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Planetary Liberation

Planetary Liberation

Undercurrent of Awakening Triggered by the Sun

The Great Armageddon of Uncovering is happening now. According to many of the presenters from Awake and Empowered Expo like internationally known lecturer, from Eceti (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), big changes are coming to the surface 2016 – 2017.

We’ve heard it from all angles. We can feel it on deep cellular level in our bodies, as we are strongly connected to Gaia. The energies on Earth are changing and spinning round.  An electromagnetic field is running through all living organisms, thus also us - being these energy BEings here on Earth. We are generating this electromagnetic field of electrical activity in our bodies that is created by electrical currents in our nervous systems, as well as the electrochemical processes that are constantly occurring in all of our cells.

This leads us to the topic of how we are affected by the energies of the biggest energy generator upon us – the Sun, which is aligning us with Unity Consciousness. The wave of the energy generated from the Sun is getting stronger and stronger as we are moving into this major transition in time, spoken of by Mayan Ancestors and indigenous tribes for years.

People’s entire worlds are falling apart. We are all experiencing turbulences in relationships, health, personal lives, losing jobs, houses and money and being pushed to the edge of comfort zones as we are shifting to what we have known.

We are purging old programming, heavy densities that we’ve denied before or refused to look at. All of this is coming to the surface now and shouldn’t be judged as something bad or wrong. It shows up because we are ready to acknowledge it for what it is. It invites us to see through it as an old unnecessary baggage that is no longer needed to be overburdening us, and therefore released from our lives. This way, we open the door to the new exciting lives just waiting around the corner for us, which would otherwise not show up until we close the old, rusty one.

So what is the Purpose of The Sun in this Galactic Process and how it affects us?

The sun and its recorded changing activity confirmed by astrological centers all over the world plays a huge role in what we are all going through. We are in the midst of intense changes on the planetary level and we should embrace it fully instead of going into fear mode.

When these energies come in, they affect the energy field around the human body. They affect the weather and entire Planet Earth. We have crazy activity of volcanoes, earth quakes, floods happening in many places of the world.

Whenever you inject a lot of energy into a system, like the increased sun flares’ radiation, everything has to change and has to rise up to that occasion. Hence major emotional, psychological and physical changes take place within our bodies as well, as we are an innate part of the living organism, Mother Earth. It does not happen to us to punish us for anything, though. It is happening because we are ready to step into something more magical, more Divine, more abundant and meaningful in our lives.

The whole Universe, including all of us, is moving into highly energized place in space that we haven’t been in before. This astronomical change affects the Sun as well.

The Sun is so important, says James Gilliland in several interviews for Awake and Empowered TV hosted by spiritual teacher Ethann Fox. And people do not often realize, the sun is conscious. The rays of light coming to Earth actually carry with them consciousness and energy, and not just light. And the information is transferred through other dimensions. It affects our genetics through constant gamma emission radiation coming from the Sun. It affects our DNA and most of these affects are vibrational upgrades of different strands of DNA, known so far as “Junk DNA”.

If one strand gets activated we are going to open ourselves up to telepathy. Another strand will activate direct knowing. Another one will activate the ability to regenerate itself. Yet another, to move forward and back in time, developing bio-locating skills. As impossible as it may sound for some, these abilities are being recognized by many around the world, and will be coming out more during the next years.

These powerful energies activate all that was dormant before. As we bring our higher consciousness energy into our body and hold it as who we are now, we activate that which used to float around outside of our energy field. As we allow all "lack of purity and love" as it emerges, love will fill our cells and replace those old illusory beliefs once held inside. As we honor the energetic release by way of an emotion or thought, our body holds more light. As we sleep, integration occurs. As we choose, we change our own reality. As we commit, we shift the energy. As we focus our energy and stop wasting, dreams start to materialize in our physical experience.   

As we break through those old barriers we held in place, as we go deep inside and find the inspiration, the desire, the knowing we already hold, as we cut out distractions of the old, as we invest in “me”/my journey/my purposes and missions here, as we love our body and ourselves... our entire physical reality starts to change. Planetary Liberation happens when we choose to liberate ourselves from inside out as we do not resist the process.

We become this change built on the foundation of Unity Consciousness from where all infinite possibilities for us become available.


Writing inspired by knowledge and information brought to light by interviews held by Ethann Fox from Awake and Empowered Expo TV and Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

About The Author - Aga Sierzputowska

Aga serves as a writer for Awake And Empowered Magazine. Aga is a Research Girl, in love with learning and alternative knowledge; a Wisdom Seeker who’s involved in studying some extraordinary things from pretty amazing people. She has a strong opposition to any kind of intellectual conformity.

She is also a Quantum Leap Life & Wellness Coach as well as a Quantum Personal Stylist for Body and Soul. But most Importantly, Aga is an Investigative Journalist passionate about sharing information that would serve others.

Writer for the Awake And Empowered Expo and Quantum Leap Journey

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