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The Purpose of Sacred Sites in the 21st Century

The Purpose of Sacred Sites in the 21st Century

Sacred sites have been around for thousands of years and there are many theories as to what they were used for around the time of their construction. However, could these sacred sites such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza serve a purpose for us in present day? In an interview for AAE TV, Freddy Silva talks about the second book he wrote called “The Divine Blueprint” which contains nearly 1,000 references that describe the various encounters people have with sacred sites. He raises the question of – What is the origin of sacred sites, and what makes them sacred? Freddy doesn’t limit his investigation of sacred sites to places of origin that date back thousands of years, but instead he includes recent crop circle formations in his research. His investigations of sacred sites are nothing short of thorough – as he makes use of scientific evidence, eye witness testimony from prominent sources, and pieces the whole puzzle together with the myths and legends of the local population.

Crop Circles

Some people don’t believe there is any mystery to the crop circle phenomenon. Others maintain the belief that all crop circles are made by two people holding a string and a board. However, Freddy woke up to a greater reality when he started noticing luminous objects above crop circle formations that he couldn’t ignore. He began to travel the world in search for answers with the belief that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear; and the teacher always did. Postal workers, policemen, military personnel, politicians, and 80 other eyewitness testimonies in Freddy’s book: “Secrets in the Field” claim to have seen crop circles being formed. In addition to these testimonies, Freddy’s book has over 400 images and diagrams to help explain this phenomenon. In many of these accounts the witnesses say they see tubes of light coming down from the clouds and that the crop formation would appear in under 15 seconds. In some cases the formation would appear the following day. He doesn’t end the discussion there, but instead he postulates that these formations could be created by sound, plasma or the manipulation of local gravitational fields.

“Some people think that crop circles are either hoaxes or that they are made by UFO’s, neither is actually the case – They are created by consciousness,” Freddy said.

Freddy dissects the crop formations’ sacred geometry, known meanings, hidden messages, and connections with ancient symbols. He believes the phenomenon works alongside human consciousness. He conducted many experiments where he would ask a mathematical question in his mind, and the answer would be revealed in the formation of a crop circle.


What makes a site sacred?

“Sacred space is where you come in contact with everything. The veiled world of the universe gets lifted.”

Freddy mentions that there are certain spots on the Earth that feel different. The environment feels different, your state of perception feels more developed and it might feel as though you’ve come into contact with another level of reality. Scientists Freddy has spoken with, say that beyond the measuring, and beyond the scientific evidence they found about the differences in the electromagnetic field, they say there is a palpable difference in how they feel when they step into and out of the sacred space.

“Part of the reason why we find temples in every culture of the world when we look at the myth, legend, traditions and what took place at these sites, it becomes pretty obvious that they are all looking for the same thing – a controlled out of body experience,” Freddy said.

He mentions that even the left-brained early mathematicians like Plato and Pythagoras had experiences in certain temples where they accessed another level of reality. These places were built with a purpose. They are astronomical markers because the stone circles do align with stars and constellations, but also there is a history of healing at these sites as well. However, the one thing that ties all of the theories about these sites together is the ability for people to go in and journey, and use the elements at the places to help them release their soul from their body and disengage from the material world for a certain amount of time (sometimes as long as 3 days). People like Isaac Newton or Leonardo Da Vinci, who both belonged to secret societies, went on similar journeys. He says that they had accessed certain areas of their brain, certain levels of consciousness, in order to put themselves into a situation where they could receive information from a bigger library of information.


How do the Sacred Sites affect us in the present day?

The boundary between belief and science fiction is slowly disappearing as we learn more about the Sacred Sites and their possible links to the higher levels of consciousness, to aid us in our awakening as a whole planet. We do not have all the answers yet, but people are going to sacred sites (Freddy suggests there is a 5,000% increase in people attending sacred sites) because we are awakening to the realization that there is something missing in our understanding of the world we live in. Why can we not replicate the same sacred sites that were made thousands of years ago? How can we dismiss nearly 100 known eyewitness testimonies of the formation of crop circles? Why is there so little knowledge and understanding of sacred sites, and why is the scientific evidence dismissed so readily? There is undoubtedly a misunderstanding of how the world really works, and the way to bridge this gap is not necessarily a stepping stone of finite proportions, but could be more like a giant leap – A paradigm shift.



About The Author - Brendan Hill

Brendan discovered his life’s mission as a result of leaving behind what most people think they want out of life. Brendan married into a loving family of 3 doctors, and he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He had a sudden spiritual awakening not long ago that made his reality at that time seem much more lacking than luxurious. Through trial and tribulation, Brendan trusted his gut instincts and decided to pursue the road to true freedom: Authentic self-expression. He now has a new spiritual magazine out called Six Degrees of Transformation as a culmination of his life’s work.



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