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Harmonizing Environments with BioGeometry

Harmonizing Environments with BioGeometry

Modern Science Meets Ancient Knowledge

In 2003 in the Hemberg municipality in the region of Switzerland called Toggensburg, residents suddenly felt sick. They started to experience headaches and problems with sleep and concentration after a mobile phone antenna was installed on the tower of the church. The local government agencies and the telecom provider wanted to find a way to keep the tower, but return the health to the residents. What many thought of as an impossible task was just another successful project for Dr. Ibrahim Karim, whose field of BioGeometry was able to help the people of Hemberg. Based on ancient knowledge, BioGeometry has the ability to open the healing channels to protect anyone from electromagnetic pollution, amplify positive energetic spots on the planet, facilitate complete wellbeing, and aid in self-healing techniques.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Creator of BioGeometry

Dr. Karim started his education in traditional establishments. Following his father’s career as an architect, he studied at F.I.T. Zurich, Switzerland, and later specialized in Tourist Planning. After he submerged himself into a career as a consultant for the Egyptian government in the fields of urban health, scientific research, and tourism, he became fascinated with the history of Ancient Egypt and dove deeper into searching for ancient knowledge. After combining his research of energy, modern physics, and studies of harmonics and perception, with his knowledge in the fields of architecture, geobiology, and building biology, a new field of science was born called BioGeometry.

What is BioGeometry?

"BioGeometry is the designing language of shape [that] brings harmony and balance into the subtle energy of the environments," explained Dr. Karim in a video interview with Ethann Fox on Awake and Empowered TV (available to view at the end of the article).

One of the ways BioGeometry can be used is to create symbols that amplify energy already existing and then radiating it to solve a problem such as EMF radiation effects in Hemberg.

Amplifying existing energy is not new. Symbols have been used since the ancient world to increase the spiritual energy. Two of such symbols are the shapes of a pyramid and a dome, used often in architecture.

This explains the location of many sacred sites on the planet. Ancient civilizations built these structures on already sacred spots to protect the special energy that they have, and emit it to harmonize all surrounding areas.

Dr. Karim analyzed these sacred spots and their use of design to gather and emit this energy, and created BioGeometry with this knowledge.

“I created the science of biogeometry in order to create the design language that reproduces the energy quality of sacred power spots,” said Dr. Karim.

Ancient Knowledge of Energy

“Ancient Greeks were the cradle of the western civilization and the western science as we know it today,” said Dr. Karim., “The core of being of the western civilization is hidden somewhere deep in the secrets of the ancient sciences of Egypt.”

In his research, Dr. Karim was looking for the roots of the Western civilization. He specifically wanted to know how people lived and where they acquired their knowledge.

A huge part of this knowledge came from Pythagoras. Known as the father of mathematics, Pythagoras studied in the temples of Egypt for 22 years and was initiated in the secret sciences, being shown the wisdom of the powers of nature and the energy of the universe.  He had to, however, swear to keep this information secret. So when he came back to Greece, he only passed down one side of this knowledge, the side of the science that we know of today as mathematics and philosophy. But studying his work, we can clearly see that hidden on the other side of these sciences are what we call esoteric sciences, spirituality or energy work.

As Dr. Karim explains in the interview, if we go deep enough into our modern science, we end up at the other side of it: the secret sciences of Egypt and the sciences of energy. There is no separation between science and spirituality, he says, they both come from the same source, and they need each other to solve real day-to-day problems.

“All of the things [that you call spiritual abilities] become even more scientific than what you know as mainstream science,” said Dr. Karim.

Numerous Applications of BioGeometry

Dr. Karim believes that society only has the need for sciences that can be used in everyday life and help humanity in positive ways. BioGeometry is one such a field.

“With biogeometry you can solve every day problems that you cannot solve with mainstream science,” said Dr. Karim.

Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Hemberg, Switzerland

One of the new pollutants of today’s world is electromagnetic radiation that comes from our wireless technology, Internet and cell phones. BioGeometry can harmonize these frequencies, so that they no longer have a negative effect on humans.

“We need…a new science that can actually bring harmonizing energy quality into electromagnetic radiation…The harmonizing quality of this science is in a way spiritual energy,” said Dr. Karim.

When people of Hemberg felt negative health effects of a newly installed cell tower, Dr. Karim installed special geometrical shapes on the antenna itself and on the houses of the people. Just a week later, the residents reported that their health problems had gone away, and also the wild life, the birds and the bats came back.

Further reports on BioGeometry solving mobile radiation problems in Hemberg is available at

Dr. Karim says that this solution is possible and is needed all around the globe, especially big cities most affected by EMFs.

Animal Farming Solutions: No Chemicals Needed

One example of successfully using BioGeometry in animal farming comes from Egypt. Professor Dr. Ahmed Hussein of Ain Shams University conducted a research project on raising chickens without the use of any chemicals. The technique he used was color placement. Chickens raised with BioGeometry were healthier and weighed more.

Another experiment was conducted in Quebec, Canada by Nutrinor, also on chickens for over a year, and the results were positive and  “very conclusive,” according to letter from Nutrinor.

In Holland a few projects have been conducted on the cow hoof disease. Most of the cows were healed by using the BioGeometry Energy Balancing CD (created using the theories of Harmonics).

Mental Problems Negated with BioGeometry

“It is possible through the design of the room to relieve the mind, to help depression…” said Dr. Karim.

Dr. Karim explains that everything in our environment affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually - all of these aspects are interconnected, because they use the same energy. Negative environments can worsen and sometimes create mental issues such as depression, autism symptoms, and even epilepsy. Using BioGeometry, centers for children who have “special abilities” were created, and when inside the building the children felt calm, and happier, with their symptoms alleviated. One of the most important aspects of the architecture of these centers is not building the 90 degree corners and angles that we see in almost all of our architecture. Dr. Karim says that these angles cause pressure on the brain, and therefore increasing mental problems.

Research has also been done on applying BioGeometry to farming, creating building materials that guard against chemical and radioactive pollution, reducing the thermal effect of cell phones on skin,  and lessening stress of a person who is inside a car or a plane. BioGeometry has also showed potential in helping with diseases, such as hepatitis C. All of the research is available at

Dr. Karim’s website also includes a store with protective products for you and your home that are created using BioGeometry.

"Everything is energy...There is nothing but energy...Your thoughts are energy; "One day we can have a future civilization that uses the every aspect of our lives..”" -- inspiring words from Dr. Karim who has been working with BioGeometry for 45 years.

Listen to Dr. Karim share more about his story and research in the interview below:




Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

About The Author - Yelena Sukhoterina

Yelena serves as a writer and public relations associate for Flower of Life Center. Her journalism background, coupled with a passion for creating global change, allows her to write editorials and blog posts on a variety of cutting edge topics related to health, spirituality and higher consciousness.  She also develops press releases, web content and promotional pieces for the organization. 

She has joined the team by following her heart, which led her to a spiritual awakening soon after graduating college. She has been fascinated by astrology, crystal healing, metaphysics, numerology, Tarot readings and new age philosophies since her pre-teens, and at 24 years old, a sequence of events and a new beliefs all came together to open a new path for her. Yelena hopes to inspire others to find their way to happiness, loving conscious relationships, and feeling more connected to the universe.

Yelena sees life as a grand and beautiful journey where every meeting, every lesson, every human experience is a gift for which she is grateful. She believes the human kind to be moving slowly but surely in a direction towards a world where everyone works together to build a better future for all of us.

In her free time, Yelena makes necklaces out of paper beads and crystals for her Etsy store Creative Road Jewelry, cooks all-organic meals, and thinks of ways to make life more fulfilling for her and those around her. Yelena has a B.S. in Journalism from Wayne State University.

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