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The Quest for Unity

The Quest for Unity

The Essence of Separation and Polarity

The engine of consciousness that creates reality is meaning. When we assign meaning to a particular idea or theme, it gives rise to perspective. Perspective is important, because created through the emotional body, it gives the vibrational flavor to experience. Without perspective, physical reality is an empty shell of circumstance.

Each unique perspective imprints the collective tapestry with a myriad of higher and lower vibrational timelines and when sewn together, these timelines forge the collective experience.  Each perspective regardless of whether it is lower or higher vibrational, is beneficial for the expansion of both the earth and universal collectives. This is because the energy of experience is neutral. It is the meaning that we assign to experience that creates our vibratory perception of it.

The recognition of the neutrality of experience allows us to transcend the energy of separation and polarity, so we can become a more unified human consciousness.

Navigating Through Darkness

In order to reach this unity through neutrality we must first acknowledge, accept, and integrate both lower and higher vibrational aspects that exist within us. Often society teaches people to only focus on positive aspects of themselves and to suppress the negative emotions they feel. This suppression creates resistance and the resistance creates suffering.

People create this resistance when they judge themselves for their emotions. We move past the judgment when we realize that the shadows and darkness within us can be one of our greatest teachers that launches us toward ascension. Movement through the shadows allows for growth and expansion within the self. It triggers us to face our fears by realizing our own inner strength. Transcending fear through recognition of inner strength gives us a new sense of self-worth, as we emerge out of the darkness of the situation and into the light. 

This nonjudgmental perspective causes the doors of expansion to be blown wide open as we release resistance to the emotions within us and step into the synchronistic flow of neutrality. 

In the midst of a tough situation it can be difficult to view things from a neutral perspective. More often than not, a person must experience the gamut of human emotion in order to find the neutral balance point.

For example, someone might be in a difficult relationship where one person causes the other to feel unworthy. These feelings of unworthiness surface so that he or she can move through and transcend them. He or she will continue to attract feelings of increased unworthiness until the experience becomes intense enough to cause a shift in perspective. In other words, sometimes we must shadow ourselves in darkness so that we can rebuild ourselves in the light. The shadowing allows all the darkness to be exposed and in this exposure, we are able to let go of things that no longer serve us. In this letting go, the necessity of darkness as a means of expansion becomes clear.

Darkness gives one the opportunity to expand by allowing us to transcend it, and create with our energy however we choose. It is through the duality of experience that we have the chance to ascend based on how we choose to vibrate in each moment.

Furthermore, this teaches us that in any situation that we are only responsible for knowing the value of our own truth and bringing a higher perspective to any situation. If someone does not resonate with our truth, it simply means that their truth is serving them from a different vantage point of expansion based on their own soul’s evolution. The key here, is to understand that neither truth is right or wrong, and that each truth serves each soul from a place of neutral expansion.

Imagine that each of us represents a tree of truth in a vast forest. Each tree is unique in the way it grows and expands as its branches extend outward. Some branches may interact with one another while others may never interact at all, but the root system of the forest is interconnected and benefits all. We each have our own truths that may resonate with some, and not resonate with others at all, but each truth benefits universal expansion.

Paradigms of Separation   

Currently, the collective functions in a paradigm of separation on structural and societal levels. The cells within the body have the capacity to hold separate disharmonious patterns of energy within the body. These patterns are held as separate energetic imprints from various life experiences, and are responsible for disease. In essence, disease manifests because the body is not operating as a unified structure.

When the structure functions in a separate manner, it forces us to examine the concept of illness from a physically based standpoint. Thus, we manifest societal structures that attempt to heal the body by focusing on individual systems and organs. In turn, this manifests a healthcare system that treats separate illnesses with separate forms of medication for each condition. 

As we transcend the energy of separation and heal ourselves, the body functions in a more holistic manner. You can read more about structural changes occurring within the body as consciousness raises here.

Another example of the dualistic nature of separation in society is the dichotomy of masculine and feminine. Society tends to put masculine and feminine constructs in a box of narrowly defined extremes as a representation of gender. This definition has kept us from integrating and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. Ascribing to gender roles, limits our expansion and causes us to suppress our true nature. Stepping beyond them, gives us the opportunity to heal and reach a neutral state of awareness.

Masculine energy is characterized by structure, logic, and mental body oriented thinking, while feminine energy represents heart centered thinking, oneness and, a lack of structure. Rather than existing as extremes, male and female energies lie on a continuum, and each of us has varying degrees of masculine and feminine aspects.

Through the expression of our unique energy, we balance the collective and serve as the mirror for others to maintain balance within themselves. Masculine energy is heavily dominant in the structure of society and can be seen in the physical manifestations of wars, corporate structures and legal systems. Imbalanced male energy causes the mental body to become the primary operating system of creation which keeps people locked into a 3D mode of perception. This limited perspective blocks their awareness of how to heal certain situations in their lives, which perpetuates the theme of separation.

Harmonizing Masculine and Feminine Energies

However, as we transition into a unified consciousness people are more accepting of the fact that masculine and feminine energies lie on a continuum. Furthermore, as we approach unity, the mental body and heart become integrated as one. Heart centered female energy becomes the driving force of manifestation and the mental body operates as the observer of physical reality.

When the male and female energies are balanced, the higher-self comes online. With the activation of the higher-self, we become aware of our multidimensionality and are the observer of our timelines from a neutral vantage point. Integration with the higher-self allows people to realize that every timeline they create is tied to a collective energetic theme.  In essence we are healing planetary history through the lens of our own perspective.

As each of us heals the history or situations in our own lives, we in turn heal collective history. Read more about healing collective history in Micheila Sheldan’s article: “The March 2016 Solar Eclipse: The Cosmic Pen to Rewrite History.”

Recognition of this collective theme allows us to expand our perception beyond the physical density of situations in our lives by healing them in an energetic manner and letting go of our personal attachment to them. When we let go of attachment, we stop blaming ourselves for the 3D timelines we create, and as a result, transcend them by viewing them from a higher perspective. Through this expanded awareness, we are able to identify and release recycled patterns that we have been recreating through a lower vibrational limited perception.

The concept of neutrality enables us to understand the necessity of separation and polarity as a means of ascension. Lightworkers often look to the physical world around them for disclosure and manifestations of higher vibrational change, but are discouraged by the lower vibrational things happening around them.

When we turn inward and focus on our own truth, we begin to manifest change through the compassion we share with others. Disclosure and exposure of outer systems starts when we begin to recognize our multidimensionality.  Even though it may seem like the world is still spinning in darkness in certain respects, it is important to understand that the experience of darkness must be walked so we can let it go and see the light. It is analogous to moving a large rock and shining a light under it. When the rock is moved all the things under it are exposed. Darkness must be exposed in order for it to be healed. 

We were given the opportunity of free will to choose to create both lower and higher vibrational timelines. Both are a means of expansion that is neither positive nor negative, as the integration of all experience allows us to understand the totality of who we are.


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

About The Author - Kevan Ryon

Kevan is an emotional and physical healer who is able to connect with his spirit guides and masters in order to facilitate the healing of others. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2, spirituality has been a driving force in his life that has allowed him to overcome many challenges and limitations.  Kevan became fascinated with metaphysics shortly after graduating college, which propelled him onto a path of self-healing and discovery. On a mission to learn how to heal himself and others, Kevan began studying various alternative healing modalities in search of the most effective method. He found however, that true healing does not come from a particular modality, but rather a connection to one’s own soul through joy.

Kevan is clairsentient and clairvoyant and serves as a conduit for his masters and guides who work through him to assist others in their healing process. Kevan’s healing sessions allow the body to reach a state of vibrational balance, so participants can become empowered to access their own healing tools within themselves through a unique connection to spirit. Using this technique, Kevan has seen improvement in his own physical and emotional health and has been able to facilitate the healing of others as well.

Kevan serves as a researcher and writer for Flower of Life Center and works to bring alternative health modalities to the mainstream. He believes that each modality has something unique to bring to the consciousness movement and that no modality is superior to another.  He continues to learn and grow his understanding of his own healing process so that he may become a better conduit and improve other’s spiritual connection.

Writer for the Awake And Empowered Expo


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