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De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 1

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 1

As the consciousness of an evolving soul finally arrives at a human birth, a unique opportunity is presented to itself; the Consciousness of Man is attained, and with that consciousness comes a corresponding physiology which permits a highly sophisticated range of expressions that hasn't been in its disposal before. More often, souls are recycled into the system. They get repeated opportunities to improve themselves by accreting experiences which encourage self-awareness and service to others. Although Man is brought up in an environment which fosters a broader array of intellectual and creative abilities, he is still subjected to the laws of Karma, which determine his progression on the scale of evolution. The soul desires to move forward, to reach the infinite and reside within the cosmic personality, but its fresh chance to embody the macrocosm within his finite form is stumped by a flawed societal framework, which corrupts his perspective and distracts his attention towards his materialized construct during his most crucial years of self development.

Questions arise as to whether individually we are evolving under the current societal framework. If there is a process of evolution, one can assume there’s an opposite and equal process of devolution; a state wherein the mental and physical faculties of the soul are not developed or are overly neglected. Therefore, the mind and body are not equipped or trained enough to perform certain tasks or abilities we are born with. In devolution, one's mind, body and soul would consequently degenerate because they’re not constantly being exercised to their fullest potential. If that is indeed the case, then defining for ourselves a state and process of devolution could potentially give us a clearer outlook as to the steps we may still have to take in order to achieve and maintain a level of progression necessary for the liberation of the soul.

In its human experience, the soul arrives at a stage of development where it must exercise its free will wakefully in order to earn its next stage of evolution. The human experience is considered an important stage of development for the soul, whereby the identity of the soul is challenged within a mental framework of separateness. Man experiences himself separate from his environment, so he continues to operate from that point of view when generating all of his experiences, until challenged to think otherwise. On his path, Man finds himself in the crossroad of making a decisive choice; one of which some graduate successfully from through the fostering and adherence to a good-willed nature, while others are deceived and manipulated into a mentality of wrongdoing. 

Inflicting negativity on oneself and on others keeps Man in a state of disharmony. While a good-willed person enjoys intellectual and creative progress, the disharmonious person stagnates and loses himself in bigotry and jealousy. Any sentient being in its environment receives exactly what it sends out into the universe, whether it be good or bad. A good-willed soul may seem likely to evolve forward, but because most of his wrongdoing brethren don’t, society as a whole is unable to move forward until the majority of the system is positively oriented. This is due to polarity. If a majority of society is negative, then the overall system leans more towards a negative polarity, and vice versa. 


The Cause of Man’s Fall

The fall of Man is largely due to the temptations of the flesh. Man is conditioned within society to identify himself with subjects and objects that stimulate his 5 senses. 

The 5 senses were originally given to Man in order to navigate the holographic terrain of frozen thought - the virtual reality that had been created within this universal construct. However, in his upbringing he had been mentally fostered to identify strongly with these signals and has chosen to overindulge himself in basic urges. His willingness to indulge in these signals has over time numbed his capacity to control these basic urges, ultimately allowing the sensations to control him. In his weakened state, an unsatisfied urge leaves Man in an unsettling and uneasy feeling. His fragile state lowers his resiliency to negativity, and therefore sensations overpower him and urge him to pursue some form of self-satisfaction. Due to his personal attachment to his unsettling bodily sensations, Man competes with others to liberate himself and turns a blind eye to the suffering he trails behind him. 

Like a trail of breadcrumbs, Man’s wounded peers - witness to this attitude inflicted on them - choose in their weakened state to take his behavior personally. This pattern and behavior is ultimately repeated and spread across households and communities. And because one person cannot control his urges, an entire societal framework degenerates. However, When his basic urges are met, Man finally feels able to relax and appreciate the transient moment, until his cravings return and urge him to follow predictable patterns which only bring him relief in the shortest amount of time. 

This attitude disconnects Man from his environment, since his growing addiction to sensory stimuli had developed in him a restlessness that is unquenchable and interferes with his capacity to tune in, listen and be present. No matter how much fleshy pleasures he pursued, he kept on pursuing them in his want for comfort and self entertainment, meanwhile ignoring the suffering others were undergoing in respect to his mindless choices and actions. 


Man de-evolved from his pure state of Harmony with his Environment 

Man was brought up by parents who do not exercise scientific techniques of God-contact and thus he is brought up into the world with an incomplete understanding of his true nature. He erroneously picked up an attitude and behavior from his environment which disregards the welfare of his external manifestation and the recognition of its sentient nature. Thus he disconnected himself from his boundless identity impregnated in the ocean of atomic energies dancing all around him. 

The core of his problem is his inability to identify within himself symptoms which indicate his state of disconnection; that is why he remains out of harmony in many aspects of life. His hidden issue is that he doesn’t have a clue as to how a connection is made, preserved and maintained, which makes reason to suggest that he would be clueless as to the existence of a “disconnection”, even as he is experiencing it.

Man has forgotten that his environment constantly communicates to him his state of wellbeing, such as the quality of his thoughts and amplitude of his emotions. Man’s thoughts are represented externally in the arrangement of scenery and scenarios, while his emotions are represented by the rate and nature of his thoughts. At times the environment can be turbulent and other times calm, but Man doesn’t draw a correlation between his internal sensations and external phenomena. Man’s abuse -- and lack of being able to interpret -- his senses numbs him cognitively to the magnitude of precision the environment presents to him the quality of his wellbeing. Instead, Man operates restlessly and decides to mechanically submit the environment to his will, rather than to find content and peace within and develop a relationship with his environment. 

(This is the end of part 1 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 2 and part 3). 

About The Author - Joel Jacobson


Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitioner who acquired wisdom and experience on the nature of reality through Astral Projections, as well as his practice and video documentation of the existence of The Universal Connection and the Side-Effects it produces. He has been self mastering himself in the art of Nutrition for the last 4 years, and now offers cutting edge introductory courses in Comprehending Physiology and Universal Phenomena. Your evolution is his priority. 


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