until it was safe to return. Native American history says that they lived with the Ant People for hundreds of years while the Earth underwent volcanic eruptions, massive solar activity and meteor impacts.  They were fed, housed and learned many lessons from these benevolent beings.   

The Ant People are not the only race of beings living within Gaia. There were several reports by early 20th century explorers who believed there were openings at both the North and South Pole that led to an inner earth where civilizations of human-like beings lived.  It is thought that these benevolent people are waiting for the surface humans to evolve into a peaceful state before they will make themselves known, preferring to take a more distant role in our evolution. There is also another race known as the Mantis, that live within Gaia’s dimensional fields that take a more active role in our evolution and healing.    

The Mantis have been part of Gaia’s energy field and acting on her behalf for millions of years. They are here to serve her energetically, holding a benevolent space for her, helping in her ascension. This includes supporting humanity and all earth creatures to become healthy, aligned with Earth’s energy and to evolve. Our evolution is a key factor in the speed of Earth’s ascension, so the Mantis have a vested interest in helping humanity spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

As a highly evolved race of beings, the Mantis have developed many specific skills for healing. They specialize in understanding and optimizing both crystalline and physical genetic codes to relieve sickness, disease and disharmony within the body. By bringing the physical DNA into alignment with our crystalline DNA, we can alter many of the malfunctioning genetic code signaling factors, known as epigenetic markers, that are common in disease states. 

Cancer is a good example of a disease in which our genetic code isn’t functioning in the manner in which it was designed. The vast majority of cancers are caused by epigenetic factors and only a small fraction inherited genetically.  Epigenetic shifts that lead to disease states can be targeted for treatment and repair. In today’s medical system the majority of cancers are treated in a very unspecific way through the use of chemotherapy. This ends up damaging both the healthy and malfunctioning cells weakening the body’s immune system, microbiome and endocrine system causing many secondary issues. There is another way of healing that uses a targeted approach, focusing only on the areas of the body that need altering, not compromising the well-being of the rest of the body.    

The Mantis use vibrational tones and light in order to alter DNA structure and signaling in a very specific and targeted way. This includes changes to the DNA function as well as the release of emotional and energetic patterns of discord that created the epigenetic changes in the first place, ensuring that the changes made will be lasting. All diseases have a story behind them with a wide range of possible sources.  Everything from simple exposure to a toxin to a more complicated traumatic physical or mental experience, to something that happened to our mother while we were in utero. Each experience or exposure creates a story and a vibrational signature that can alter our DNA. By using vibrational sound and light frequencies in healing we allow those energetic signatures of discord to neutralize and dissolve bringing our DNA back into the harmonic of the light body.

The ability to heal and experience ourselves as healthy should not be reserved for the chosen few who have the means to access top medical research facilities. The ability to heal and evolve is something that each of us has the power to do for ourselves, but that we may not realize. The Mantis beings, who care for our planet and for all beings upon it, would like to teach humanity how to bring ourselves into harmony with both our crystalline DNA and Gaia. It is a skill many of us have already known, but may have forgotten through lifetimes of disempowerment. Through the use of light, vibrational tones, and focused awareness we can access these dormant healing abilities and empower ourselves with the confidence that we can take an active role in our health. 

Editors Note: The above includes theoretical assumptions, based on the author’s research and observation. No information in this article is intended to represent a cure for any health conditions.

About The Author - Jeilene Tracey

Jeilene Tracy is a Vibrational Geneticist, who works with tones and light language to make shifts at the cellular, epigenetic, and DNA level. Working with multidimensional beings, she harmonizes and adjusts the physical DNA to its crystalline DNA counterpart in order to shift the physical, mental, and emotional body into a state of coherence and health.

Jeilene works with ascended masters, Arcturians, and a Mantis collective. She serves as an ambassador to a benevolent group of Mantis beings who are here to teach humanity how to heal themselves and assist with Gaia’s ascension. The Mantis utilize a heart based vibrational field to repair and optimize DNA to bring humanity into alignment with earth’s frequency. As human beings release density, energetic imprints, and heal past traumas, they accelerate the ascension of both humanity and Gaia.

Jeilene received her degree in Biology from Smith College with an emphasis on Molecular Biology, and spent 15 years in the biotech industry working for cutting edge start-ups focused on revolutionizing healthcare through novel ways of understanding human genetics and the microbiome. Today she uses her understanding of DNA and the microbiome, in conjunction with sound, to assist individuals to alleviate a variety of physical, mental, and emotional concerns.

Facebook: facebook.com/jeilene.tracey

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