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Holding the Mirror to Planetary Change

Holding the Mirror to Planetary Change

How Honoring Yourself Heals the Earth

This is an excerpt from Micheila Sheldan's channeled writing. We are Source energy. But what does that mean? Our structures are one with the oceans, the animals, the earth. We want to heal all of these things. Yet, how many of us are guilty of negative self-talk when we look in the mirror? Honoring yourself has a profound effect on the consciousness of all things. We are those things, in beautiful physical form.

"Many of you believe that your structure only applies to the inner workings of your physical and energetic body. That there is a fine line between your auric field and the rest of the universe that keeps you separate. This belief is a program we wish to abolish from your structure and internal workings. As you have been created in the likeness of many and of your Mother Goddess, Earth, you hold within you connections to all of it. And this is where your belief systems have failed you. This belief that you are separate from the universe and the earth is holding you in resistance of what is the biggest and most important aspect of your existence. And you hold the capability to transcend this history you have created as a One.

The transcendence of this holds the capability to take you into fields of unknown territory. Communication with trees, plants and animals. Interaction with your cosmic families. And support from the unknown. But in addition to this, it holds a secret universal space in which all things are connected. Imagine for a moment having a bad day. And all of the sudden, the entire universe comes to support you and change your reality. This is the capability you have right now in this very moment. But your beliefs about yourself hold you in resistance of this beautiful intersection of energies through and of the self.

The structure is all things coming together in a singular energy. So if your singular energy is not focused in the highest intent, it will affect all things. This is how you have a part in your collective experience. When you are not in harmony with yourself, you are not in harmony with all things. When you look in the mirror and criticize yourself, at the cellular level you are creating patterns that affect all things. Do you see the responsibility you have to honor yourself? Honoring yourself is Source energy at its highest peak. And all things accept the vibration you offer in harmony."

-The Council of Light

About The Author - Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan serves as Executive Director of Flower of Life Center. In this capacity, she works closely with members and committees to evolve consciousness through many vehicles that promote positive growth and change. Micheila was drawn to Flower of Life as a member on a quest for resources and support from like-minded individuals. A mother of two, she became increasingly concerned about her children’s health in regard to toxins in our food, air, water and soil. This concern fuelled her research into issues such as GMO foods, water fluoridation, chem trails and equally harmful practices. At the same time, she became passionate about holistic health and well being as a result of overcoming chronic pain in her own life through a combination of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and Eastern medicine philosophies. Inspired by Flower of Life’s mission and goals and their similarity to her own, Micheila decided to volunteer her time to support the organization, eventually evolving into the executive director position.

Micheila’s personal background and beliefs, coupled with her professional and volunteer experience allows her to fulfill many roles within Flower of Life. She is currently marketing director for the group’s national conference, Awake and Empowered Expo, and takes an active role in Conscious Action, its activist arm. Micheila is an avid writer whose experience includes marketing, event planning, public relations, fundraising and sales, with specialized expertise in the environmental field.

Micheila is a psychic intuitive and channel who is able to connect with her Spirit Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, as well as those of others.  Micheila is primarily clairaudient and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul's path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results.  Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of beings, including extraterrestrials, and answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future.

Intuitive Channel:
Executive Director for Flower of Life &
the Awake And Empowered Expo,

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