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Rediscovering Your Inner YOU(TH)

Rediscovering Your Inner YOU(TH)

There are few things as vibrationally pure as a child's laughter. As the universe expresses itself through all of us individually, the role of children is to bring back the joy and the curiosity to life itself. Not only is laughing great for the soul, but it has also been proven to provide irreplaceable health benefits: mental and physical. As we get older, we unfortunately forget this -- we forget to laugh.

We are living in a fascinating time here on Earth, and we chose to be here for the coming experiences. We can begin to see on both personal and global levels, that multiple shifts and changes are happening, as well as endings and new beginnings. In between all these changes, there is a beautiful opportunity right now to rediscover your inner you(th).

What Children Can Teach Us about Life

Often when we see a small child our first reaction is to immediately smile. This is a reaction to the inner you(th) that is so naturally being transmitted. With so few filters and stories in place, a child beams forth their essence -- exploring the world around in awe and excitement.

Each new experience brings a sense of wonder to this being of youth. The laughter that flows from a child so freely is contagious to all that surrounds or hears it. A child laughs uncontrollably without stopping and the simplest of motions keep this vibration going.

Science-Proven Benefits of Laughter

When is the last time that you allowed yourself to laugh in such a way -- like children do? Laughter is scientifically proven to change brain chemistry. It has been long discovered through studies that the body does not know the difference between simulated and real laughter. Just one minute of stimulated laughter can make a real difference!

In fact, according to psychology professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University: “Forced laughter is a powerful, readily available and cost-free way for many adults to regularly boost their mood and psychological wellbeing."

The body will receive the same physiological and emotional benefits. It is further noted that eventually the simulated laughter will turn into real genuine laughter. This goes back to the saying “fake it until you make it.”

So what is really happening to the body when you are laughing? During a laughter experience your body is releasing endorphins, natural opiates that are more potent than equivalent amounts of morphine. Laughter helps to reduce pain, increase mood, and strengthen your immune system. It is further found that laughing helps the brain regulate the stress hormones: cortisol and epinephrine.

The Way Children and Adults Laugh Differ Greatly

It is reported that children can laugh more than 100 times a day -- some studies show that children laugh as often as 400 times a day! -- while grown ups laugh only 10 to 15 times. This is because adults use their cognitive ability to first comprehend humor and then laugh. This is called the mind-to-body model. It relies on the ability to understand what is funny and amusing.

Children often use the body-to-mind model. If you watch and observe children, you will find that they laugh most while playing. This laughter comes from the body and does not make use of any intellectual capacity of the brain.

We can reap the same benefits again as we did as young children. This memory is still within our cells and tissues of how to move, play, and laugh. It is allowing ourselves permission to be silly again without restriction or fear of judgment of self or others.

Some simple suggestions would be: allow yourself to dance and flow around the living room to your own beat with a smile on your face, blow bubbles and laugh as you pop them, go on the swings at the local park and laugh as you ascend into the air, have a gentle pillow fight with friends and family, and practice different laughs in front of the mirror or each other (Dracula, quiet/ medium/loud, sing your favorite song with laughter vs. the words). You can laugh anywhere you are: in the car, with friends, family, at work, in the store. You will find as you express yourself freely, others will join in.

Laughter Yoga for A Joyful Life

A wonderful resource is an experience called Laughter Yoga. Laughter yoga is a unique concept where anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor, jokes, or comedy. It is called Laughter Yoga because it combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing. It assists in rediscovering the body-to-mind connection. You can check out video sessions on you tube or search for a local Laughter Yoga club in your area at

Great transformations can occur from this technique. When individuals first arrive to a laughter yoga session, they can often appear apprehensive, display limited body movements to the exercises, and have a more nervous or forced laughter. By the end of the session, people are laughing hysterically coming from the body vs. the mind, moving freely all around the room, and allowing their authentic and child self to shine once again. People who tried laughter yoga reported feeling better, physically and emotionally, and it positively affected every area of their lives.

Through laughter and play we rediscover that inner you(th). The barriers and stories that we hold consciously and subconsciously begin to easily release. We are able to rediscover our passion and purpose for life again. This is an amazing time to reconnect to that presence within as we rebuild ourselves and the world around us for a new tomorrow.


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

About The Author - Rob Fournier


Rob Fournier is a spiritual healer, author, and speaker. He combines his unique skill set and background in occupational therapy and craniosacral therapy healing to assist individuals on their journey to oneness through a heart centered approach. Through this approach individuals are able to easily release what no longer serves their highest and greatest good allowing for transformation to occur.

Rob has had a personal life/death experience at birth, providing him to see beyond his potential and assisting others to feel their relationship of being the divine center/ truth. 

He uses laughter and play as a gateway of healing and connecting to our true source of happiness within. All healing, growth, and unity begins from within.

Through Rob’s book, “The Process: Soul’s Journey to Oneness”, he provides personal real life experiences and tools to assist you in feeling the vibration of love and how to develop awareness needed for transformation. Rob strongly believes in creating a community atmosphere, as we are all great teachers for each other. A beautiful quote that was divinely inspired during a meditation for him was, “Shine bright and unite. Create a community of lights.”

To learn more about laughter yoga and the healing powers of laughter you can check out "​Laugh Your Way to Enlightment!" and "Laughter Therapy: Discover How To Use Laughter And Humor for Healing..."


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