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The March 2016 Solar Eclipse

The March 2016 Solar Eclipse

A Quantum Leap into Self-Healing

On March 8-9, 2016, a total solar eclipse will will trigger  the biggest raise in consciousness in human history and set in motion the quantum leap toward unity and 5th dimensional consciousness.

On both collective and individual levels, this solar alignment will allow us to reestablish our connection to Earth as one consciousness, to recognize more of our true selves, and will facilitate our healing.

The Sun and Ascension Codes

Our sun is akin to a large storage unit of light coded information that activates ascension codes within our DNA, during these solar alignments. Ascension codes allow us to access more information within ourselves and tap into our multi-dimensional nature. This expanded access to information is the basis for healing, and structural changes within the body, through the reconnection to the earth’s crystalline core.

As ascension codes within the earth and human structure are activated, humanity’s connection with Gaia’s crystalline core is recognized by the collective. When this occurs, 3rd dimensional aspects of disease and energetic density can no longer exist within the structure.  Each of us possesses a sacred geometric energetic pattern that is held within our energy field. These sacred geometric patterns exist within the fabric of the universe and can be seen through the science of cymatics and water memory as a product of vibration through sound and conscious intent.  When these sacred geometric patterns vibrate harmoniously with the geometric pattern of earth, the reconnection to the core reaches its full potential.

Solar Opportunity to Adapt These Energies

In order to adapt the structure to the incoming energies in the best way possible, it is important to understand three key elements of this eclipse.

Firstly, it is crucial to recognize the solar eclipse as an opportunity to receive information through expanded versions of ourselves and heal.  The planet has been resonating at a 3rd-4th dimensional transient space, so the collective’s ability to receive information has been lower than that of higher dimensional realities. As a result, the sun is needed to magnetize our ascension. 

The sun can be thought of as a mirror that magnetizes our own expansion and radiates that expansion back to us as the collective chooses to raise its consciousness. In other words, the sun is giving back to us our own information in an expanded fashion so we can use it to our benefit. 

Through this expansion, people become aware of new perspectives about how to heal certain situations in their lives, and can choose to create those timelines of experience by focusing their attention on the solution. By shifting our attention to the solution, we learn to accept ourselves for who we truly are, and create our reality from a perspective of love and joy. When we do this, we heal those situations in our lives that are held within the structure as disharmonious sacred geometric patterns.

Secondly, spending time outside in the sun expands the DNA and causes the sacred geometric patterns within the body to become harmonious. Thirdly, the emotional body is integrated and aligned by solar energies. During this transitional period, the emotional body plays an important role in the timelines of experience we manifest based on the vibration that is held there. If the emotional body is aligned, we create our reality based on joy, which is the basis for healing.

Manifestation of Healing

The March eclipse is the beginning of humanity’s transition from an individual to more of a collective focus in terms of how we understand and use the structure to heal. Currently, we recognize and heal experiences in our life in a singular manner, whether the experience be from a past life or this incarnation. Imprints from different experiences are contained within the body as separate. Furthermore, these energies may manifest as different physical illnesses. 

When someone receives a healing session, these imprints or illnesses are recognized as separate and are released on an individual basis. For instance, if someone comes to a healer with a rash and a headache, the rash might be healed in the first session and the headache in the second. Moreover, the conscious attention of the person determines the effectiveness of the session. Often times, energetic purging can manifest as physical discomfort. However, this discomfort and purging is actually a sign of healing.

If an individual places his or her attention on the body already being healed as a whole, rather than focusing on the area with one specific issue, the person will have a much better result.  This is because they are moving their attention from a 3D perspective of separation to a higher space of awareness where all parts of the structure can be integrated and healed holistically.

When the human structure becomes more crystalline, it allows the body to recognize the common energetic thread between past, present, and future imprints so that we can heal all of those imprints at once. This is because the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are all integrated as one. Connecting to the soul of earth intentionally during meditation can be used as a process in order to assist in this integration. This process allows the physical body to balance to the rising earth frequency by slowing a person’s frequency slightly and giving them access to universal light coded information.  

As we transition through the March alignment, the energetic and physical body will be resonating at a higher frequency. Humanity will be ascending to a higher level of dimensional consciousness, and as a result, its ability to receive expanded information will increase. This will allow us to use the light codes of the sun to heal more easily by giving us the opportunity to access parts of ourselves that we have ascended through.

The sun’s ability to provide nutrients and energy to the body is widely understood, and many healing practices have been used to absorb light from the sun directly into the body. However, the fact that we’ve been operating with a 3rd dimensional structure, has limited us from utilizing the sun’s full energetic potential. The density of the 3rd dimension has forced us to handle situations in our life in physically based ways. 

In previous alignments, the human consciousness had to manifest things in the physical in order to heal them. Once the structural changes are complete, humanity will have the opportunity to heal things without manifesting so much physical density.  When we harmonize and balance to the new earth frequency, humanity will hold more of a 4th dimensional access point to light information. This means that we will be able to heal things in our life in a more energetic manner. A 4th dimensional structure holds less energetic density than a 3rd dimensional one.

In addition, a higher dimensional energy field can hold positive energetic imprints within the body in order to manifest permanent healing changes. For example, something like an essential oil holds a certain healing vibration based on its energetic properties and when used, it helps our structure balance to a more harmonious vibration.

In the past, our structure could only hold that vibration for a limited amount of time depending on a person’s emotional state. The emotional body was not integrated with the rest of the structure and out of harmony with the earth, so it was unable to sustain a permanent high vibration. After the March transition, the emotional body will be better integrated, and tools such as essential oils can be used more effectively in tandem with an individual’s consciousness to self-heal.

Final Advice on the Solar Eclipse Experience

The details of the solar alignment and structural changes provide a basis of understanding about how we are embarking on one of the most significant transformations in human history so we can begin to assimilate this transition into the collective consciousness. However, what matters most is our ability to heal situations in our lives with the capacity for love and understanding through joy.

Often times, people believe they must learn a lesson about a particular situation in order to heal it, and distract themselves with the details, searching for the solution to the lesson they are supposed to learn. This narrows their perspective of possibility and prevents them from seeing the solution. All that is necessary is for each of us to accept ourselves for who we are without judgment. Even if we are feeling angry or sad, it is important to acknowledge those feelings as part of ourselves so we can release them. This allows us to become the neutral observer of our experiences and enter the synchronistic flow of life.

When we become the observer of our experience, the understanding of the lessons we are supposed to learn naturally unfold for us because we are stepping into who we truly are and have full access to the expanded versions of ourselves that the sun magnetizes to us. We become fully immersed in the now moment and notice the common energetic thread within situations in our lives that need to be healed. When we work on loving and healing ourselves on an individual level, it benefits the ascension of not only earth, but the entire universal collective.

Watch this episode of AAE tv with special guest Micheila Sheldan to learn more about the March Solar Alignment and it's influences:




Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

About The Author - Kevan Ryon

Kevan is an emotional and physical healer who is able to connect with his spirit guides and masters in order to facilitate the healing of others. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2, spirituality has been a driving force in his life that has allowed him to overcome many challenges and limitations.  Kevan became fascinated with metaphysics shortly after graduating college, which propelled him onto a path of self-healing and discovery. On a mission to learn how to heal himself and others, Kevan began studying various alternative healing modalities in search of the most effective method. He found however, that true healing does not come from a particular modality, but rather a connection to one’s own soul through joy.

Kevan is clairsentient and clairvoyant and serves as a conduit for his masters and guides who work through him to assist others in their healing process. Kevan’s healing sessions allow the body to reach a state of vibrational balance, so participants can become empowered to access their own healing tools within themselves through a unique connection to spirit. Using this technique, Kevan has seen improvement in his own physical and emotional health and has been able to facilitate the healing of others as well.

Kevan serves as a researcher and writer for Flower of Life Center and works to bring alternative health modalities to the mainstream. He believes that each modality has something unique to bring to the consciousness movement and that no modality is superior to another.  He continues to learn and grow his understanding of his own healing process so that he may become a better conduit and improve other’s spiritual connection.

Writer for the Awake And Empowered Expo


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