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Human Exoconsciousness

Conscious Communication and Co-creation with ETs

“How do I become Exoconscious?” a woman asked, gripping the mic.  Affirmation murmured undertones waved through the conference participants. 

The answer to “How do I become Exoconscious” lies within the question. It’s not a Sphinx riddle or a yogi trick question. The answer is one word—Conscious.

I become Exoconscious as I become Conscious.

Becoming conscious can be exhausting, pushing beyond our physical and emotional limits, even cracking our spiritual bedrock, our core.

Nevertheless, each human has the tools because Exoconsciousness is the innate ability of all humans to connect, communicate and co-create with extraterrestrials and non-human intelligences. Every human, equipped with consciousness, has the hardware and the software necessary for Exoconsciousness. But, to becoQme Exoconscious, we must be conscious. We must use, train and develop our conscious abilities.

From Unconscious to Conscious Contact

Many of us experience ET contact in an unconscious state: out of body, in dream-state, in dream-like physical paralysis, or in what feels like an artificial matrix. These primarily unconscious states of contact are real. The experiencer may remember and recollect fragments of their contact in those states, yet it primarily remains unconscious.

To become Exoconscious, we must be conscious during ET experiences. And that means we become conscious, even during altered states. This happens gradually and many experts are available to teach us lucid dreaming, conscious out of body travel, remaining conscious during varying states of consciousness, and intending to bring unconscious reactions and beliefs to consciousness.

Structure of Exoconscious Conscious ET Contact

As awakening occurs, reality shifts and contact changes as a state of Exoconsciousness progressively unfolds. Exoconsciousness is not a one-time event, as in I saw an ET, or an orb, or a UFO. It is a gradually evolving state. Events may cause humans to awaken and change their reality. But, at some point, the experiencer must engage the event, examine its meaning, integrate the experience into their self-identity, and learn to invite increased contact.

Exoconsciousness is sourced in ongoing ET contact, over a span of time. Becoming conscious of our ET contact often involves years of self-examination and gradual integration of multiple contact experiences. Yet, the process differs in everyone. Each ET experiencer, at some time, may discover that their ET contact is now completely conscious. When they wish contact, they invite the ETs. When the ETs wish contact, they consciously hear the request. When they receive an ET message, they do so consciously. There is no trance or hypnogogic state. There is now a conscious relationship.

The Exoconscious experiencer’s self is awake or conscious. Their ET contact integrates into their daily life, becoming a source of information and energy that they consciously tap. Fear, trauma flashbacks, anger, and the host of other emotional reactions no longer inhibit the Exoconscious. They break through the veil of separation between themselves and ETs. Humans and ETs are one in the same way that any close relationship forms intimacy and oneness.  And yet, they are separate, sovereign beings.

Learning to Control our Mind

Being in control of one’s mind is filled with potholes and detours. We learn by experience. We learn by both integration and release. We ask—how, where, and why does this ET contact belong to me, to my consciousness? Do I integrate it or release it? Because, when we control our minds during contact, we choose the form and boundaries of our contact. We create a safe contact space.  When we are conscious, we can freely choose to fully integrate or discard portions of our experience. It is our choice.

Exoconsciousness as a choice is based on intention. Who am I? Who am I becoming? Who am I in conscious relationship with ETs. What kind of ET relationship do I wish to create? What are my boundaries and my desires? Intention requires clarity and wisdom. Clarity means removing all blinders that inhibit conscious awareness during ET contact. Intention is not a game or a computer parapsychic experiment; it is the foundation of the soul and spirit transformation we choose this lifetime. We can choose to integrate ETs into our daily practice and work. We can choose to integrate ETs into our identity or not. We control our minds. We control our decisions. We set safe circumstances for contact. We engineer the structure of our relationship with ETs.

Learning to Integrate and Mature through ET Contact

Exoconsciousness is based on integration and maturity. It is a lengthy process that moves through the initial excitement of ET contact—the messages and experiences received. We all receive messages. We all have experiences, many similar. Excitement is a phase. Eventually, this initial excitement phase quiets and we move into a deeper stage of calm contact.

Exoconscious integration and maturity take time because our human nature is tricky. And we need to learn to short circuit the old tricky network that was imprinted in our emotional body, beginning in our early years of Earth life. If we did not form secure and healthy attachments in our early years, if our parents or others neglected us and emotionally or physically abandoned us, then we need to learn to re-parent and love ourselves. We need to learn to identify and control our old emotional reactions and replace them with a healthy and secure network of love and self-acceptance.

If you count yourself among the lucky ones who spent your childhood in a secure and sane home, then your path is much smoother. Your maturity and integration may be easier. Yet, your initial ET experiences may still challenge your security, shift your reality. And then you, also, will be faced with reengineering your reality to integrate and mature.

ET experiencers integrate and mature as we reengineer our reality or reparent ourselves. Gradually we form a new reality which is holistic—mind, body and spirit. It is hard work. A 3-D slog.

We are all responsible for our own work. ETs do not do this 3D work for us. It is our personal responsibility. Fortunately, our human consciousness supplies us with all the tools and techniques we need.

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright created the term “Exoconsciousness” in a series of articles, blogs, presentations and her book, Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind.  She is the founder of the non-profit, Institute for Exoconsciousness, and is a leading expert in consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. Please visit



Ancient Temples and Sacred Sites

Self-help Centers of Higher Consciousness

One of the questions most often thrown at me is, when is consciousness going to evolve? To which I reply, consciousness is evolving every second, but it's a personal trip, it moves relative to your own spiritual development on Earth. However, if you're feeling a deep divide between what happens in your physical life and your spiritual life then there is a way to bridge this gap: visit an ancient temple or sacred site, the kind of places I refer to as self-help centers.

And I am not being sarcastic, there is science behind my thinking.

Over 12,000 years ago there were people on this planet that saw the landscape differently because they were closer to nature than we are today. This sensing of subtle forces allowed them to locate natural hotspots of electro-magnetic energy upon which they erected some of the world's most enduring buildings. Stonehenge and the great pyramids are just some examples.

In the old days it would take a dowser to locate and prove these subtle forces (yes, dowsing has been proven to work, it's the sceptics who want you to believe otherwise). Nowadays we have developed highly sensitive devices that can do the same, and the results are not only astonishing, they also validate what esoteric people have said all along.

One electrical engineer by the name of Pierre Mereux conducted an exhaustive study of the megaliths of Carnac in northern France and found that every stone serves a deliberate function in the processing of energy. His analysis shows how the dolmens amplify and release telluric energy throughout the day, with the strongest readings occurring at dawn.

The voltage and magnetic variations follow a scientific phenomenon known as electric induction. Thus a dolmen behaves like a coil or solenoid in which currents are induced and provoked by variations of the local energy field.

The readings he took reveal an energy that pulsates at regular intervals from around the base of the stones. These pulses are both positively and negatively charged; and on paper they resemble ripples in a pond, spreading out over thirty-six feet away from the upright stones. This is what I would term the stone’s aura. So whereas you and I see the physical boundary of the stone, its true size, energetically speaking, is over four times in diameter.

But what Mereux also found was that these pulsations recycle approximately every 70 minutes, demonstrating how stones, particularly menhirs, charge and discharge on a regular basis.

He also observed how the stone circles concentrate energy like a condenser, and dolmens behave like electrical coils. But the best part of the story is that Mereux was a skeptic. He refused to believe ancient megalithic structures served any practical purpose whatsoever. It was all pagan spiritual mumbo jumbo. In the end he proved himself wrong and validated what we knew all along: that these monuments give physical shape to an invisible energy that not only flows along the Earth but also interacts with a pulsating magnetic field out in space.

In the 90's, scientists took magnetic readings at the world's largest stone circle, Avebury. They found that the magnetic south pole of each stone faces the next stone in line as you walk toward the circle. This arrangement means that the north poles of the stones oppose the local geomagnetic field, as though creating a conduit of energy.

Inside Avebury’s two smaller stone circles, the south poles of all stones point at the next stone in a clockwise direction with two exceptions: the magnetic poles of the two massive entrance stones are aligned 90º to their companion. In other words they align with the stones of the avenue leading into the circle rather than with those within the circle itself, which begins to make Avebury look like a group of aligned magnets. Essentially, its ancient architects were following the same principle behind a modern atomic particle collider, in which airborne ions are steered in one direction.

The same can be said for many of the earthen mounds throughout North America, the vast majority of which were never built as burial sites but rather as markers of this invisible force. And this force isn't only occurring along the ground, it also penetrates far out into space.

In 2008, scientists at NASA discovered how a network of portals open every eight minutes linking the Earth to the Sun. These electron diffusion regions, or X-points, are places where the Earth’s magnetic field connects to the Sun’s, creating an uninterrupted flow of particles between the two stellar bodies, perhaps even further.

Since these magnetic portals extend to Earth, they may be the very same phenomena that ancient architects described some 15,000 years ago in one of India's most sacred texts, the Yajurveda: “Snakes whichsoever move along the Earth, which are in sky and heaven... which are the arrows of sorcerers.”

Every sacred site is located on hotspots of electro-magnetic energy, the type that influences the body and the mind and is known to elevate consciousness beyond a mere shamanic state, validating what the builders of ancient temples claimed about the buildings all along: that sacred places such as Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan and Edfu were designed as stargates for "transforming an ordinary person into a god, into a bright star."

In other words, they are self-help centers to be used when you forget who you really are and the invisible universe you're ultimately connected to.

Editors Note: The above includes theoretical assumptions, based on the author’s research and observation. No information in this article is intended to represent a cure for any health conditions.

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 3

(This is the last part of this work. Please read part 1 and part 2 first).


The Path to Self Mastery

Chances are that de-evolved Man will gain experiences which only support his belief in the state of development he has attained. Though, due to the complexity of our world, de-evolved Man will always encounter another who propagates demonstrable proof to reveal to Man the potentiality of the soul. 

As it is nowadays, Man is indoctrinated into a programmed belief system, wherein he is taught “what” to think rather than “how” to think. It is of course necessary for a child to be taught certain things he must know in order to function properly in society. However, at a certain age, when the Ego personality is fully developed, the child requires insightful wisdom as to how to self-care for himself in the absence of an external guiding force. Man is not taught in our public educational systems a masterful level of knowledge and wisdom about his anatomy and physiology (whether physically or energetically). Due to his inferior level of education, Man does not possess sufficient knowledge, and in particular wisdom, in order to maintain his physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health past the age of 100. Considering the age of endlessness, good health at 100 years old shows that a person has a considerable taste for life and self-maintenance to have EARNED it.

When Man awakens and has a proper platform to nurture his developmental stage, he is able to integrate profound spiritual knowledge into applicable wisdom. Such a platform must take into account a most profound observation: your skills improve more when you study and train with more-skilled peers. A study published in ScienceDaily in 2011, titled “Preschoolers' language skills improve more when they're placed with more-skilled peers” may serve as a foundation for such a belief. 


The Potential of a School for Self Mastery 

For a consciousness in a developmental phase of awakening, a “school of thought” can shape the ranges of its baseline experiences. A person who has developed a skill as an engine mechanic or a guitarist would only be able to operate from the level of mastery he has achieved. Thus he offers services and experience only in the field and on the level of authority he possess - that being his baseline. A school for Self Mastery would provide a resource for a skillful person to gradually expand his range of skills. Such an environment would provide him with the support necessary in his crucial stage of awakening, so he may be able to surround himself with like-minded people devoted to bettering themselves. A school which develops him in such a manner, also provides him with a new baseline experience, which includes knowledge on Physiology, Energy mechanics and how to Engineer Reality, so he may be able to perform tasks from an evolved perspective of self and his relationship with the universe. Man must undergo self-evolution in order to evolve his surroundings, and to do that; he must study truth and wisdom devotionally to integrate it and propagate it authentically. 

This kind of school will focus on you first developing your soul, as a prerequisite in order to develop an earned skill; that of which permits the conscious Man to use his mind and comprehend his body, so he may be able to work with his environment on a co-creator level. It recognizes the benefit in preparing a soul in an adequate way, with its mind and body clear of clutter, and a benevolent world-view to aid you in improving your co-creative efforts in bringing love and relief to others everywhere. One such school is Evolved Ministry, which is an online Self Mastery University platform, and you can learn more about what it offers on their website


Closing Notes

The notion that Man’s mental and physical faculties can degenerate, de-evolve, isn’t entirely foreign, but rather widespread across the western horizon. Although many of us have been raised and indoctrinated into a “civilized” and “sedentary” existence within our manifested terrain of frozen thought, we are certainly not limited from pursuing the path of Self Mastery - of bettering ourselves in the most personal and deepest ways that we can meet ourselves at. We know ourselves better than anyone else does. 

What drives you forward? What pace of learning does it take for you to integrate new wisdom and habits into your life? How far are you willing to go to raise your consciousness and to know yourself inside and out? 

There are many reasons to suggest that people are residing in a balance between evolving and degenerating. We may certainly be learning our lessons everyday, sometimes "getting it" and sometimes not being able to evolve past the limitations of the box that contains us. Though, when the urge is strong enough and our day is filled with activities that stimulate understanding of ourselves on multiple levels, then possibly our push forward to evolve outweighs the pull backward to degenerate. Consequently, we unfold our consciousness in a linear progression while keeping our feet on the ground until we’ve built enough inner momentum to soar into the air and defy gravity. 

Although the majority of us are not equipped with a supportive environment, as our parents do not pursue evolution of the soul through Self Mastery, nor does our public educational facilities and communities (to some degree of course), we can rest assure that the age of technology is allowing us a new portal into the realm of enriching our souls and bettering our knowledge. The path to mastering yourself will always demand knowing yourself inside and out, so you can improve your performance and be the catalyst to inspiring evolution in others.

When you awake in the morning, you aren’t straight away “awake”, unless you have chosen wakefully to be an Awakened Soul. Practice daily, Awake!

Evolution is for Everyone.


(This is part 3 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 1 and part 2).

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 2

(This is part 2 of this work. If you haven't read part 1, you can do so here).


De-evolved Man hasn’t arrived coincidentally at his current stage of evolution, but rather has been dumbed down to it. 

Every soul has the urge to conform and to be part of the environment he grows up in. If the conditions are right, his upbringing involves the development of morals and spiritual values. Consequently, his most pronounced range of associative thoughts leads Man to consistently do good and safeguard the harmony between himself and others (people, plants, animals and intangible intelligences). Such an individualized-spirit (soul) sees creation as an opportunity to be in harmony with everything, to transition through scenic collages of life-events with ease, and to feel joy in riding such a wave. At the same time, the experiences he is having involve a corresponding environment that feels easy and joyful.

On the other hand, if Man has gotten false impressions from his environment and has incorporated within himself criminal thought patterns, he births universes of experiences that reflect his uncaring and untrusting perspective towards his environment. He chooses to do wrong out of compulsion to savor the internal sensations that come from self-gratifying revenges. He chooses to get back at another or at a system out of a deeply etched trauma (the source of his unsettling sensations), to blame others for his misfortune in order to justify himself and feel good, even if only for a fleeting moment. 

Man de-evolves to a savaged mentality when he chooses to rip off people and collude against his environment. In thinking so; his thoughts gush out an analogous sequence of decisive actions, which the environment dislikes and chooses to cut Man off from further communication. Thus, Man is disconnected from the wealth of revitalizing energies commonly shared across sentient species in multicellular ecosystems. Such an individualized-spirit, who is burnt from relationships and is holding tightly to his grudges, is oblivious to being the impetus to the recurring unsettling experiences. Therefore, he blames the others and assumes no responsibility for the turmoil he undergoes. 

Alas! Individualized-spirit is fortunate, for any experience of disharmony drives him crazier and closer to the apex of a healing crisis. Nature will not tolerate ongoing disharmony, especially the kind that propagates suffering in others, so nature repeatedly “warns” Man of his destructive tendencies in the hopes that Man awakens from his moral slumber and begins to meditate upon the inherent faults in his personality. 

Man is said to experience a second birth in his human experience, the kind of birth that instills in him an everlasting joy of wakefulness. He has had enough of the mindless habits of treating others unfairly and unfriendly, and so he recognizes the benefits of a long-term investment in goodwilling actions, as well as its eventual return as pleasant shared-moments and a growing relationship with others. Man awakes to the immortality of his soul, not concerned for the fleshy representation of his image, but for the momentous excitement in deepening his relationships with family, friends and community.

Evolved Man no longer uses his power of discrimination to create disharmony within the system. Instead, Man cultivates through introspective meditation a skill set that enables him to differentiate between wrongdoing actions and their obvious repercussions, and doing good in order to inspire evolution in others. Service is important for a liberated soul, who now follows wakefully any urge to encourage others day-by-day - those who may still reside in the disconnected mentality, and who do not see the benefit of bettering their own life-condition as a primary impetus to bettering their reflective environment. 


Man’s Path of Bettering Himself Daily

As no one can give truth to Man verbally, Man has to find out for himself. Knowledge handed down verbally can only suggest a possibility, otherwise it is nothing more than dogma. It is up to each and everyone to put the knowledge to the test, which allows Man to validate it and integrate it as wisdom. Initially Man awakens to the complexity of spirituality, with its many obscuring and distracting manmade perceptions (for example, religion). He is bound to be drawn to find a leveled plain from which he can dip his feet into the lake of omnipresence and the side-effects of the Universal Connection, and still enjoy some of his habits and past comforts. Slowly but surely, Man recognizes that choosing to do good initiates a cascade of opportunities to follow up with more goodwilling deeds. 

Unfortunately, non-awakened souls are unaware of their true connection with the external environment, even on the level of producing noteworthy cooperation of atomic aerodynamic densities; such as in the case of Aerokinesis, wherein the wind currents increase and decrease in symmetrical correspondence to internal self-controls. To stumble across another person presenting such “Truth” is an intense awakening experience, and the first thing de-evolved Man wishes is that same level of “control.” Man immediately assumes that a talent, skill or an ability can be “magically” bestowed upon his underdeveloped and undisciplined mind. This mentality keeps Man imprisoned in the fleeting fantasies of wishful thinking. In reality, one has to EARN a connection and the access to paranormal environmental phenomena.


(This is the end of part 2 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 1 and part 3).

Raising Human Consciousness with Energy Transfers

As humanity is evolving, many people are waking up to their spiritual gifts and missions on this Earth. People are able to tap into the universal energy that is accessible to everyone, but everyone uses it in a unique way. Ethann Fox, the creator of the Flower of Life Center and the Awake and Empowered Expo, always had a gift with energy, but it took years and a series of unmistakable events for him to realize his true purpose on Earth: to raise the consciousness of others through a process called an Energy Transfer. An Energy Transfer removes negative karma or dense energy from participants, while providing positive energy to take its place. In this channeling with Micheila Sheldan, it was asked which Collective facilitates the Energy Transfer process and what exactly happens during it. All information came from Jeremiah.

“Which Collective Consciousness is working behind the Energy Transfers?”

There are many who are of a collective nature that have assembled at this time to assist on a mission of providing an uplift in terms of energy and consciousness to many human beings upon your planet. The Collective working through the Energy Transfers is made up of many beings not only of an extraterrestrial nature, but who are of past human form, who have come to gather in a time in which the Earth is in need of additional energies or assistance. This energetic flow is a source of raising human consciousness and evolution. There are people who are in fact channels of this energy for various purposes in this lifetime. In the circumstance of Energy Transfers, there is a shift in awareness or consciousness that is happening in order to open minds to truths that have been shielded or hidden, that have shifted human beings away from their own truth.

“What is the source of this energy? Is it coming from this Collective of Beings, or is it coming from somewhere else?”

There is a field of energy that is accessible to all human beings on your planet at this time. It is a clear field of potential, of quantum potential, in which all human beings are able to tap into Source energy. In this time, this divine energy is in fact fueled through Collective entities and channeled through human beings in order to reach others because some may need that middle ground. In a sense, this energy is coming from the Collective, for they are gathering this divine energy and assisting others to connect to it in a way that brings them to a higher place of human consciousness and awakening.

“What exactly is happening to an individual who is receiving an Energy Transfer? What effects does it have and what are the benefits?”

They are many benefits. As humans are shifting to a lighter form of awakening, in terms of belief, they must remove many of the heavy dense energies that are holding them back. Much of this karmic energy may also have come from past relationships in other lifetimes. It may have come from battles in ancient times. It is also part of the collective. Human beings are connected to all and as one accumulates karma, it is affecting others. The energy during an Energy Transfer assists this process of removing karmic negative energy from other human beings. Many are also held back by lower vibrations that are affecting them. This could be from microwave type of rays, electronic equipment, the soil, and the water. These other factors are affecting human beings and are also in need of being released in order to allow divine energy to flow through, and this is a critical part of the Energy Transfers. Participants of an Energy Transfer are releasing all this negative weight from them which allows them to come to a place where they are have a better understanding of their surroundings, they are awakening to other human beings, and other vibrational energies, their own purpose, and are able to connect better to the divine energy. For some people these energy transfers should be a regular process in order to keep the lower vibrations out, until the planet is in a more stable place. When that happens, the others will awaken to the own power and understand the divine field of energy. They will see it clearly and be able to tap into it themselves.

“How are the Energy Transfers different from what others are doing with the planet now?”

During the Energy Transfer, there is a shift of enlightenment that is happening through consciousness. This is allowing individuals to feel a state of peace in this time. The wider goal is a shift of the life force of consciousness that is enabling human beings to awaken. The people coming to the Energy Transfers now need this wider shift of consciousness. In terms of: “I live my life here in peace. I am awakened. I see the road in front of me.” These people do similar work in their own way, who also here to assist the planet. They come to the energy transfers for this raise in consciousness that helps them step into what they are meant to do.

How Can I Understand 5D Reality in a 3D World?

This article is in response to a comment on one of our Facebook pages asking about how a person can understand and apply 5D knowledge in what is still a 3D reality. 


The challenge with attempting to describe the 5th dimension, is that you cannot authentically do so, while existing in the 3rd Dimension, and using a 3rd dimensional vantage point. It would be like explaining to a fish that swims in the oceans, what it would be like to travel in outer space, while being a fish yourself. The laws that govern the reality in which the fish lives, limit it from possessing the language or understanding, to be able to conceive of the reality of living in space.

In a 5th Dimensional reality, there will not be language, speaking, writing, or time, to name a few things that we rely on at present in order to conceive of our 3rd Dimensional reality. Written language will transition to instantaneous telepathic understanding. Manifestation will be instantaneous, there will not be energetic or karmic blocks as we think of them today.

It would be much easier to describe the 4th Dimensional reality as it is much closer to where we are now, and the reality through which we will temporarily transition as we move to the 5th.

The 4th Dimensional Reality 

The 4th Dimensional reality is already becoming apparent in the world now, and will continue to come into being in your lifetime.

In this reality, we will learn to manifest more quickly than in the 3rd. You can already see this now as it is being expressed through technological means through 3D Printing of cars, houses, and even food.

Health will not longer be a limitation as we will be able to regenerate organs both through technological means, and through spiritual practices. Food will become less of a necessity as our bodies will become lighter and not require the density of food.

We will not have a need to exchange money, but on the way there, taxes and the unjust legal structures will be eliminated.

More individuals will become aware of, and will awaken to their spiritual gifts and people will follow their life missions rather than spending their lives doing things that are not in alignment with their authentic selves.

The education system will change and become more empowering toward children. Writing will begin the transition toward eventual disuse as our ability to communicate ideas will become multidimensional or telepathic.

These are just a few thoughts of how the transition through the 4th Dimension on the way toward the 5th Dimension will look. Much of the beginning stages of these transitions are already underway.

Once we are more immersed in a 4th Dimensional reality, it will be much easier to conceive of and describe the 5th Dimension. At the moment, we are all limited by our 3 Dimensional physical existence and way of perception. Any attempt to describe the 5th Dimension from here, will be inaccurate.

That being said, the 4th Dimension brings with it, many wonderful things and a reality that many of us have wished and hoped for our reality.

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 1

As the consciousness of an evolving soul finally arrives at a human birth, a unique opportunity is presented to itself; the Consciousness of Man is attained, and with that consciousness comes a corresponding physiology which permits a highly sophisticated range of expressions that hasn't been in its disposal before. More often, souls are recycled into the system. They get repeated opportunities to improve themselves by accreting experiences which encourage self-awareness and service to others. Although Man is brought up in an environment which fosters a broader array of intellectual and creative abilities, he is still subjected to the laws of Karma, which determine his progression on the scale of evolution. The soul desires to move forward, to reach the infinite and reside within the cosmic personality, but its fresh chance to embody the macrocosm within his finite form is stumped by a flawed societal framework, which corrupts his perspective and distracts his attention towards his materialized construct during his most crucial years of self development.

Questions arise as to whether individually we are evolving under the current societal framework. If there is a process of evolution, one can assume there’s an opposite and equal process of devolution; a state wherein the mental and physical faculties of the soul are not developed or are overly neglected. Therefore, the mind and body are not equipped or trained enough to perform certain tasks or abilities we are born with. In devolution, one's mind, body and soul would consequently degenerate because they’re not constantly being exercised to their fullest potential. If that is indeed the case, then defining for ourselves a state and process of devolution could potentially give us a clearer outlook as to the steps we may still have to take in order to achieve and maintain a level of progression necessary for the liberation of the soul.

In its human experience, the soul arrives at a stage of development where it must exercise its free will wakefully in order to earn its next stage of evolution. The human experience is considered an important stage of development for the soul, whereby the identity of the soul is challenged within a mental framework of separateness. Man experiences himself separate from his environment, so he continues to operate from that point of view when generating all of his experiences, until challenged to think otherwise. On his path, Man finds himself in the crossroad of making a decisive choice; one of which some graduate successfully from through the fostering and adherence to a good-willed nature, while others are deceived and manipulated into a mentality of wrongdoing. 

Inflicting negativity on oneself and on others keeps Man in a state of disharmony. While a good-willed person enjoys intellectual and creative progress, the disharmonious person stagnates and loses himself in bigotry and jealousy. Any sentient being in its environment receives exactly what it sends out into the universe, whether it be good or bad. A good-willed soul may seem likely to evolve forward, but because most of his wrongdoing brethren don’t, society as a whole is unable to move forward until the majority of the system is positively oriented. This is due to polarity. If a majority of society is negative, then the overall system leans more towards a negative polarity, and vice versa. 


The Cause of Man’s Fall

The fall of Man is largely due to the temptations of the flesh. Man is conditioned within society to identify himself with subjects and objects that stimulate his 5 senses. 

The 5 senses were originally given to Man in order to navigate the holographic terrain of frozen thought - the virtual reality that had been created within this universal construct. However, in his upbringing he had been mentally fostered to identify strongly with these signals and has chosen to overindulge himself in basic urges. His willingness to indulge in these signals has over time numbed his capacity to control these basic urges, ultimately allowing the sensations to control him. In his weakened state, an unsatisfied urge leaves Man in an unsettling and uneasy feeling. His fragile state lowers his resiliency to negativity, and therefore sensations overpower him and urge him to pursue some form of self-satisfaction. Due to his personal attachment to his unsettling bodily sensations, Man competes with others to liberate himself and turns a blind eye to the suffering he trails behind him. 

Like a trail of breadcrumbs, Man’s wounded peers - witness to this attitude inflicted on them - choose in their weakened state to take his behavior personally. This pattern and behavior is ultimately repeated and spread across households and communities. And because one person cannot control his urges, an entire societal framework degenerates. However, When his basic urges are met, Man finally feels able to relax and appreciate the transient moment, until his cravings return and urge him to follow predictable patterns which only bring him relief in the shortest amount of time. 

This attitude disconnects Man from his environment, since his growing addiction to sensory stimuli had developed in him a restlessness that is unquenchable and interferes with his capacity to tune in, listen and be present. No matter how much fleshy pleasures he pursued, he kept on pursuing them in his want for comfort and self entertainment, meanwhile ignoring the suffering others were undergoing in respect to his mindless choices and actions. 


Man de-evolved from his pure state of Harmony with his Environment 

Man was brought up by parents who do not exercise scientific techniques of God-contact and thus he is brought up into the world with an incomplete understanding of his true nature. He erroneously picked up an attitude and behavior from his environment which disregards the welfare of his external manifestation and the recognition of its sentient nature. Thus he disconnected himself from his boundless identity impregnated in the ocean of atomic energies dancing all around him. 

The core of his problem is his inability to identify within himself symptoms which indicate his state of disconnection; that is why he remains out of harmony in many aspects of life. His hidden issue is that he doesn’t have a clue as to how a connection is made, preserved and maintained, which makes reason to suggest that he would be clueless as to the existence of a “disconnection”, even as he is experiencing it.

Man has forgotten that his environment constantly communicates to him his state of wellbeing, such as the quality of his thoughts and amplitude of his emotions. Man’s thoughts are represented externally in the arrangement of scenery and scenarios, while his emotions are represented by the rate and nature of his thoughts. At times the environment can be turbulent and other times calm, but Man doesn’t draw a correlation between his internal sensations and external phenomena. Man’s abuse -- and lack of being able to interpret -- his senses numbs him cognitively to the magnitude of precision the environment presents to him the quality of his wellbeing. Instead, Man operates restlessly and decides to mechanically submit the environment to his will, rather than to find content and peace within and develop a relationship with his environment. 

(This is the end of part 1 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 2 and part 3). 

The Pineal Gland: The Seat of the Soul

The pineal gland or sixth chakra is located deep within the center of the brain and was considered by French philosopher Rene Descartes to be the “seat of the soul.” Mainstream society has long suppressed the science behind the true nature of the pineal, but evidence of its multifaceted function and symbolic history is coming to light as the consciousness of the planet rises. The pineal gland serves as a symbol of spirituality, intuition, and clairvoyance in many religions and societies across the globe. It is often referred to as the “third eye” because it possesses a lens, cornea, retina, and has light sensitive internal structures that are similar to the rods and cones of the eyes. Once activated, it allows an individual to view the spiritual realms. Yet to the detriment of humanity, toxins in the environment and a loss of spiritual knowledge have caused the third eye to calcify and become dormant in most people. However, an awakening is occurring that is allowing people to rediscover their third eye abilities as alternative science uncovers the once well-known mysteries of the sixth chakra.

Pineal Gland Function


The primary function of the pineal gland as understood by mainstream science, is to produce melatonin during sleep, as well as regulate body temperature and skin coloration, all of which depend on the presence of environmental light. Melatonin is a hormone produced from serotonin which affects our mood. Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland in the absence of light which is responsible for repairing cells, governing circadian rhythms, and eliminating free radicals. A deficiency can lead to insomnia and cancer, and accelerate the aging process. Electromagnetic radiation and the presence of light during sleep also interfere with the signals that tell the pineal gland to start producing melatonin.

Canadian medical doctor, Roman Rozencwaig began studying the pineal gland and its ability to produce melatonin in the mid 1980’s. He believes decreased melatonin production is a direct result of atrophy of the pineal gland, which in turn leads to aging and disease. As a person grows older, the cells of the pineal are damaged and calcified due to toxins in the environment and injury. This leads to decreased melatonin production and higher levels of serotonin, which may be responsible for cancer and other diseases. Dr. Rozencwaig states that supplemental melatonin can drastically reduce the rate of pineal atrophy, slow down the aging process, and treat a wide array of diseases by boosting the immune system, allowing the pineal gland to maintain a balanced ratio between melatonin and serotonin levels in the body. He has treated several of his cancer patients with supplemental melatonin and many have seen a significant improvement in their condition. Even though melatonin is a vastly important part of pineal health, it is not the compound responsible for inducing mystical experiences.


DMT or Di-methyl-tryptamine, is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound that is found throughout the body, and produced by the pineal gland. DMT is believed to play a role in inducing mystical states of consciousness. DMT can be found in almost all plants and animals and has been thought of as the key to our spiritual gateway by many indigenous and ancient tribes, particularly those in South America.

In the mid-1800s Amazonian explorers described psychoactive powders and brews made from plants with high concentrations of DMT. The tribe members often recounted out of body experiences in which they would communicate with spirits and experience mystical visions. These tribes understood the nature of these substances far earlier than their western counterparts. DMT was discovered in the blood, urine, tissue, and spinal fluid of humans in the mid-60s and became the first psychedelic substance to be produced internally by the body. However, DMT research encountered political opposition in the following decade due to the growing anti-psychedelic sentiment, and was not studied again until the 90s.

In his book DMT-The Spirit Molecule, Dr. Rick Strassman discusses his groundbreaking research on DMT and its effects on the pineal gland. Dr. Strassman asserts that the pineal’s location in the center of the brain makes it an ideal candidate for DMT production. Since the third eye is close to the cerebrospinal fluid channels, this allows any secreted substance to be easily absorbed by the brain. Furthermore, the pineal is situated near the colliculi which are mounds of tissue that transmit emotional and sensory data to certain parts of the brain. It is also surrounded by the limbic system which governs the experience of emotions.

DMT is rapidly broken down by the body so the production center needs to be close to the emotional areas of the brain in order to have an effect on the consciousness of a person. The pineal contains the necessary enzymes to convert tryptamine (the base compound that derives melatonin and serotonin) into DMT. It also produces compounds called beta-carbolines which prevent neurotransmitter inhibitor enzymes called monoamine oxidase (MAO) from breaking down DMT. However, the pineal has mechanisms to prevent spontaneous DMT production during normal activities. For example, both the pineal and adrenal glands produce neurotransmitters called catecholamines. These are known to stimulate melatonin production in the pineal, and are produced in response to stress in the adrenals. When the adrenal catecholamines are near the pineal its nerve cells rapidly get rid of them. The nerve cells act as a security system to prevent the release of DMT in periods of everyday stress.

Dr. Strassman postulates that large amounts DMT are released by the pineal at specific points in a person’s life. "Pineal DMT production is the physical representation of non-material, or energetic, processes. It provides us with the vehicle to consciously experience the movement of our life-force in its most extreme manifestations.” He believes that DMT is released when the soul enters the fetus, at birth, during states of meditation or psychosis, and when the soul leaves the body. In patients with psychosis, enzymes that stimulate DMT production are elevated and MAO enzymes are decreased. Therefore, their third eye is unable to turn off DMT production, resulting in hallucinations. During states of deep meditation people have reported having mystical experiences similar to those produced by psychedelics. When a person enters a deep meditative state their brainwaves become slower and more coherent as they reach a level of expanded awareness. Thus, the pineal vibrates at these same frequencies which triggers the release of DMT. During birth and death, Strassman speculates that large amounts of catecholamines are released. Since birth and death can be high stress experiences, the pineal is overwhelmed with catecholamines which stimulate DMT release.

Dr. Strassman and his research team conducted a study in which they gave several volunteers low, medium, and high doses of IV DMT, and measured its effects on the body. When volunteers were given a dose of .05mg/kg, no psychedelic effects were present, but many experienced feelings of joy and happiness. At a medium dose volunteers experienced rapid colorful visual patterns that were kaleidoscopic or geometric in nature. At higher doses volunteers experienced complete loss of connection with reality as they were fully launched into a psychedelic experience. Many felt as if they had died, accompanied by feelings of bliss and euphoria, while a smaller percentage experienced feelings of terror and paranoia. Several reported traveling through realms with vibrant unfamiliar colors and shapes while whizzing past galaxies. Some volunteers even encountered beings who interacted with them and guided them through the DMT space. Overall the experiences were individual, but similar in many respects. Strassman’s research indicates that pineal DMT production may play a vital role in inducing mystical experiences during near death experiences, psychotic states, and deep states of meditation.

Pineal Calcification and Activation

Even though the pineal gland contains chemicals and neurotransmitters to induce mystical experiences without the use of external psychedelics, the pineal glands of most people are calcified and dormant. Many of the toxins in our food and environment are responsible for pineal calcification. Calcification prevents the pineal from functioning correctly and leads to decreased melatonin and DMT production. Fluoride, mercury, and processed foods, are some of the substances that contribute to pineal calcification. Fluoride is found in toothpaste and most of America’s water supply, and is one of the chief causes of pineal calcification. The calcified pineal contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body.

Fluoride and mercury have been shown to effect brain function, and even lower IQ. Mercury can be found in vaccines and tooth fillings, and has been linked to the onset of autism in young children. However, fluoride can be removed from tap water with filters specifically designed for fluoride removal. Mercury and other heavy metals can be removed from the body with the correct supplementsProcessed foods contain a plethora of additives, chemicals, and artificial compounds that indirectly cause pineal calcification, as well as a host of other health problems. Over 50% of the standard American diet consists of processed foods. Since their inception in the early 20s, processed foods have become a staple in many American diets, with Americans consuming 31% more processed food than fresh food.

There are numerous ways to activate and open the third eye, and each method can be individualized to suit the needs of the person. One of the most widely practiced pineal activation techniques is meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind”, claims that through the science of neuroplasticity, a person can rewire their brain. In his research with cases of spontaneous remission, Dr. Dispenza discovered that those who had achieved total healing from terminal illnesses were able to rewire their brain through positive intention and thought. When a person is awake and alert they are generally in a beta state. When one begins to enter a meditative trance the brain enters alpha, theta, and gamma states, with the latter being the slowest and most conducive for healing. These slow frequencies allow the brain to readily access the field of quantum possibility when an intention is set. This is because the brain is not preoccupied with tasks of daily survival and it is able to expand its focus beyond everyday needs. Therefore if a person sets an intention to open their third eye, it can be activated with regular meditation practice.

The use of supplements coupled with a more plant based diet is an excellent way to decalcify the pineal gland. Nascent iodine is an electrified form of iodine that is readily absorbed by the body which helps eliminate fluoride, bromine, chlorine, and other toxins. Not only does nascent iodine remove pineal toxins, but it also stimulates the thyroid, improves mental clarity, and aids in boosting the immune system. Chaga mushroom is one of the best supplements for pineal decalcification because of its high melanin content. Melanin is produced by the pituitary gland in the presence of melatonin and is a primary pineal food source. Chaga is one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants, and helps balance the immune system and prevent cancer, as well as a host of other diseases. Chaga medicines can be made into powder, tea, and single or dual extracts. Dual extracts are the most potent because they contain both the water and alcohol soluble compounds of the mushroom and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Adding magnesium bicarbonate to drinking water not only decalcifies your pineal gland, but alkalizes your body and eliminates calcium deposits that have formed around other organs. Its Magnesium in water is absorbed 30% faster than magnesium in food and the bicarbonate amplifies the amount of magnesium absorbed by cells.

Since the pineal is a light sensitive, sun-gazing is a simple way to decalcify it. Sun-gazing is the practice of looking at the sun during the hour of sunset or sunrise in order to absorb its light energy. However, mainstream science has taught us that looking at the sun for even brief periods is harmful to our eyes, so many are skeptical of the process. In addition to pineal decalcification, sun-gazing can improve mental clarity, eliminate toxins, prevent mental and physical disease, slow the aging process, and decrease hunger. One of the most popular methods of gazing is the HRM method, named after its founder Hira Ratan Manek. HRM recommends that you begin gazing for 10 seconds, increasing 10 seconds each day until you reach a time of 45 minutes. According to this method total mental clarity occurs at 15 minutes and physical diseases start to disappear around the 30 minute mark. HRM believes after the 45 minute mark is reached, a person can stop gazing and start walking barefoot for 45 minutes per day on bare earth. This connection with the earth ensures that your “solar battery” remains charged. If this process is continued one experiences feelings of bliss and joy as their intuition supersedes the ego mind. It is recommended that a person only gaze an hour within sunset or sunrise when the UV index is low. When the sun is higher in the sky, the UV rays can be damaging to the retina of the eye. In order to gain the full benefit, HRM recommends that a person ground themselves by standing barefoot on dirt or sand while gazing. It is also important to note that you should never gaze while standing on grass because the plant life can absorb sun energy from the body and lessen the benefits. Sun-gazing is a journey for each person and the benefits and experiences are unique based on the intention and needs of the individual.

Western society once thought the third eye was a vestigial organ with no function, but its mysteries are slowly unraveling as science and spirituality merge. The discovery of DMT as a naturally occurring psychedelic adds validity to the complexities and unique nature of mystical experiences. As people connect with their spiritual nature through pineal decalcification, meditation, and other holistic practices the power of intention, belief, and thought becomes a driving force in the areas of health and spiritual attunement. We have only just begun to tap into the nature of our pineal, but as scientific evidence confirms spiritual knowledge mystical experiences become tangible tools for physical and spiritual growth.


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

Planetary Liberation

Undercurrent of Awakening Triggered by the Sun

The Great Armageddon of Uncovering is happening now. According to many of the presenters from Awake and Empowered Expo like internationally known lecturer, from Eceti (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), big changes are coming to the surface 2016 – 2017.

We’ve heard it from all angles. We can feel it on deep cellular level in our bodies, as we are strongly connected to Gaia. The energies on Earth are changing and spinning round.  An electromagnetic field is running through all living organisms, thus also us - being these energy BEings here on Earth. We are generating this electromagnetic field of electrical activity in our bodies that is created by electrical currents in our nervous systems, as well as the electrochemical processes that are constantly occurring in all of our cells.

This leads us to the topic of how we are affected by the energies of the biggest energy generator upon us – the Sun, which is aligning us with Unity Consciousness. The wave of the energy generated from the Sun is getting stronger and stronger as we are moving into this major transition in time, spoken of by Mayan Ancestors and indigenous tribes for years.

People’s entire worlds are falling apart. We are all experiencing turbulences in relationships, health, personal lives, losing jobs, houses and money and being pushed to the edge of comfort zones as we are shifting to what we have known.

We are purging old programming, heavy densities that we’ve denied before or refused to look at. All of this is coming to the surface now and shouldn’t be judged as something bad or wrong. It shows up because we are ready to acknowledge it for what it is. It invites us to see through it as an old unnecessary baggage that is no longer needed to be overburdening us, and therefore released from our lives. This way, we open the door to the new exciting lives just waiting around the corner for us, which would otherwise not show up until we close the old, rusty one.

So what is the Purpose of The Sun in this Galactic Process and how it affects us?

The sun and its recorded changing activity confirmed by astrological centers all over the world plays a huge role in what we are all going through. We are in the midst of intense changes on the planetary level and we should embrace it fully instead of going into fear mode.

When these energies come in, they affect the energy field around the human body. They affect the weather and entire Planet Earth. We have crazy activity of volcanoes, earth quakes, floods happening in many places of the world.

Whenever you inject a lot of energy into a system, like the increased sun flares’ radiation, everything has to change and has to rise up to that occasion. Hence major emotional, psychological and physical changes take place within our bodies as well, as we are an innate part of the living organism, Mother Earth. It does not happen to us to punish us for anything, though. It is happening because we are ready to step into something more magical, more Divine, more abundant and meaningful in our lives.

The whole Universe, including all of us, is moving into highly energized place in space that we haven’t been in before. This astronomical change affects the Sun as well.

The Sun is so important, says James Gilliland in several interviews for Awake and Empowered TV hosted by spiritual teacher Ethann Fox. And people do not often realize, the sun is conscious. The rays of light coming to Earth actually carry with them consciousness and energy, and not just light. And the information is transferred through other dimensions. It affects our genetics through constant gamma emission radiation coming from the Sun. It affects our DNA and most of these affects are vibrational upgrades of different strands of DNA, known so far as “Junk DNA”.

If one strand gets activated we are going to open ourselves up to telepathy. Another strand will activate direct knowing. Another one will activate the ability to regenerate itself. Yet another, to move forward and back in time, developing bio-locating skills. As impossible as it may sound for some, these abilities are being recognized by many around the world, and will be coming out more during the next years.

These powerful energies activate all that was dormant before. As we bring our higher consciousness energy into our body and hold it as who we are now, we activate that which used to float around outside of our energy field. As we allow all "lack of purity and love" as it emerges, love will fill our cells and replace those old illusory beliefs once held inside. As we honor the energetic release by way of an emotion or thought, our body holds more light. As we sleep, integration occurs. As we choose, we change our own reality. As we commit, we shift the energy. As we focus our energy and stop wasting, dreams start to materialize in our physical experience.   

As we break through those old barriers we held in place, as we go deep inside and find the inspiration, the desire, the knowing we already hold, as we cut out distractions of the old, as we invest in “me”/my journey/my purposes and missions here, as we love our body and ourselves... our entire physical reality starts to change. Planetary Liberation happens when we choose to liberate ourselves from inside out as we do not resist the process.

We become this change built on the foundation of Unity Consciousness from where all infinite possibilities for us become available.


Writing inspired by knowledge and information brought to light by interviews held by Ethann Fox from Awake and Empowered Expo TV and Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

The March 2016 Solar Eclipse

A Quantum Leap into Self-Healing

On March 8-9, 2016, a total solar eclipse will will trigger  the biggest raise in consciousness in human history and set in motion the quantum leap toward unity and 5th dimensional consciousness.

On both collective and individual levels, this solar alignment will allow us to reestablish our connection to Earth as one consciousness, to recognize more of our true selves, and will facilitate our healing.

The Sun and Ascension Codes

Our sun is akin to a large storage unit of light coded information that activates ascension codes within our DNA, during these solar alignments. Ascension codes allow us to access more information within ourselves and tap into our multi-dimensional nature. This expanded access to information is the basis for healing, and structural changes within the body, through the reconnection to the earth’s crystalline core.

As ascension codes within the earth and human structure are activated, humanity’s connection with Gaia’s crystalline core is recognized by the collective. When this occurs, 3rd dimensional aspects of disease and energetic density can no longer exist within the structure.  Each of us possesses a sacred geometric energetic pattern that is held within our energy field. These sacred geometric patterns exist within the fabric of the universe and can be seen through the science of cymatics and water memory as a product of vibration through sound and conscious intent.  When these sacred geometric patterns vibrate harmoniously with the geometric pattern of earth, the reconnection to the core reaches its full potential.

Solar Opportunity to Adapt These Energies

In order to adapt the structure to the incoming energies in the best way possible, it is important to understand three key elements of this eclipse.

Firstly, it is crucial to recognize the solar eclipse as an opportunity to receive information through expanded versions of ourselves and heal.  The planet has been resonating at a 3rd-4th dimensional transient space, so the collective’s ability to receive information has been lower than that of higher dimensional realities. As a result, the sun is needed to magnetize our ascension. 

The sun can be thought of as a mirror that magnetizes our own expansion and radiates that expansion back to us as the collective chooses to raise its consciousness. In other words, the sun is giving back to us our own information in an expanded fashion so we can use it to our benefit. 

Through this expansion, people become aware of new perspectives about how to heal certain situations in their lives, and can choose to create those timelines of experience by focusing their attention on the solution. By shifting our attention to the solution, we learn to accept ourselves for who we truly are, and create our reality from a perspective of love and joy. When we do this, we heal those situations in our lives that are held within the structure as disharmonious sacred geometric patterns.

Secondly, spending time outside in the sun expands the DNA and causes the sacred geometric patterns within the body to become harmonious. Thirdly, the emotional body is integrated and aligned by solar energies. During this transitional period, the emotional body plays an important role in the timelines of experience we manifest based on the vibration that is held there. If the emotional body is aligned, we create our reality based on joy, which is the basis for healing.

Manifestation of Healing

The March eclipse is the beginning of humanity’s transition from an individual to more of a collective focus in terms of how we understand and use the structure to heal. Currently, we recognize and heal experiences in our life in a singular manner, whether the experience be from a past life or this incarnation. Imprints from different experiences are contained within the body as separate. Furthermore, these energies may manifest as different physical illnesses. 

When someone receives a healing session, these imprints or illnesses are recognized as separate and are released on an individual basis. For instance, if someone comes to a healer with a rash and a headache, the rash might be healed in the first session and the headache in the second. Moreover, the conscious attention of the person determines the effectiveness of the session. Often times, energetic purging can manifest as physical discomfort. However, this discomfort and purging is actually a sign of healing.

If an individual places his or her attention on the body already being healed as a whole, rather than focusing on the area with one specific issue, the person will have a much better result.  This is because they are moving their attention from a 3D perspective of separation to a higher space of awareness where all parts of the structure can be integrated and healed holistically.

When the human structure becomes more crystalline, it allows the body to recognize the common energetic thread between past, present, and future imprints so that we can heal all of those imprints at once. This is because the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are all integrated as one. Connecting to the soul of earth intentionally during meditation can be used as a process in order to assist in this integration. This process allows the physical body to balance to the rising earth frequency by slowing a person’s frequency slightly and giving them access to universal light coded information.  

As we transition through the March alignment, the energetic and physical body will be resonating at a higher frequency. Humanity will be ascending to a higher level of dimensional consciousness, and as a result, its ability to receive expanded information will increase. This will allow us to use the light codes of the sun to heal more easily by giving us the opportunity to access parts of ourselves that we have ascended through.

The sun’s ability to provide nutrients and energy to the body is widely understood, and many healing practices have been used to absorb light from the sun directly into the body. However, the fact that we’ve been operating with a 3rd dimensional structure, has limited us from utilizing the sun’s full energetic potential. The density of the 3rd dimension has forced us to handle situations in our life in physically based ways. 

In previous alignments, the human consciousness had to manifest things in the physical in order to heal them. Once the structural changes are complete, humanity will have the opportunity to heal things without manifesting so much physical density.  When we harmonize and balance to the new earth frequency, humanity will hold more of a 4th dimensional access point to light information. This means that we will be able to heal things in our life in a more energetic manner. A 4th dimensional structure holds less energetic density than a 3rd dimensional one.

In addition, a higher dimensional energy field can hold positive energetic imprints within the body in order to manifest permanent healing changes. For example, something like an essential oil holds a certain healing vibration based on its energetic properties and when used, it helps our structure balance to a more harmonious vibration.

In the past, our structure could only hold that vibration for a limited amount of time depending on a person’s emotional state. The emotional body was not integrated with the rest of the structure and out of harmony with the earth, so it was unable to sustain a permanent high vibration. After the March transition, the emotional body will be better integrated, and tools such as essential oils can be used more effectively in tandem with an individual’s consciousness to self-heal.

Final Advice on the Solar Eclipse Experience

The details of the solar alignment and structural changes provide a basis of understanding about how we are embarking on one of the most significant transformations in human history so we can begin to assimilate this transition into the collective consciousness. However, what matters most is our ability to heal situations in our lives with the capacity for love and understanding through joy.

Often times, people believe they must learn a lesson about a particular situation in order to heal it, and distract themselves with the details, searching for the solution to the lesson they are supposed to learn. This narrows their perspective of possibility and prevents them from seeing the solution. All that is necessary is for each of us to accept ourselves for who we are without judgment. Even if we are feeling angry or sad, it is important to acknowledge those feelings as part of ourselves so we can release them. This allows us to become the neutral observer of our experiences and enter the synchronistic flow of life.

When we become the observer of our experience, the understanding of the lessons we are supposed to learn naturally unfold for us because we are stepping into who we truly are and have full access to the expanded versions of ourselves that the sun magnetizes to us. We become fully immersed in the now moment and notice the common energetic thread within situations in our lives that need to be healed. When we work on loving and healing ourselves on an individual level, it benefits the ascension of not only earth, but the entire universal collective.

Watch this episode of AAE tv with special guest Micheila Sheldan to learn more about the March Solar Alignment and it's influences:




Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

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