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The Leader Within

When Left Verses Right Leads us Home

The Pleiadians Channeled Through Micheila Sheldan

The structure of human reality relies upon two things – diversity and deviance from the norm. This is such a departure from what you have experienced and may believe, as you have become wired through time to conform to what the outer world dictates. Yet, it is human nature to become a unique manifestation of consciousness, unlike any other; meant to constantly challenge anything that stands in the way of constant evolution and change. Left to your own, this would naturally take place; but in the current global confusion and polarity, the dire need to find truth and stability can catapult you out of this very important part of the human creative process.  

As those who have once walked in physical bodies, we understand the difficulties you face, especially in the current timeline you have chosen. It carries similar traits to many ancient lifetimes, both cataclysmic and iconic in their historic relevance to what is taking place now. There are multiple potentials within any energetic influence and each human plays a key role in directing these within the microcosm of their personal lives. This is how powerful and significant you are; yet, this power is so easily given away to others that make decisions on your behalf.  This is a primal part of your reality that no longer suits your current vibration and consciousness.

Your model of government itself is not wrong, but has become overly reliant upon influence and control in the name of material wealth and safety. In the third dimension, this was a direct reflection of your beliefs and priorities. As many of you were trained to focus on material, this physical and vibrational pattern was strengthened, creating the structure you have manifested today. The consciousness of humanity is rarely considered as you look at the actions of government agencies and those in positions of power. Yet it is the most important driving factor in how leaders interact with the people and uphold unity consciousness, acting in the highest intention of all diverse souls who must continue to evolve and thrive.

We currently observe a significant problem in working through government systems and processes to achieve the freedom you desire. The current structure of government you have manifested is not designed to enhance these freedoms. It is built upon instable, unequal and inconsistent truths that no longer vibrate as a match to the consciousness you have now attained. Your legal system was complicated long ago by a corrupt process focused in financial gain and resting on ideals that some are more deserving than others. Further, the language and programs that surround legal process are designed to drain valuable physical and vibrational energy, such that even as you arrive at an end goal, you may have abandoned your original intention.

If we look at your situation from a vibrational standpoint, we see backwards motion. In essence, you are attempting to go back in time, bring the past into the now, and use it as a vehicle for change; when in fact, this is one of the most challenging and difficult means to affect your current situation. In each quantum moment, you are revisiting the past through new eyes and how it is responded to in the now is the most valuable tool you possess. This activity relies upon conscious action. For humanity to thrive, they must be willing to create outside the bounds of an outdated model of government oversight and allowance. Much of what we see within your creative life force has no logical fit within an old enslavement system.

A governing body is meant to represent the needs and will of the people, not create the sole structure through which the people’s needs are met.

To look into the Akashic Records at some of the original governing bodies through time would bring a new vision to light. The original belief systems upon which government were founded have their roots in ancient times long ago when civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis thrived upon the earth. These communities did not physically elect a government. They operated on the premise that, if all were fulfilled in their diverse offering to the collective, natural order would identify those best suited to lead the expansion of specialized areas of the community. This tribal concept did not rely upon any specific paradigm of schooling or instruction, but flourished by honoring diversity and deviance from the norm.

There could be no differentiation through a higher learning structure to prepare those who were born to become leaders of society. It was the intrinsic knowing that all were born to lead in some way that allowed true leaders to be revealed and activated in their assignments. This process eventually transitioned to offer younger generations the opportunity to mentor in a role of great interest reflecting their special gifts and desires. The leaders of future generations were trained as they followed their most precious and unique inner knowing, often confirmed by the elders that received matching intuitive insights. We bring this message to light today because you are returning to these concepts in your personal lives first, such that they may have a ripple effect on all of humanity.

When you put the fate of your future in the hands of a select few, you lose sight of your personal power and ability to affect change.

Confusion, distortion and polarity are creating a thick veil through which inner truth becomes harder to reach. This is an orchestrated attempt to draw your attention outward, placing your faith in others. As you attempt to resolve planetary problems through one or two key leaders, you are further negating each individual’s critical role in this timeline experience. How far can you be driven outside of yourself in the name of unity consciousness? Has the uprising of Divine Feminine being hacked to move humanity so far into the mind that they have lost perspective of how to interact within themselves and with others?

It is human nature to associate personal beliefs within resonant collective groups. This is how unity consciousness finds itself strengthened through common bonds and experiences. Yet there is a fine line as to how you interact and identify with these groups that is most important to consider. As you identify outwardly with one perfect ideal, you may fall victim to the false ego that strengthens patriarchal patterns. To identify is to restrict and separate, but to interact and exchange consciously is expansive. What you know to be true must also be constantly challenged and reconsidered to grow and evolve. This means that no one truth is meant to guide your entire life or that of the collective.

When you identify with a political party, your expectation that it is the only right path for all of humanity reinforces imbalances in the current structure. This may seem confusing to those who believe one leader will fix the earth’s problems. It is not the desire to heal the earth or the faith you place in others that is wrong, but how it is expressed outwardly that strengthens the instabilities of a government structure that cannot cope with current conditions. The human collective will find it more difficult to rely upon such an outdated model of leadership as the future takes shape. You may downgrade your dimensional reality to the confines of assumed physical comfort, but the result will lead to chronic internal dissatisfaction. An attempt to configure the self into a more limited viewpoint than the consciousness has attained is difficult at best.

As you walk into the winter months, we see the potential for the replay of historic wars on multi-dimensional levels building in non-physical potentials that currently match your vibration. But these wars may not manifest as deliberately as you think. Their purpose is to siphon currency; to keep you so entrenched in your own ideas of rightness that the masculine ego structure is reborn as a patriarchal representation of the past. As you wrap yourselves up in fighting each other, you are losing precious time grounding peace and the earth reality you most desire, which could never match the government leadership of your past. When you spend precious time attempting to prove a point or sway public opinion in your direction, the energy that is siphoned is creating a timeline reality you do not wish to experience.

Unity consciousness, peace and the enlightened society you desire cannot arrive through the negation of diversity or freedom of thought and belief. Everything that comes to pass physically was once a common vibration shared by the masses. One common thread that is woven through the most heinous crimes against humanity is the need for conformity and control. You may believe that violence is the result of unappreciated differences; but violence most manifests through human inability to appreciate the uniqueness of self when compared with another. Acceptance for all races, religions, genders and belief systems stems from a greater desire to first love the self. These traumas run deep and keep humanity spiraling in history that is revisited with the same consciousness that created it. In order to interrupt these patterns, you are now being directed inward to see how you personally uphold them. You are the only one who can change them in your personal hologram.

The need to choose a side most stems from attempting to find connection and resonance with others. This is a fear based model of unity that is not leading you in the direction of the 5th Dimension. Fear leads humans to more separation and creates future fearful experiences that may land and intersect with others. We see some of the most dangerous conversations on your planet today reinforcing separation models of the past, where gender roles were rigidly defined because the activities that defined them could not be shared equally. The reason that humans are so diverse is that they are meant to blend their most unique attributes, beliefs and history with others. This is how evolution takes place in a melting pot of different backgrounds. As we honor what makes all humans special, we realize that we are seeing an aspect of ourselves that may be reclaimed, remembering oneness.

Further, when we entangle ourselves in what might happen, we are depleting valuable creative energy that only arrives in each now moment. It is good to plan ahead, but only in the vibration of what you wish to see manifest and not the opposite. The earth is on shaky ground. It’s going through a massive transformation. This is a complex, multi-dimensional energy that well-meaning souls may attempt to simplify through the rhetoric of a savior that comes in human or extra-dimensional form. There could be no savior of this complex transition other than each human realizing they are the ones who create change. Living the truth that you believe is a more powerful assertion than channeling your creative life force into the beliefs of another.

It’s not what you know, but your wiliness to let go of the things that no longer suit your knowing that is most important.

The life force of a million humans intersects to create a physical hologram; a container for earthly experience. Separation has a way of weakening the foundation of this container, making it instable. This is why human separation has been the focus of reptilian consciousness on this planet for decades. If you fight amongst each other instead of creating a life that touches others positively, the earth will lose its way. Valuable energetic currency is created and siphoned as you blame and judge one another. When you are all willing to walk in the shoes of the authentic Creator you are, without diminishing the creative expression of others, the earth will become the Heaven it was always meant to be. But how is this accomplished in such a difficult timeline and transition?

Contrast is how unique souls navigate earth experience. It is meant to lead you, creating a life that is safe, fulfilled and imprinted with your uniqueness; a life that will carry on long after your soul leaves this physical body. Your energetic imprint weaves through and touches all other earthly life for generations to come. Contrast provides the clarity and synchronicity you desire to message your unique consciousness, showing you the way. If too much time is spent using contrast as a tool to convert others to your way of thinking, it quickly loses its value. Time and energy gets lost in the sharing of truth that never finds its match in the outer world. Your only role at this time is to create in the way of your truth. To embody all that you know in such a rigorous way that your life becomes a vessel for change.

You are all a grid point in creating the structure of a new earth. As you navigate the next several months, look not to uncover truth in the outer world, but utilize your senses and unique, personal insights to create a life outside of conflict. Finding your center in the eye of the storm invites others into your peace. As more peace lands in unique geographic locations and human forms, the model for it thrives within the earth grids, holding space for those unable to understand how it may be found. This quickly activates peaceful potentials, clears all that is meant to dissolve and stabilizes a new vibration that must manifest as physical experience. New government structure will then arise, perfectly meeting this peace and accentuating it through the eyes of many. Until that time, you are the only acting governmental force within your personal hologram, upholding a sovereign truth that could never be defined in written laws. Your vibration is constantly choosing the leader within or strengthening those negating your personal power.


Dancing with Your Highest Truth

Merging the Complex Web of Human Imprints

The Pleiadians channeled through Micheila Sheldan

There is a natural alchemy constantly taking place between your ascension that that of others. And unless everyone in your personal hologram receives an opportunity to dance with your highest truth, you will never know the greatest potential that may unfold within your most difficult and stagnant timelines. In this transmission through the Pleiadians, we learn how to go within, identify and merge the parts of ourselves that are most resistant to change as we prepare to move through the 2020 gateway. 

Imagine yourself floating above the earth, able to pinpoint your current soul’s incarnation, but only through a very wide lens. This lens sees not the intricate details, but an expansive landscape of how you are creating and moving through space and time. What you might see appears somewhat like a spider web. Each thin, but sturdy silk spun thread creates a framework through which timelines intersect. Each thread represents a life experience; an identity formed in the mind and captured like a snapshot. This is how humans form their signature imprint, a filter through which they experience their incarnation and a mirror to how they see themselves through time.

Energetic imprints are a very important aspect of how you manifest and experience your life on earth. They are formed through perceptions, emotions and reactions to personal experiences that become a concrete part of your identity. When a very significant emotional response arises within human experience and is reinforced through time, an imprint is formed. These imprints are categorized by vibrational weight and speed and form a series of timeline realities that are seen as your past, present and future. They build upon and search for similar imprints to strengthen their position within your consciousness, and as they do, they hold more space in the memory banks of your mind.

The reason this web has come into being is that you arrived in a linear, physical timeline that operates in a very slow speed of vibration. You are multi-dimensional beings on a physical journey. Your multi-dimensionality simply shows itself through separate timeline identities and perceived roles in your human life. As these timeline identities slow themselves on the earth, they are easier to get stuck in but also help you to address karma. As they hold their position, they accumulate a substantial amount of emotional currency, increasing their relevance in your life.

For example, perhaps you have battled with a disease such as cancer. This time in your life was so emotionally and physically potent that an imprint was formed. This imprint may be ‘cancer survivor’. Or, you are still in the midst of healing and the imprint is that you are ‘sick’. Not unlike the spider, you have now spun a new silk line within the web of your life that carries significant meaning. It connects to people, places, experiences and resources. It draws magnetically for you and maintains its position, intertwined with all aspects of your soul’s contracts. This is the way you have created in the third dimension. An identity formed through human experience is the anchor for other experiences in your life.

Or, perhaps as a child you were very sick. Over time, this identity became synonymous with weakness and affects more than just your physical health. It most likely remains today in some form as a predominant filter through which you manifest. Your conscious perception of these identities and how they show up in the mind and physical world is the deciding factor as to how they create resistance or widen your path to ascension. They are often influenced by other characters you are playing in a variety of soul contracts. The mother who identifies as ‘sick’ impacts her web much differently than the child she was in the past. These character roles are further shaped by societal expectations and perceived responsibilities.

Some of the identities you have assumed through time run subconsciously in the background of your life. Yet, they are a dominant factor in creation and tend to compile themselves within similar imprints and experiences. They have been secretly running the show through past emotional frequencies that continue to affect the present moment. When you are conscious of them, it becomes much easier to shift the experiences created through them, as they are valuable criteria for living a higher dimensional potential.

The only reason your soul would have chosen a childhood experience of illness was to use it as a catalyst for ascension; to shift an earthly identity of weakness to strength. This is human contrast at its most potent. As you were playing the role of illness, new threads of healthy life experience were constantly manifested into non-physical potential. At times, this healing potential was not matched by the vibration of your perceived identity. This reinforced the belief that physicality ran the show and you had no choice in creating your reality. This is also how the ego maintained an unhealthy position in relationship to your most repeated subconscious patterns, keeping you stuck in karma you were meant to move past.

Not unlike the current split of timelines on earth, separate human identities began to also take on differently weighted energies. When any race goes through a transition as significant as the one you are immersed in, it will experience timeline splits. You are now rectifying this before moving into the fifth dimension. Many of you perceive the split of timelines on earth as those who are awakened and those who are not. This perception can actually be carried into your personal hologram to take inventory of identities from the past that are not moving forward. The identities that are most difficult to maintain right now are guide posts to identifying false subconscious perspectives and patterns. This is needed now more than ever as you prepare to become a collectively focused race.

In the 5th dimension, manifestation take place easier and karmic energy is moved quicker. This is because you are working within collective energies or unity consciousness. This unity must be present within you before it can be held within the collective. You are merging all aspects of yourself to now show up as one; and there are parts of you that remain hidden, but must now come to light.

In the third dimension, you were taught and operated as if you were separate of Source. The physical reality you arrived within required that you take on identities to resource, work out karma, evolve and create. This structure is no longer works where you are headed. This is why false identities are speaking very loudly to you now. Parts of you may no longer resonate and be able to uphold this very delicate web that is beginning to disassemble. Your consciousness is higher and how you perceive yourselves is more advanced. Some of your past identities are becoming very difficult to maintain.

In the fifth dimension, you will continue to evolve through different roles as a parent, child, spouse, neighbor, friend, etc. But these identities are parts of the whole that must encompass the true and authentic being you have become. As you play out these roles, the timelines you immerse yourself within require your full essence and presence, regardless of past conditioning and limiting beliefs.

You may have magnetized a partner in the third dimension based on a past identity. This role as a spouse is now very difficult to maintain as it reorganizes and prepares to merge with new aspects of self. As you have become conscious and more spiritually aware, parts of you have merged into a stronger, more holistic being. These ascended aspects of you want to integrate and merge, but if resisted in one role or another, become weakened in this complex web, slowing a vibrational speed you have worked so hard to achieve.

False responsibilities, societal expectations and fear further slow your speed of ascension, holding you steady in a past that no longer resonates with the present. These past identities prevent you from moving at the vibrational speed you have now attained, affecting the manifestation of a new fifth dimensional timeline.  When this is the case, there is something you must acknowledge and change within that is a critical part of your signature imprint.

If playing the role of spouse feels like moving backwards in time, you are in a state of internal separation, a microcosmic energy to what humanity is now attempting to rectify. This is an excellent opportunity to identify subconscious imprints that may be running the show. There may be a snap judgement to blame your partner for suppressing your happiness. But the most significant line of questioning starts within. Are you bringing all of who you have become into this timeline? What fears and past programs are holding back your truth? And how are perceived responsibilities and societal expectations standing in the way of true human connection?

Emotional imprints take up so much space in the human mind and body that they become a thick filter through which similar experiences are manifested. This is ultimately why many of you on the planet feel separate of community, family and friends. There is something within you preventing your movement between the past and the future. There is a natural alchemy constantly taking place between your ascension that that of others. This doesn’t always feel comfortable or guarantee that everyone in your life now will remain with you on the journey. But unless everyone in your personal hologram receives an opportunity to dance with your highest truth, you will never know the greatest potential that may unfold in these relationships.

Humans have been taught to stagnate, resisting growth and evolution at the expense of safety. These ideals show up in almost every energetic imprint you have created in the third dimension. It is safe to show up in every experience in your conscious authenticity! Not only is it safe, it is required to make the leap from where humanity stands today to a more advanced, conscious society.

If you were looking down upon your fifth dimensional self, you would not see a complex web, but a straight line that runs to and through Source energy. Not unlike the complex meridians of the earth connecting into the universal grids, you are now designing a new structure to connect through as well. It is more etheric and internal than external and physical. It offers a more efficient and direct method of manifestation based on a new human imprint that is emerging and runs itself through every single timeline experience in your hologram.

Our best advice is to feel into each separate identity and timeline you have created – cancer survivor, wife, sister, child, neighbor, co-worker – and see which ones speak the loudest to you. Be honest and present with this activity. Which of your past identities are still wound into the present moment most uncomfortably? Where in your life do you need to suppress your truth to show up in a past ideal or timeline experience? These are the imprints that are subconsciously siphoning energetic currency and keeping you from manifesting a new fifth dimensional reality. And although it may seem difficult, allowing your truth to show itself in these areas is the only way to move through the 2020 gateway and begin the process of alchemy.  This requires showing up in a more concise and true identity equal to the unique manifestation of God you are in this moment. This God-like imprint carries all aspects of the self in a beneficial light, regardless of past trauma, weakness or shame. This transitions your timeline experiences into one harmonious and peaceful earth reality.

Relationships and human interaction will always remain the gateway for ascension and transformation. It is no longer necessary to remain stagnant in karmic relationships that uphold false identities for the sake of safety. The soul partners that accept you the least are the ones you came to shift the most; and it is not your teaching or healing of them, but their interaction with the new vibration you hold that accomplishes this goal. The most important platform for radical change and transformation lies within each and every one of you. Source energy responds very efficiently to those in alignment. Although revealing your truth in some situations may seem difficult, it is worth the effort as there is more joy, peace and abundance to be uncovered within them. Your willingness to evolve in love with others is the precursor to the more love evolving within humanity.  


The Pleiadians



The Vestibule of Human Connection

Kwan Yin channeled through Micheila Sheldan

We have all experienced periods of loneliness in our lives. During this time of evolution, awakened souls are constantly transitioning to expand and co-create new realities. What if times of silence are actually planned by our soul and welcomed as a critical part of our individual and collective ascension timeline? Kwan Yin offers a loving transmission to shed light on this topic and soothe those who find themselves feeling alone right now.  

Undeniably, as your soul’s path winds and turns, vibrational signals embedded deep within your internal code will awaken a need for silence; a desire to become well acquainted with who you are before the subtle vibration of your true essence morphs yet again into a new and improved version of itself. These times, often met with sadness and judgement, are the impetus for a profound quandary into the most elemental facets of the self that have remained unrecognized; a cherished period of self-discovery through which valuable insights come to light. But how is that you can decipher the difference between these delicate times of vibrational realignment and the depression and loneliness that are the byproducts of emotional and physical imbalances?

To become better acquainted with the self through any window of imbalance is the passage through which it becomes transmuted. So first, we must clarify that, in the big picture, experiences come and go just as perfectly as your Divine plan is written. Looking back at the past to blame decisions that led to this time of silence or to place judgement upon others for the situation you find yourself in, negates the beauty of how your soul has arrived here.  

Your human experiences are the gatekeepers of your highest self’s vision. As co-creators, the human perception of any experience is the crossroads between its non-physical direction and physical manifestation. So simply, we ask that you are in a state of implicit kindness with yourself, especially at times of loneliness or silence. It is not the lack of others in your life that is in need of rectifying. A deep process of transformation is well underway for the distinct purpose of reconnection and further acceleration your co-creative process. Your physical body is a very instrumental part of this screen play written by your higher self.

The body understands that through cycles of time, energy becomes recycled and readied for new activity. Like the motion of an incoming tide, the waves will crash harder and deeper until the sea resides and calms once again. This wave pattern is instrumental in moving elements of the ocean floor, reorganizing vital nutrients and sea beings within their cycles, as well. The body is very supportive of the soul’s unseen journey. It will, at times, succumb to sleepiness, pain, lethargy and emotional upheaval as the player on a sports team knows the importance of its position. This is one of the most misunderstood activities in the evolution of an awakened soul, because the propensity is to judge quickly that which is not pure and in balance, as further evidence of failure.

When the conscious mind perceives failure, all of the senses in the body will begin to look for it; and like a magnet to metal, draw for you direct evidence of the weakest aspects of your DNA signature. The paths of least resistance in the body will then modify their consciousness to that of your own, offering a struggle that you believe you must overcome. But the willingness of your own participation in this struggle is often the aspect of its purpose that goes unnoticed. For embedded within the struggle to heal the physical or emotional body is resistance to change. Any awakened soul will encounter this multiple times in one lifetime, simply because it is paramount that all humans remember their likeness to the ocean tide, willing to rise and fall at will with universal patterns.

Loneliness comes along not to create an experience of suffering, but to gain such incredible stability in unknown situations that a soul cultivates a true relationship with its God-like self. This God self knows at an intrinsic level that loneliness is how the ego relates to unanticipated change. Through swift vibrational change, your embodied soul can never again be what it was before. This is a mourning period, not unlike what takes place during the transition between life and death. In a sense, times of loneliness mimic the Heavenly passage of a transitioning soul, but in a very physical and earthly way. It is an opportunity to review from a higher perspective your life’s journey thus far; integrating all aspects of who you were with who you are about to become.

Loneliness, then, is not so much an emotional state, as it is a state of alchemy; a bridge between realities that is ushering you through a transition from what was to what will be. It is easy to become lost in this feeling and begin to reflect outward at all those who repel your advances of connection and blame them as insensitive or unaccepting. But your spirit self sees this as a gift, for if these humans were to interrupt your process it would not be near as valuable as your higher self is anticipating. In this redirection back to the self, you may feel rejected. But in reality, you are simply being shown the most important connection you are able to cultivate right now.

The vestibule of new human connection constructs itself upon holy ground seeded only with loving and compassionate self-acceptance. This radical self-love is what is needed at this exact point in your evolution to draw more loving souls around you, and comingle them on the earth. You have become more adept and available to this higher frequency of love and your soul is calling you to put it into action. As you do, the foundation of a new reality that is vibrating quickly within the etheric realms begins to ground to the physical earth. And the container for its manifestation becomes opened through your ability to be compassionate, loving and truthful with yourself and others in this moment.

This process often becomes confused with self-care, a term on your planet that takes a very physical definition. The truest form of self-care comes with your ability to hold steady in love at times of separation from friends, romantic partners and family. This does not require a negation of the difficulty of your experience, as truth is an integral part of this passage. It is possible to feel emotions of sadness, frustration and pain, while also loving the self despite it. This Divine Feminine mastery is needed right now for evolving souls to become reacquainted not only with themselves as human, but also as Gods and Goddesses able to alchemize the deepest form of self-love as a magical elixir of planetary uprising. It is this microcosmic event of personal stillness that mimics the serene quiet before the piercing sound of earth catalyzing into material, rock and elements as it was birthed into the universe. The rebirth that you are experiencing right now is required such that the entire earth and all of humanity may follow suit.

When you become curious about every experience you are in the midst of, you must magnetize the likeness of that curiosity within and upon the planet. This curiosity is the basis for understanding, clarity and awakening; an expansion of perception that relies upon gateways like separation and loneliness for reconnection and co-creation. What you are capable of can only be seen when windows of opportunity present themselves to explore and validate them. Look not upon these times as validation of your unworthiness, but as a request and opportunity from your collective self that should be relished before the wave crests once again.


Cellular Reorganization and Deprogramming

Physical Exhaustion and Non-Physical Information

The Dolphin and Whale Matrix channeled through Micheila Sheldan.

Under a human microscope, our bodies show a million cells, pulsating and vibrating at the speed of light. These cells are intelligent; they hold matter and are conscious. We are the keeper of these magnificent beings that, while separate of each other, are also united in a similar intention – to keep our bodies functioning at the highest potential and best accommodate our soul’s journey.

But what if along the way, our disconnection from these loving beings resulted in a misunderstanding of how they were meant to function? Have we lost communication with our bodies, or have they simply been programmed away from our soul’s eternal quest for balance and vitality? There are so many humans on the planet right now struggling with disease, exhaustion, symptoms of environmental and personal stress. What do we need to know about these issues, and what is the best way to get our bodies back onto the timeline that our soul most desires?

The human cellular structure is fragmented into collective energies. Not unlike the multi-dimensional collectives that exist in the universe, similar intentions draw entities together like a magnet to serve and guide aspects of human existence. Your cellular energy is made up of light. It is designed to channel information in the form of light to support the function of organs, tissues and muscle groups. Light is One Source. To some, it may seem that light is the eternal God, that it looks the same, contains the same information and channels the same energies. Yet light is malleable. This is its greatest strength. Light is designed to be organized, expanded, programmed, colored and directed by a consciousness greater than itself. But what consciousness could be greater than light?

As humans in the 3rd Dimension, your consciousness was always present, yet directed often times through the mind. The God that many associate with in this dimension is a physical one that exists outside of the self. Even nature and universe were often looked at in a singular perception, as opposing forces of a human experience. This concept of an outer God or universe became the basis for programming your cellular light. At the constant quest for a resolution to your pain, disease, heart ache and suffering, the light within your cells began to perceive they were less than intelligent and unable to receive guidance from within. This resulted in a loss of cohesive messaging and cooperative activity in your cellular energy.

The unified light is the only consciousness greater than that of a singular cell. This unified light is made up of your soul’s consciousness and all cells forming a one collective for the purpose of expanding itself. Your cells were often programmed to search beyond your internal structure for a physical means to reorganize and shift into balance; when in fact, this was never needed to bring your body into a state of cohesion.

Light is the basis of all technological advancement in ancient civilizations. It was understood that light existed in form, but if that light was not honored and cared for, constantly vibrational tuned and communicated with properly, it could operate in ill intention of the whole. This, in fact, has happened through time. Even in ancient Atlantis, beneficial light-based technologies were directed into self-serving intentions and skewed from their original collective purpose. You can look at this as an example of what has happened to the human cellular organism.

The energy centers and meridians in your body are a vital part of your cellular light and make up a human technology that is ready to reinstall new programming for the 5th Dimension. Every time your physical body comes in contact with intense solar frequencies, new information in the form of light is adjusting your cellular structure to higher vibrational energy field. This is a part of the ascension timeline and these solar energies are coming at the exact caliber to continue to reorganize and deprogram your cellular light from past patterns formed by a human existence in a less awakened state.

The light within each cell holds valuable, as well as dormant information that must be recycled for a human body to continue its quest for health and longevity. This means that your cells must continue to recycle energy and information at the speed of your consciousness. What we have observed is that a spike in human consciousness has been accomplished that far outweighs the ability of a fragmented cellular energy to keep up. The reason for this is that your cells have been focused in human material.

Material energy can shift dimensions. There is no reason that your physical bodies cannot come on the journey with you into the 5th Dimension in a highly supportive and active way. The lag time that you experience, however, is a process that is currently unfolding to yield a more collectively focused cellular energy. Even at the microcosmic cellular level, mass reorganization is taking place. Some cells that were assigned to specific energy collectives based on false premise must now be reassigned based on their original intent. In the same way, many of you are reorganizing your physical lives to focus on a purpose driven intent. Your cells became falsely assigned through your perception of human material, the body and how it must operate and heal. This is what your bodies are working out right now.

Even the teachings many of you received in school predisposed you to cellular organization based on gender, race and DNA potentials. You believe that humans are categorized by physical characteristics and this belief carries huge weight in the ability of cellular light to optimize your energetic fields. Light brought into the body is held in the cellular water. This water is programmed by the conscious and subconscious mind. When a collective belief about the body is so prevalent through multiple timelines, adaptations are found in new born humans that mimic these patterns, even before the child is able to form its own separate thoughts.

But further, your intimate relationship with and perceptions of your human body make up a frequency field that must resonate through all cells. Regardless of their assignments, the way you perceive the body’s make up, function and overall health are messages imprinted within the water of each cell. Now, these messages are not all bad. Often, what you wish to change about your body becomes an intention that is heard and must be responded to by your cellular structure. However, these messages become constantly skewed at the request of your ego and taken away from the most ingenuous intentions. The reason for this is that you focus on the outer appearance of your body, also comparing its energetic function to those humans around you. Your cells only know how to operate within your unique energetic imprint and soul vibration. So if you are attempting to mold your body into something that doesn’t align with this, the cells lose focus and valuable information cannot be exchanged to support what is truly needed for your best personal health.

A variety of mixed messages, health protocols, thoughts, beliefs and incoming light has the cellular energy of humans at a stand-still. Where it is meant to continue to vibrate and integrate more light, it has become confused and slowed in its process of activating your energy. To compound this issue, the solar and lunar cycles you are currently immersed in are directed at deprogramming the cells, tissues, muscles and mitochondria from old wounds and patterns that are no longer able to come with you into a higher dimension. How this plays out is through emotional purging.  Old wounds and patterns will show up in physical such that they become addressed and directed differently by your consciousness. This is not about healing them so much as perceiving them in a new way and communicating with your body and other humans as a 5th Dimensional being would do.

Old paradigms and programs that exist within your cellular light are being purged and new, crystalline information comes to replace it. But, what you are unwilling to change in your human reality blocks the path to release these old patterns. Cellular reorganization relies upon human interaction, present moment awareness and physical transition as a crystalline bridge to re-patterning. This means that your inability to change direction in areas most prominently uncomfortable on your soul’s journey is keeping your cellular energy in a restrictive pattern, unable to expand with new information and do its best to keep your energy high and available in the physical field.

Light is a higher vibrational source of information than human language. It carries a great deal of information on very small energetic waves that must be interpreted and integrated within your cells. Imagine now for a moment, your human planet receiving downloads of light codes at a high rate of speed. This positive information asserting itself within you compounds an already taxed cellular process that is undergone at the request of your highest self. This is why many of you are feeling the lack of energy needed, especially to keep up with physically focused tasks.

We have several simple suggestions to help you integrate more light and reprogram years of information no longer relevant to your souls journey. First, it is imperative to understand that it takes far more energetic currency right now to uphold false beliefs and ideals on your planet. This means that every timeline you are no longer in resonance with but attempting to uphold is robbing you of valuable life force energy.  This is often because they are dense in nature or no longer match the vibration you have attained.  Obvious soul transitions that you are in resistance of are taking up excess currency. Where physical action seems overwhelmingly fearful, simple acceptance of what is frees up energy to manifest a spectrum of solutions.

Often, the fear felt in transitioning physical timelines is due to perceiving very narrow outcomes or consequences. If the transition at hand is coming to raise your dimension or timeline potential, any difficulties experienced in the physical actions are only a part of your cellular reorganization. Pain, emotional trauma, discomfort and fear come often as an internal messenger of significant upgrades already underway. And your outer world is only changing to accommodate a future manifestation. If this is true, your human self has no way of accurately predicting outcomes. Relax in this surrender of control, simply allowing the confirmation and knowing that your outer conditions and ideas reflect a change in vibration. This is all you must do such that physical action may follow in alignment with what your higher self is orchestrating in non-physical.

Your physical body is processing a great deal of information. Each of you being unique expressions of consciousness will interpret information differently. Humans have been driven to physical action or spiritual practice when the body is out of alignment to control outcomes and restore balance. There is no one physical or spiritual tool for a collective of unique humans that addresses every single cellular reorganization and deprogramming process. However, the one simple act that can assist you right now is to allow space to integrate the information that the body is processing.

Everything is interpreted at the cellular level as information – light, food, communication, human interaction, and even breath. If you are feeling exhaustion in the body, it may simply need more space between these activities to allow information to integrate. Fasting from food, herbs, supplements, other humans, communication, exercise, electronics and even spiritual practice for a short time can give your body the ample space it needs to redirect you to the best processes for its recovery and activation. These fasts need not be long, but offer the support and space the body needs to catch up to everything it is processing. Remember, your cells are a united intelligence that can support any personal or planetary transition if left to its own devices. If you are to relinquish the control you exert over an already taxed cellular structure, you will notice its ability to strengthen energetically, leading you to the sources best served by your unique make-up and vibrational needs.

Push back on physical time. Linear time was created by humans in the 3rd Dimension as a reference point for organizing timeline experiences; but it has become one of the most stifling aspects of your body’s ability to shift timelines into a higher dimension. The reason you feel you have less time to accomplish physical tasks isn’t because time is speeding up. It is because the amount of energy it takes to maintain a physical focus feels slower due to your speed of vibration or consciousness. The new grid system on your planet has much to do with this.

Upholding 3rd dimensional timelines in a 5th dimensional consciousness is not unlike a tug of war between actively pushing every manifestation through physical action and relaxing into universal support. Try setting simple intentions each day and letting go of the need to accomplish a great deal in physical. Keep your judgements and ego in line when it comes to evaluating your success in the material or spiritual worlds. When you are in a void or transition between realities, you are always supported by a new influx of new currency. Sometimes this comes in the form of new humans, other times material resource, but the new grid is deliberately moving you into less physical action for results and more physical time for creativity. Take an inventory of your personal schedule and purge activities that are not in alignment with the new human you are becoming. Trust more in the non-physical template that is preparing to ground without as much effort as you are used to in physical.

And finally, allow yourselves to be here. You are in the midst of one of the most incredible times on your planet. Think about your life in this way! You decided to be alive on a planet that is moving through the universe into a new location and anchoring a new dimension. Your life is preparing to receive everything you have been working so hard to manifest collectively. Be kind with your physical bodies as they prepare as well, accepting and merging with crystalline light and readying themselves to support you in a new way. As your earth is supporting this transition, look to her for guidance in the form of high vibrational elements and nutrients, but go gently on the quantity and timeframe by which you integrate new information. Ground deeply into her crystalline core for support and ask for guidance on how you can open and surrender more to what is right now. It is an amazing time for humans to be alive as you are deprogramming and reorganizing you cellular structures to become a higher version of yourselves.  

Past Lives and the Present Moment

As humans advance in their non-physical energy, the speed and access through which they match Akashic information is also expanding. This includes past life experiences. Whether you are aware of your past lives or suspect they may be the cause of your present moment challenges, they have significant meaning for you in this linear timeline. The Nehal offer a transmission on how past life patterns become matched as well as the catalyst for our continued ascension.

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

Humans are working at a very fast pace these days to rid themselves of any negative energies, traumas and lower vibrations. Your spiritual practices teach many different approaches from ancient tribal ceremonies and clearings to deep subconscious and meditative work. These valuable tools have a special place in the evolution of a human soul.  

When you have lost your way and are blocked from joy, severing a cord from a past life or clearing an energetic attachment is like opening heavy curtains on a window. As the sunlight floods in, a clear vision of what was once cloudy and difficult to understand emerges. In this light, the darkness becomes transmuted by your presence; a new perspective that alchemizes past traumatic experiences into valuable currency for your future potential.

As humans are evolving, new techniques for opening those heavy curtains are coming to the surface. Activating your true nature is a valuable platform for moving forward from past trauma. Your true nature is only available to you in the present moment. We wish to explain how past life timelines, especially those that are repeated in the now, exist and find their way into your reality.

The past is only a limited linear perspective of universal time. As a soul, you are running many lives consecutively. Every soul fragment and timeline you create is infinite; you only perceive the ones that currently match your vibration, dimension and consciousness. Humans are designed such that multi-dimensional information is very tangible. This past information has a specific purpose.

Since childhood in this linear life, you have learned many lessons that serve you today. You may have learned an uncomfortable lesson by placing your hand on a hot stove; and to this day, are careful to wear oven mitts to protect yourself. In the spiral continuum of time, your soul has also learned many valuable lessons, all available to you non-physically when you match their vibration, bringing useful information subtly into your consciousness. The opposite is also true. Through time, you have excelled at many things, conquered great feats and possessed incredible gifts that were put to good use on this planet. This history is also meant to be siphoned through your energy field to amplify your current experience.

When a trauma or addiction exists in the now, there is always a past life to blame, regardless of whether your soul chose many earthly incarnations or has manifested as a new human. Past experience is the basis for human creation and evolution.  Humans come with an intricate energetic operating system connected to the Akashic Records, the field of All that Is. Ascension happens when a past experience or pattern becomes the catalyst for expansion using new creative, life force energy; or in other words, making a new decision and breaking the pattern. If there was nothing to expand from, there would be no vibrational movement within a universal being or collective. So when you arrived here, a soul fragment in human form, you began to siphon information from past lives; common threads of information that were meaningful to your existence and would amplify your creative expression; even though some of these experiences would not be comfortable for you.

Think of the earth in its current state and your human history. This is what lies within your Akashic pool. As a human, you are drawing from this pool naturally as a part of your collective assignment. The fragments of your soul’s journey through time that were the impetus for creating density, a thick energetic material that clouds your vision, are drawn forth because the light you hold to transmute them far outweighs the darkness. But often you become so lost in the experience itself, that the transmutation does not come.

Cutting cords and severing past lives can bring forth clarity and expand your consciousness. In these moments after a clearing, new decisions can be made and realizations about the self are anchored. But often, the pattern that is showing up is ingrained in multiple past lives, many common threads converging together as one. This requires constant clearing of layers of energetic information that may keep arising, especially if a soul is very evolved on the earth. These healing techniques, very revered through time, are the starting point for your soul’s expansion. But they must be accompanied by an additional practice, separating this incarnation from those of the past that are perpetually showing up in your reality.

Clearing your energetic past is only as good as the equal time you invest into presence.

When a past trauma or pattern is running, there is good purpose for it. You are never really severing cords, you are always integrating information. This is how you were designed. It was not to cause suffering, but to strengthen your relationship with the self. Remember that past life information from the Akashic field is matched to your vibration. There are two ways this happens. First, a karmic code is triggered. Karmic codes are opportunities imbedded within your structure that serve a great purpose. They are often tied to your soul’s assignment in this linear life, playing out the story of what you are here to heal on the planet. These karmic codes become the basis for how past life journeys show up in the now, how soul mates arrive and how you find yourself in the midst of massive transitions of your physical journey.

The second is through vibration. When you are sending strong signals to the universe through your frequency field, you are matching information from the Akashic record. Since you are already organized as an energetic being to siphon Akashic information, your soul will most draw parallel experiences from other lives interpreted in a slightly unique form. Remember, what happened in the past may have been in a different vibration, density or dimension. Your soul is taking this information and adjusting it into your current timeline; assembling the pieces with new soul partners and unique experiences.

What we see most is that a karmic code is triggered, but not ascended. When this happens, the past life pattern comes in and is reinforced by your vibration, bringing other timeline experiences forward in the spiral continuum that match its density. Karma is not present for the sake of learning lessons. This is only a small part of your human ascension process. Expansion is the reason you came. Expansion only takes place through consciousness, a new awareness or perspective of the self that is applied to your present reality. For the sake of this transmission, we are addressing singular humans. But this concept must also be applied to the entire collective. This process is evident of the karmic replay humans have been running for decades; getting lost in the density of past experiences and recreating them in the present in a new form.

So if presence becomes the tool for true healing, activating your soul beyond lower vibrational timelines requires that you get the root of their matching. These are not complex reasons so much as they are self-deprecating thoughts and emotions that have become the catalyst for manifesting your reality. For example, there may be many lifetimes in which your soul experienced poverty, all caused by different reasons. In this life, a simple thought that you are not good enough or worthy, draws all cooperative components of that thought and resulting emotion in real time to your experience, siphoning them through your energy field. The goal then becomes finding your worthiness in the present moment to obliterate the pattern and stop its energetic motion within your potentials. But the opposite is also true. To the degree that you feel worth, there are soul fragments vibrating in abundance waiting to come to support your manifestation in this linear timeline, also drawing cooperative components to you in real time.

Often, self-deprecating statements that are repeated by you are so subconsciously ingrained that their origination point cannot be found. Traumas become stuck in your energy field in the form of blocked emotion that was resisted because of the intense pain that would arise. Going back to these traumas to revisit the pain can set free years of matched energies from the Akash, as long as the pain does not travel with you too far into the present.

As a lightworker, your most significant traumas, when integrated, wield the sword of your cutting edge expression within the collective. There is nothing you must do other than create the radical opposite of that trauma in your own life to clear it from the Akashic field for yourself and future generations. This may sound like a tremendous responsibility, and it is. But this is why you came.

Each time you focus into presence, your subconscious receives the message that the past no longer exists. The past then becomes valuable information, a beautifully decorated chariot to carry you into the future. Healing takes place when a soul integrates it’s physical journey, the light and the dark; not negating what happened, but utilizing it to see just how strong, loving, compassionate and resonant it can be with other humans in real time. This is the cosmic mirror that also results in collective healing.

Each trauma in the human Akash is waiting for your presence to transmute it. A simple smile at a stranger on the street or listening intently to the fears of a young child creates a new pattern that must affect everything in the spiral continuum. Where trauma forced you to resist and protect, expanding into your world with presence, in everything you do and with everyone you meet, is an act of conscious rebellion; ensuring the trauma you experienced becomes changed in the spiral continuum for future generations. As you do this, a new reality must be born for you and for the entire collective.

The Antidote to Resistance

Getting into Alignment with Non-Physical Potentials

Do you feel stuck in a life that won’t seem to budge or frustrated with humanity and the current state of our planet? You may be holding resistance, a very powerful energy that holds you and our human collective separate of the amazing opportunities that are orchestrating in non-physical and ready to manifest. The Pleiadians come to share their views on what they see us creating in non-physical and tips for identifying and easily moving hundreds of years of resistant patterning out of the way, accelerating a new earth template that may already be a vibrating reality.  

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

As a progression of planetary alignments continue to take your human collective through significant non-physical transitions, the evidence of physical change you desire to see upon your earth is in-equal in proportion to what is brewing beneath the surface. We come to share this with you now because a massive amount of resistance to the unveiling of a new earth hampers its ability to spring forth into form. You may contemplate that you do not hold this resistance. As we explain the way we observe it within your human collective, this transmission becomes a vibrational, key code reminder to your highest self to quickly transmute hidden resistance when it is present within your field.

First, it is most important to evaluate how you may be judging yourself or others for its possession. At the core of human resistance is a plethora of beliefs, programs and archetypal patterns that have been present for hundreds of years and no longer serve you. These patterns have been passed on through generations of humans, who have unconsciously strengthened them, keeping them alive and thriving in the subconscious mind. As your consciousness has risen, a new awareness of these aspects of humanity has simply brought them into the light. This awareness alone must force change.

As an evolved human, it may seem daunting to think about the sheer number of belief systems and programs you would have to uncover and re-write to actually become your truest identity. This is why collectives such as us come to offer these transmissions. They are crystalline in nature and encoded with patterning to over-write what might take years of emotional, mental and physical training to accomplish. Perception and awareness are golden tools at your disposal to simply interact differently with energy. And as you continue to stay present with your mind, emotions and spirit, you are creating new patterns that will be passed down to future generations, expanding your desires for a vibrant earth collective.

Resistance is simply an energy that restricts. Energy in the universe is always meant to expand. When resistance is present, Source is not working in alignment with your desires. Resistance sends a signal to the universe to slow things down, or to keep drawing those things that hold you in the same vibration equal to this resistance. Quite simply, many humans feel as if they are stuck. They are stuck in a job that doesn’t match their consciousness, a relationship that feels difficult, an inability to resource, or a body that does not serve their needs. If you find yourself feeling this way, resistance must be present. There is some subconscious program running that is telling the universe, ‘this is how it must be’. Or, that it is ‘too hard’ to overcome your current circumstances. You may have tremendous desire to move forward, and desire is an important component of universal law. But this desire does not match the signal coming from deep within you that says, ‘I must stay here’.  Amplifying this desire through future projection is a valuable tool. It strengthens the signal at the time of the activity. But the problem with this approach is that most of your waking hours are still spent in resistance of your desire, vibrationally skewing what your manifestation efforts are attempting to achieve.

There are several approaches you can take in this circumstance to move resistance out of the way. You could take expansive inventory of these programs or beliefs, where they originated and how they came to be within your energy. Working through human programming in this way, either mentally, emotionally or energetically, is a beneficial practice and can often result in vibrational alignment. However, what we notice is that so much dense programming exists, that a very similar, slightly different pattern may be present, evoking resistance to the same desire. For example, you may uncover a belief that you are not worthy. This belief or program may have come from your childhood. You may work very diligently to identify this belief and the events responsible, reversing it in your structure. But deep beneath this belief lies another that says, I am not good enough. This belief may not come from childhood, but followed you through adolescence and adulthood, judging yourself against societal standards or others achievements. Although to the reader, these statements may sound the same, they are slightly different yet draw the same resistance. This may seem defeating, however, there are easier ways of moving beyond these limiting beliefs.

Resistance also shows up collectively within your human race. Massive amounts of human belief culminate in collective resistance to new ideas and conscious manifestations that can ground and change your earth right now. This resistance forms through a plethora of limiting beliefs. From perceiving the earth is a bad place to evolve a soul to a general feeling of hopelessness that humanity is rooted in unconsciousness, your collective carries a dense energy that is not serving its evolution. Resistance cares not the belief that is creating it. Its only job is to signal the universe to stop expanding; to slow down the speed of evolution. To demonstrate this visually, acceptance is white while resistance is black. They are completely opposite vibrations. In the same way you can be accepting of something or someone from many different vantage points, you can be in resistance of the earth from a variety of beliefs and programs running in your energy to slow the speed of collective manifestation.

We wish to remind you of how physical manifestations take place and the incredible shifts that are currently happening on the planet. As we do, you will understand how to quickly and easily eliminate resistance both from your singular perspective, as well as that of the human collective.

Everything that manifests into form started as an idea; a chronic thought that gained steam like a moving train fueled by your belief. A timeline potential began brewing in non-physical in which this idea became a reality. This reality is not experienced by your consciousness simply because it is not vibrating in the same dimension; yet it is as real as the life you are living now. It is not only vibrating in the universe, but expanding as new elements are added that support its coming into physical being.

When your belief that this potential exists is so strong that it matches the vibrating timeline in non-physical, elements begin to show up in your linear timeline. You may first observe situations or other humans that mirror your desires or ideas in slightly different yet similar ways. Next, synchronicity leads you to resources that support your new idea. All of these signs, when acknowledged by you, strengthen the signal to the universe that it is a perfect match to become a new reality on earth.

If this in fact is true, that you are a quantum universal fragment, a creator of your singular and collective hologram, why is it that many of your desires don’t show up for you in physical? There is some resistance to them standing in the way. The space between where you are now and what is orchestrating for you in non-physical simply requires alignment; acceptance of your current reality as a moving timeline continuum to something better. Where in the past humans would measure their reality through physical evidence only, the new energies you have been integrating require you to let go of this false premise. The new grid system you have attained vibrates at a higher speed than physical measurement, which requires you to challenge your ideas of reality.

Non-physical templating in your auric field and that of the earth is profound. We see the new ideas and timelines you are creating, and they vibrate very quickly. This is why you may find yourself at times jumping between massive opportunities and ideas coming into your awareness. When you feel confused and overwhelmed due to their creation in physical, we wish for you to gently move yourself back into the frequency in which they originated. Ideas and creativity do not come out of thin air. If you are questioning something, that question is present because a new non-physical template already exists for the answer. You can be sure that you have already created a potential timeline in which the answer is creating a new reality. If an inspired idea to create finds its way into your mind, there is a symbiotic relationship taking place between a new template and your soul, signaling you in physical that it is a strong potential for your higher good. How is it that you take action on these inspired ideas? Before jumping quickly into physical, strengthen your belief. Getting yourself into this frequency will always ensure that physical actions taken are in direct alignment with the thoughts and ideas streaming from this beautiful template that wishes to show YOU the way.

We understand the significance of belief is something foreign to humans because they have been trained out of the present moment. Belief has become a filter through which the past has allowed you to trust what comes in the future. And the mind enjoys capturing the most devastating experiences, the ones that have created the limiting beliefs and programs to begin with. Massive resistance has been built over time through a chronic focus into the mind, which is designed to think linearly, basing its next physical experience on evidence from the past.

Your soul is not linear. You are here to experience everything in physical that the mind and heart can project. Our suggestion is that when you feel a new idea coming, focus into the unseen as a huge non-physical design, already sourcing for you and expanding; drawing what is needed to move you forward. Trust that this non-physical potential exists and is just as important, if not more, than the actions you can take in physical. Watch carefully how the mind wants to interpret your ability to put this idea into action. Stay aligned with the belief that what you are creating has already decided the perfect space and time to land on the earth; and as this belief carries you through the day, relax in the present moment that who you are and where you find yourself is only temporary, even perhaps necessary, to lead you to this new and expansive reality. As a bird taking flight to the next destination, your wings are expanding beyond your peripheral; carrying you quickly and easily to the desires you have for the self and the planet.

Hope is an abstract concept that may seem to have failed you in the past. But hope is only necessary to amplify what your higher self already knows, running it through your mind in deliberate ways to easily over-write negative patterns that may take years to obliterate. When you take a moment each day to feel into the non-physical templates that sit just outside of your aura, interacting with them and drawing them closer with the breath, hope becomes automatic for you. It is no longer a trick your mind plays to land your desire, but a solid frequency you carry that affects all humans. Hope in this form is truly needed on the planet right now.

So in a highly charged, new harmonic earth vibration, you are becoming master manifestors. Resistance is either showing up quicker for you; or acceptance, hope and belief are driving you and the planet forward. If you could see into all of the non-physical energy that strengthens your connections to the earth’s multi-dimensional grid and the universe, you would be astounded. This non-physical energy is ultimately why the earth is moving so quickly into a new location in the universe and preparing for a new dimensional reality. Changes taking place within your life right now are necessary for the new potentials to arrive. Be at peace with these changes and carry a knowing within your heart that your current transition exists in preparation for a new earth. 

The Reptilian-Human Dynamic

Attachments, Contracts & Ascension

The Reptilian agenda on earth continues to be a fearful topic in the conscious community. As humans, we have been trained into a frequency of separation, pointing fingers and holding those responsible for harming our earth to justice. But what if this concept of separation is actually keeping the Reptilian agenda alive? The following is a channeled writing that goes deep into the history and understanding of energetic attachments and contracts, how they work and the incredible power of humanity to ascend their own race, as well as those we believe are bringing the most harm to our planet. 

Channeled by Micheila Sheldan 


The beginning of the Reptilian history upon your planet started with a great war in Alpha Centauri. This war took place between the Alpha Centurians, mostly made up of Reptilian genetics, and the Grays who desired access to this star system for its beneficial genetic and elemental material.

Alpha Centauri, made of up many stars, was only inhabitable by those who could hold a physical vibration; an appropriate density for those who desired a physical form yet able to hold a non-physical focus. The planet was still in formation. The Grays had assimilated to a more physical density and desired to expand their locations throughout the galactic universe for the many assignments they were carrying out.

When the Grays entered the star system, they began to change its frequency to a more dense physical vibration and this had a great affect upon the Reptilians. Although they were a hybrid race upon Alpha Centauri and focused in physical, they still maintained much of their genetic predisposition to non-physical. Reptilians are shapeshifters. They are designed to move between dimensions and galactic locations very easily. But with the Grays now taking over their star system, this ability in them began to diminish and they were forced to leave their home. The earth and humans upon it were most vulnerable for a physical, hybrid species to integrate. The earth was governed by the Unity of Light Council of 9 at this time, a collective of beings overseeing movement between species, races and planets. This council has now disbanded and become focused in other areas, and new collectives have been formed for similar yet more expansive oversight.

The Alpha Centurians accepted a plea from the Unity of Light Council of 9. If they were to have rights and access to the earth, in exchange they would create hybrid humans to continue to expand their genome. In other words, their race could not exist separate of humans, but would integrate themselves into the human race for survival and expansion of both races in the highest integrity.

The Reptilian collective had been banished from the Universal Table of Law for too many ill encounters with ET races, changing their genetics in ways not suitable to the Law of One; so careful oversight of Reptilian involvement in the human genome was required. Representatives of the Reptilian collective were initiated into 12th dimensional project by clearing their energetic patterning of ill intention that would repeat historic events not serving the universe. These 12th Dimensional Reptilians became integrated into galactic councils for the betterment of their own race and all others.

Even though measures were being taken by councils and within the genetic makeup of the Reptilian collective, many races remained in fear of their potential to change timelines in ways not supportive of the universe. As this pact was being made, another war ensured within the Reptilian Collective. A toxin was used against them by the Tall Whites to keep them from reproducing with other races and within themselves. The tall whites are hybrid versions of Annunaki and were taking action against the Reptilians to keep them from carrying out potential timelines deemed destructive.

As these toxins were injected into the Reptilian Collective, there were several results:

1. The race became unable to recreate or duplicate their original genome.

2. There was a separation of Reptilian energies based on genetics. As they had evolved away from their original race, some of the species took on characteristics not serving their highest good. This separation within the Reptilian race was an attempt to not destroy, but reunite them with their higher density blueprints; to keep those genetically predisposed to higher vibration clear of hybridization with others and able to beneficially create.  

3. Some accepted this transition and were re-introduced to the Light or their original form, ascending into a benevolent race of beings. Others, not accepting this foreign experience, resisted the transition and began to suffer in their own skins. A timeline split ensued.

Many of those Reptilians who chose not to ascend came to earth and further hybridized into genetic leaches of human DNA. Their aim was to co-create a new race with humans, but this intention has gone haywire. In an attempt to create with humans, a manipulation of their structure ensued, weakening the human genome to its limited physically focused DNA strands.

Physical is a density that is conducive to how the Reptilians on earth must operate. The reason for this is that they, starting as a higher density organism in non-physical, found themselves on a planet not complementary to their simplified and ascended structure. In many respects, the Reptilians on earth have become a race their own; shapeshifting between physical and non-physical and attaching their energy to the souls they believe they won or deserved in an agreement that is no longer valid.

Reptilian Attachments

Reptilian soul attachments are what we wish to explain in detail for they are very misunderstood by humans. When the energy of a Reptilian attaches itself to the soul of a human, its purpose is solely to co-create. The reason the human race is so valuable to these beings and others is that humans are effortless creators. They are flowing in a creative soup of human experience with the will and ability to choose outside of any collective structure, both strengthening itself and the collective. What this collective group of earth-bound Reptilians requires is the ability to become a collective Source creator. They are weakened in their ability to live beyond the earth and they are as much in crisis as what humans believe to be in their own collective experience.

An attached Reptilian entity is a holographic connection of a human physical soul mirroring its intentions. When a Reptilian ‘attempts’ to claim your soul, they must start incrementally by taking over your will. It is not unlike leasing a car. When you are making small, incremental payments, you are beginning to feel as if the car is yours. You believe that you own it and it takes on your energy. Now, you are making decisions for the car, telling it where to go and what to do. Sometimes you remember that you don’t fully own the vehicle and have to turn it back in, but it doesn’t stop you from using the term, “my car”.

As a Reptilian energy attaches, it is beginning the process of contracting for your soul. This Reptilian may be a physical entity living on earth in some form. There are Reptilian, Reptilian-hybrid and what we would call Human Hybrid Reptilians existing on this earth. Reptilians in physical are not often seen on earth because they cannot exist in the presence of sunlight. They must dwell underground or in caves and dark caverns. They are a weakened race and not living well here on earth. Their energy fields or consciousness most affects humans due to their mere presence on this planet, not any malevolent activities upon humans.

Reptilian Hybrids are holding the non-physical energy of these physical beings, as well as the energy of other malevolent creatures that have accessed them. These are the most onerous ones that affect humans. Think of it this way. A physical Reptilian collective became so weakened and saddened by their plight that they attracted all others by which to comingle their activities. Reptilian Hybrids are a mix of ET genetics that have taken or have an agenda to use this planet for their activities. They shapeshift mostly into non-physical form and have strengthened their genome to not worry about solar rays and higher frequencies.

Human Hybrid Reptilians are ones whose DNA most closely matches that of the original Reptilian species coming to earth. They appear human in form but are carrying out tasks upon this planet to ensure the enslavement of the human DNA. This is mostly through frequency modification or distortions of your true nature.

Reptilian Contracts

Reptilian contracts cannot be engaged until the human soul has left the planet. The purpose of contracts, as defined by human law, is to allow a soul to be fragmented and reclaimed by the representative ET races whose energy embodies the human at birth and through death.

When you became embodied upon this planet, you arrived with a series of collective contractual agreements with your cosmic families. These are embedded within your DNA and consist of the races closest to you resonating through time. You have served them and they have served you. The knowledge you acquire in a human body is meant to be shared via the cosmic Akashic system. The way in which this system works is through soul fragmentation.

You are a representative of light based on millenniums of contractual agreements. These agreements are not only with ET races, but also with humans and Ascended Masters. You do not remember your agreements because, if you were, it would be an overwhelming amount of information to tap into each day in this physical density. Nonetheless, you knew upon coming that these contractual agreements became the basis for your creative energy; serving you, the earth and the galactic universe.

You are a sovereign, free being. There are many contractual energies that exist upon your soul manifested and mirroring that of these entities. Because you believe you are not free and because you believe that death is an ending to life, you make yourself vulnerable on earth to contractual entities, such as the Reptilians, who believe they have rights beyond your soul’s collective agreements. But this, of course, is not true. The moment you claim your sovereignty and act upon it in all areas of your human life is the moment that you revoke these malevolent soul contracts. Knowing you are free to choose on the earth mirrors the freedom to choose at death; or perceived death which is actually a continuum of expansion. It is one and the same. Energetically speaking, contracts upon your soul are like the legal binding of an agreement unsigned by you. One party may have intended to uphold its terms, but unless agreed upon by you, the terms cannot be legalized or carried out.

Soul contracts allow access to your records and this is the most damaging, as well as rewarding, aspect of their placement. Once a Reptilian contract is placed, the party wishing for it to be signed becomes not unlike a salesman with access to your personal information. The goal of these beings is death of the soul; because even when alive, the human soul can mimic death, making this contractual agreement a sure thing. This is an attachment entity: a pesky salesman accessing your information to defeat the soul; to place it at a lesser value among others or itself to ensure it meets an end goal.  

The information accessed becomes not only your present life experience, but also soul experiences through time. Being of the mind, Reptilian hybrids aim to focus the soul in fear of its current timeline energies, raising up and playing out human and interdimensional experiences that match it from the past. These beings are using your karmic information to keep you playing out human experiences of suffering, defeating the soul and making it likely that its energy becomes theirs. Much of this endeavor has relied also on separating humans from their own race or Source, further calling their attention into physical, mimicking a perceived lack of control or that they are powerless.

However, the opposite may also play out in ET contracts from birth which are coded to accessing Akashic history benefitting your creative energy. This brings timeline energy to the surface by interfacing with your God-like awareness through extra-sensory abilities and unique aspects of your soul through time. This is the positive aspect of soul contracts that are ever-evolving and connecting your human experience with multi-dimensional consciousness. Your crystalline DNA is activated by the unfolding of these contractual agreements.

Human/Reptilian Ascension

In order to become part of this earth hologram, Reptilians became one with you. They are as much a part of your collective as plants, animals, the human soul and the many elements that exist here. To believe that you may be separate of them is false. To understand that you allow them to modify your thinking is the first step to ascension of yourselves and their race; because ultimately, you are here with great purpose and they have become a significant part of your human story.

They are challenging you to believe in yourselves harder; to focus your attention on each other and to see with great clarity the powerful creators you are. For the Reptilians to desire your creative energy so much that they took on bodies here should show evidence of your God-like power. Your continued ascension is the only vehicle for their own. So when you are looking at your physical reality in fear, shame or judgement, we ask that you realize it is not your vision. Pause and redirect yourself back to truth time and time again. Each time you focus your attention on your strength, holiness and aptitude to live at your highest potential, you are changing the energetic imprint of these beings. Since they are a part of you and you are a part of them, you are in your own war now of who will transmute who.

Attachments and contracts are often perceived only as negative aspects of your human reality. But, because humans and Reptilians are an integrated race, attachments and contracts are a natural evolution and blending of your energetic signature. It is not unlike the way in which you blend the energy of your aura with another human or a group of humans. Each energetic interaction with another human changes your vibration. So the question becomes, who is to blame for the passing of these entity attachments and contracts? Is it possible to single out humans who are carriers of these energies with distinct certainty? Or is this judgement upon another simply strengthening the Reptilian agenda on this planet?

We would say there are varying degrees of Reptilian attachment and contractual carriers but they may not be the ones you think. Every human, regardless of their position or energetic relationship to non-physical, are vulnerable to attachments, but it is the degree to which the soul is vibrating above fear that determines their expansion or confliction upon that individual. If a healer is suffering in his soul experience, a match must be made between him and the person receiving the healing for an entity attachment or contract to be shared. Contracts are not given or taken, they are simply matched and shared by all.

Many healers focused on energetic removal are here to provide you moments of clarity and freedom, such that the next energetic blending is quickly and easily neutralized and transmuted. You are carriers of these Reptilian energies back to Source; but you are also the ones who must decide to be Source before this can consistently happen.

There is no fear intended here, only a bird’s eye view of this tug of war between you and yourself. Do you choose a soul death while in this body? Or do you choose to ascend your soul in the body you are in, carrying all elements of its energy with you? This is why our focus for rebirthing the earth continues to be your own journey, your own beliefs and your own choices. If you perceive defeat, you create these defeats. You are the creator and the savior of your own soul, the planet and the human-reptilian dynamic. 

Unleashing Your Inner Supreme Being

If you were to imagine yourself at the center of the earth, holding in your hand the key to all creation, what would you desire for this planet? All of these desires, when found within you and reflected to the collective, are amplified by the frequency of self-love.  In this channeled writing, Quan Yin speaks on behalf of a Divine Feminine Collective about the importance of our journey back to self-love and unleashing our inner Supreme Being.

Channeled by Micheila Sheldan

Marrying the mind and the heart is often a difficult task on this earthly plane.  The mind and heart tend to go in opposite directions when it comes to perceiving the self and the way in which to craft your reality. These tools – the heart and the mind – when working in concert allow a flow or orchestration of human reality that is effortless. But the question is, how do we allow these tools to work in concert when they have consistently run opposite patterns of each other through time?

The Supreme Being, the Source or God, is a whole being, a one consciousness. This means that it sees itself not separate of all things, but a unique reflection of this ever expanding collective. You are this Supreme Being captured in a fragment of light that expanded itself through time. As a young child, you were taught to become very self-aware. Self-awareness in and of itself is not wrong, but it is the way in which your awareness of the self has evolved that causes reason for pause.

You, as a young reflection of your parents and family, began to take on the standards of this reflection; meaning that you weren’t developing self-awareness, so much as you were taught awareness of the self through comparison of others. Comparison is the first activity that began to separate the mind and heart. Because as you were created unlike any other yet forced to see where you were alike, a very precious part of your Being dislodged itself from Source. You, in a moment of realization that all things must compare their likeness to all things, became focused into the mind absent of the heart. How is it that you could be true and authentic to that which lies in your heart while upholding a repetitive standard of what has already been seen on this earth? This acceptance of self-regulation to a human standard of those around you was the very first time you limited your perspective and identified not as Supreme Being, but as a being attempting to find the Supreme through others. This is the basis of how your creative energy became hijacked and did not benefit you or others on this planet.

Coming as this fragment of light, this essence of Supreme Being, you were connected not to a standard, but to an endless energy of love. The basis of this love, the self, would carry you through human experience to create beyond what those on this earth who had walked in human shoes had done before. What this fragment of light supplied to you is unlike what it had given to any other;  a connection that goes beyond time to route you home and to carry your attention always to your inner desires as the basis for creation. Because if you were to create a human life to its fullest and highest potential, your inner desires and knowings were to be the basis of this creation. So understanding yourself as Supreme Being, the only one who can choose, desire and prefer what is right for itself, is the only frequency of Source to tap into.

The mind and the heart are a human technology that work together to transform your reality. Ancient civilizations were taught by the Gods to amplify the frequency of love to move objects and manifest physicality. This love, however, is bigger than what humanity is currently capable of holding. And we are here to offer an explanation for how to recover and hold this frequency for all of mankind; a sacred geometric reconnection that strengthens your earth and universe, allowing only the highest and best for all beings. This process must start humbly within each of you; a personal journey back to God that calls your Supreme Being to the table of creation. And it may be easier than you believe.

If you were to imagine yourself at the center of the earth, holding in your hand the key to all creation, what would you desire for this planet? Health, happiness, peace, abundance? All of these desires, when found within you and reflected to the collective are amplified by the frequency of self-love.  So our first recommendation to reactivate your realization that you are Supreme Being is to turn your reflection inward to all of the unique and beautiful aspects of your current reality. Spend a moment there and really feel into this aspect of you; the one that sourced and continues to source abundance. Take an inventory now of the people, places and experiences you have manifested in this life; even the ones that have caused you pain or sorrow. Were these not the evidence of your creator energy? Could it be the random nature of the planet that you arrived at these exact things in your physical journey? Do you see how powerful you are?

Now we know that in this evaluation, you may find means to criticize your creator abilities. That perhaps you, unknowingly, manifested things that were not in your highest and best. Pause here and really feel into your heart on this. Could you have evolved to the Supreme Being you are today had you not encountered these events? And could it be that all involved in these events are released from judgement by you or others for their actions? Feel the peace in this! Peace is not a consequence of taking action upon others, but an allowance of currency for yourself to create beyond this current timeline. Peace enables the Supreme Being no restrictions in the amount of energy flowing into creation. Peace is for you and for all others. Because when you are free of restrictions and judgements, you are moving through space and time creating as Source. This is the first step to freeing humanity from the separation of the mind and heart. You are not responsible for the judgement others. You are only able to judge yourself to the degree that you perceive yourself separate of all others. Judgement has become a basis for mind and heart to flow separately of each other.

The mind and the heart, when aligned for the self, are a conscious technology that manifests at the highest degree. Your life is a sacred entanglement of all human life. If it is not lived to its fullest, most joyful and highest potential, the human race suffers the consequence. What we most often notice is that humans look to their outer world as the reason for their limitation. They are not good enough, successful enough, beautiful enough, or capable enough in their own eyes. Holding these beliefs in the mind stifles the heart which already knows you are Supreme Being. When you tell your consciousness that you are not beautiful enough, the world you know becomes less beautiful; for you are the reflection into the collective that draws itself back to you. And if this reflection shows itself to you in this way, it also feeds into the consciousness of others, creating a similar collective reality.

Practice the feeling of knowing who you are by allowing a steady flow of human experience to validate your consciousness. There is no other being on this planet meant to experience human reality in the same way. When you begin to accept yourself as the Supreme Being, Creator of your life, you allow others to also do the same; releasing them from a perceived responsibility that they must follow any one path.

The heart and mind operating as One is something not foreign to you. Many have had fleeting moments of surrender into self-love so high that they found themselves in the midst of joyful, exciting human experiences. This is what we desire for you as the first step into human reconnection.


Charting a Course to Freedom

The Pleiadians channeled through Micheila Sheldan.

In every moment of every day, we are making choices that create our reality. But are we really seeing the full spectrum of possibility or adhering to a perceived lack of freedom that colors our creative ability? The Pleiadians come to share important messages with us about how we are operating in this collective hologram and what it really means to live and choose freely.

Imagine yourself behind the cockpit of an airplane. You are the pilot able to select the destination of your choice. As you take your seat, a directive comes down from the control tower stating that you must choose only from a few options, narrowing your potential to a small number of locations. As this directive comes, you feel the subtle drop of your heart as a slight heaviness settles in. Even though one or two of your preferences may have been offered in this smaller set of possibilities, the realization that you did not choose them just made a huge difference in your energy body. Your anticipation and excitement wanes, and your sense of freedom is restricted.

Most humans find themselves in the cockpit daily, with an abundance of choices and possibilities. They perceive the voice outside of them directing their free will to be that of the planet, society, relationships and government. Yet this is a false pretense. The voice that the pilot heard from the cockpit was actually his own.

Societal mimicking of restrictions on your freedoms is what keeps these physical pretenses valid limitations to creating your reality. The laws and rules that you as a human consciousness believe are merely fleeting decisions kept alive through mass elevation of perceived consequences if not followed. The governments and media on your planet enforce these beliefs by showing you these consequences each day. In very indirect ways, they make a lasting imprint on your brain, your psyche.

What if we told you that you are not abiding by laws so much as you are keeping these restrictions of freedoms alive through a subconscious training into fear of the consequences? The laws themselves are only an energetic timeline that uphold a perceived physical relationship in the here and now to a transient future undecided.

We have given you a very broad and collective example here. Yet this premise is alive every single day in the beliefs you design for yourself based on perceived consequences. Even if not in fear of being attacked, getting in a car accident or going to war, humans are constantly restricting their freedoms based on future projections of lack, limitation or loss. “If I don’t comply, this may happen” is a common thought pattern we see running in a variety of words and combinations. It can appear as subtly as, ‘I don’t know the terrain, so I may find trouble.” Or, “I am not sure this will be in my best interest, so I should avoid it.” Without exploring both sides of any possibility, you are limiting your destinations just as the pilot who was told he could only choose from a small number. This limitation of your thought process is a misguided attempt to keep future generations at bay. It is a chronic manipulation of your ability to perceive beyond fear of future outcomes that are negatively aligned. And it is happening in each moment, even as you believe you are choosing beyond this limitation.

When a collective is introduced to a holographic relationship of its own greatest fears and trained into a vibration of limitation, it becomes less apt to relate to itself as free. Freedom is not the ability to live in a society protected, but living as if no protection is needed. Freedom is a vibration of trust, not a right upheld by anyone outside of you. In the same way that the voice of the pilot was mimicked in the voice of the control tower, you are the very ones perceiving your freedoms are restricted. And in this perception, you are creating a hologram of restriction that continues to flourish today.

Another result of continued exposure to a limited perception of reality is the restriction of your energy fields. When the pilot felt his heart become heavy, this is representative of an energetic response in your field every single day when you perceive a limited number of opportunities based on any premise of restriction – money, time, relationships, governmental laws or your own self-worth and abilities.

So perhaps it is safe to say that restriction of energy is the end product of a perceived society limited in its freedoms. Because when your energy field is restricted, it cannot connect with possibility. You are, as vibrational beings, meant to see possibility in all things by drawing that which is it’s likeness to you to choose, to ponder, to rendezvous with. When your energy field is clinging to your physical form very closely, it is true that the world will seem less abundant. You will continue to replay old patterns because new patterns do not show themselves to you as opportunities.

As navigators, creators of your own journey, the first step in reversing this process of restriction is to start non-physically or in the energy field. Take very deep breaths and expand your energy outward as far as it can possibly go. Do you feel this expansion in non-physical? This is exactly what you are capable of in your physical reality!

And further, non-physical expansion requires that humans question and be present with each limiting thought. The process simply becomes, ‘is this true?” Truth is not a predestined reality, but a constant and ever-evolving process of creation. Truth moves and evolves as you do. Did you know that you carefully craft your own truth daily? From the time you wake in the morning until the time that you retire, you are taking in, processing and deciding on truth. Ultimately the hologram that you are creating relies on this unique perspective. Do you not wish to craft this truth to suit you? How does it feel knowing that you have this ability right now?

Finally, we know that many of you perceive the outer world as the cause of limitation on your freedoms. The way in which you communicate with yourself is the only outer reality your consciousness realizes and is concerned about. Your consciousness is the vehicle for creating and directing your physical life. It is the key to creation and manifestation. But your consciousness only operates from within you, not outside. Consciousness is only able to process the outer world as a reflection of itself. This is where we find many of you have gotten into trouble. Your outer world has become the impetus to show your consciousness truth. Yet the way you have been responding to your outer world has actually been the relationship between its perceived lack of freedoms and your acceptance of them.

Challenge this daily. Observe where your perceived lack of freedoms are coming from and take careful inventory, fasting from the things that take away any of your choices. Humanity is in the process of incrementally moving itself closer to its own sovereign relationship with earth. But this process does not start with change outside of you. This is a fight you cannot win. To live in a more free society, you must prove to your consciousness daily that you are free. And this activity can only start within.


Human Conduits for Earth Ascension

The Master Collective Unity of Light

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan.

Our newsfeed is full of information about significant planetary alignments coming to change our earth. Do the planets alone determine our fate? Or do we, as humans, also have a role in how our earth is evolving? The Master Collective Unity of Light is made up of many Master Teachers and Ascended Masters who have been present on the earth including Archangel Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Quan Yin and many more. In this channeled writing, we explore the idea that perhaps the planets alone are not the impetus for our continued ascension and also receive a pat on the back for our human contribution to the earth’s rebirth. 

Many may still perceive that your earth is an ugly place, filled with people and experiences that are not aligned with your highest good. And we must agree that in physical these timelines still exist. However, we wish to explain the energetic processes already at play that uniquely position you to revisit an enlightened society once present on this earth. These energetic tools have now become the basis for physical manifestations that will look quite different to the naked eye than what your collective sees as its reality.

There is a basic understanding about the evolution of the stars and planets having a tremendous effect on your planet’s consciousness. This is, of course, a significant part of how your collective evolves and continues to create through experience. When collective planetary influences are triggered, each human structure adapts to that influence in some unique way. Uniqueness is the key to how you are the impetus for the result of these planetary influences.

As a unique vehicle or tool of collective consciousness, your response to these planetary alignments becomes the bridge to offering a new collective experience. Let us give you an example. Each time a lunar cycle is of collective significance, although targeted differently to your energy, there is a clearing of density. This density shows up in your field to the degree that your unique experience must change. Every time you experience an uprising of density, perhaps by revisiting something in your life that has yet to be healed, you are a part of a collective realignment. This realignment, through your singular vehicle, is assisting all others in their ascension. And this is how your planet has become well positioned through time to experience an enlightened reality.

There are several factors that are assisting this process we wish to explain. But first, if the above description is true, why has it taken so long for humans to reach this point of experiencing heaven on earth?  As humans you have been subjected to clearing density and revisiting karma throughout history. Should this not have had an effect on this planet?

The speed of vibration here has been slowed from its original hertz frequency. This lowering of speed is the result of many factors that have kept you limited in your ability to affect the collective through your unique vehicle of consciousness. The separation of your energy fields, the disconnection from your female energy and your perception of singularity are all significant factors as to how this has taken place. Physical focus is not necessarily a negative aspect of your reality. Physicality is what you desired. Yet you have been so focused into physical that a slower speed of vibration became the result. You began to create in physical only, allowing non-physical to create at will through your outer world. This type of activity has been the impetus for wars, racial disputes, inequality and lack of resources. Because any time a collective of beings does not realize it is always affecting the collective, timelines become very skewed.

The separation of your energy fields came at the hand of your own mind. Your main focus in physical creation left the emotional and spiritual bodies without a job related to your creative efforts. The mental and physical bodies are your masculine vehicles of creation. The emotional and spiritual bodies are your feminine components. This type of focus eventually leads to a masculine based society. As this society evolved, its emphasis on physical creation took the mind further away from the emotional and spiritual bodies such that it began to evolve as your dominant organism of creation. This is a Reptilian activity, of course. An energy that you have been subjected to and reflected in prominent sources on your planet of human attention.

If your race was created physical, having a non-physical connection to all things, then what are the factors that now change this reality of physical manifestation only? Your perception and the direction of your consciousness are the two valuable tools that are changing this program. And regardless of how you have been focused here and what planetary influences came to change that, you have always had free will to create your reality to your liking. This is why ultimately none of us in nonphysical form are here to change you. We are here to facilitate your understanding, accentuating your perception and your consciousness in a way that compliments your nonphysical vibration and creation.

So back to the planetary alignments. As these have continued to affect your unique structure, every response to them in your singular reality has had an effect on the collective. For example, if the lunar energies were pulling up situations in your life to revisit and heal, but your consciousness and perception was not able to move through the energies advantageously, this did not only affect you but all others. Your unique vehicle of consciousness was designed to transmute singular experiences on behalf of the collective. So if your response to these situations was anger, fear and frustration, as opposed to seeing and responding to them from a higher perspective, this vibration had a hand in creating the collective earth experience. However, what we see now is quite the opposite.

You, as a human race, have reached a critical threshold by which your consciousness and perception are facilitating a rebirth of sorts. The feminine and masculine are becoming more balanced and your energy fields are recognized in concert. Your responses to the planetary alignments most directed at your ascension are aligned to the collective and are affecting all humans to support the evolution of your race. This healing is further expanding through supporting energies coming from Mother Gaia, the poles, the new grid system and the raise of your collective vibration.

We give you this clarification as a pat on the back of sorts. Many have been directing attention to the cosmos as the reason for your ascension. The planets alone could have never allowed such an advanced, enlightened humanity to be reborn. It is your perception, consciousness and responses to your outer world that are facilitating this change. In concert with the planets, you are the human conduits of planetary rebirth.  


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