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De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 2

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 2

(This is part 2 of this work. If you haven't read part 1, you can do so here).


De-evolved Man hasn’t arrived coincidentally at his current stage of evolution, but rather has been dumbed down to it. 

Every soul has the urge to conform and to be part of the environment he grows up in. If the conditions are right, his upbringing involves the development of morals and spiritual values. Consequently, his most pronounced range of associative thoughts leads Man to consistently do good and safeguard the harmony between himself and others (people, plants, animals and intangible intelligences). Such an individualized-spirit (soul) sees creation as an opportunity to be in harmony with everything, to transition through scenic collages of life-events with ease, and to feel joy in riding such a wave. At the same time, the experiences he is having involve a corresponding environment that feels easy and joyful.

On the other hand, if Man has gotten false impressions from his environment and has incorporated within himself criminal thought patterns, he births universes of experiences that reflect his uncaring and untrusting perspective towards his environment. He chooses to do wrong out of compulsion to savor the internal sensations that come from self-gratifying revenges. He chooses to get back at another or at a system out of a deeply etched trauma (the source of his unsettling sensations), to blame others for his misfortune in order to justify himself and feel good, even if only for a fleeting moment. 

Man de-evolves to a savaged mentality when he chooses to rip off people and collude against his environment. In thinking so; his thoughts gush out an analogous sequence of decisive actions, which the environment dislikes and chooses to cut Man off from further communication. Thus, Man is disconnected from the wealth of revitalizing energies commonly shared across sentient species in multicellular ecosystems. Such an individualized-spirit, who is burnt from relationships and is holding tightly to his grudges, is oblivious to being the impetus to the recurring unsettling experiences. Therefore, he blames the others and assumes no responsibility for the turmoil he undergoes. 

Alas! Individualized-spirit is fortunate, for any experience of disharmony drives him crazier and closer to the apex of a healing crisis. Nature will not tolerate ongoing disharmony, especially the kind that propagates suffering in others, so nature repeatedly “warns” Man of his destructive tendencies in the hopes that Man awakens from his moral slumber and begins to meditate upon the inherent faults in his personality. 

Man is said to experience a second birth in his human experience, the kind of birth that instills in him an everlasting joy of wakefulness. He has had enough of the mindless habits of treating others unfairly and unfriendly, and so he recognizes the benefits of a long-term investment in goodwilling actions, as well as its eventual return as pleasant shared-moments and a growing relationship with others. Man awakes to the immortality of his soul, not concerned for the fleshy representation of his image, but for the momentous excitement in deepening his relationships with family, friends and community.

Evolved Man no longer uses his power of discrimination to create disharmony within the system. Instead, Man cultivates through introspective meditation a skill set that enables him to differentiate between wrongdoing actions and their obvious repercussions, and doing good in order to inspire evolution in others. Service is important for a liberated soul, who now follows wakefully any urge to encourage others day-by-day - those who may still reside in the disconnected mentality, and who do not see the benefit of bettering their own life-condition as a primary impetus to bettering their reflective environment. 


Man’s Path of Bettering Himself Daily

As no one can give truth to Man verbally, Man has to find out for himself. Knowledge handed down verbally can only suggest a possibility, otherwise it is nothing more than dogma. It is up to each and everyone to put the knowledge to the test, which allows Man to validate it and integrate it as wisdom. Initially Man awakens to the complexity of spirituality, with its many obscuring and distracting manmade perceptions (for example, religion). He is bound to be drawn to find a leveled plain from which he can dip his feet into the lake of omnipresence and the side-effects of the Universal Connection, and still enjoy some of his habits and past comforts. Slowly but surely, Man recognizes that choosing to do good initiates a cascade of opportunities to follow up with more goodwilling deeds. 

Unfortunately, non-awakened souls are unaware of their true connection with the external environment, even on the level of producing noteworthy cooperation of atomic aerodynamic densities; such as in the case of Aerokinesis, wherein the wind currents increase and decrease in symmetrical correspondence to internal self-controls. To stumble across another person presenting such “Truth” is an intense awakening experience, and the first thing de-evolved Man wishes is that same level of “control.” Man immediately assumes that a talent, skill or an ability can be “magically” bestowed upon his underdeveloped and undisciplined mind. This mentality keeps Man imprisoned in the fleeting fantasies of wishful thinking. In reality, one has to EARN a connection and the access to paranormal environmental phenomena.


(This is the end of part 2 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 1 and part 3).

About The Author - Joel Jacobson


Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitioner who acquired wisdom and experience on the nature of reality through Astral Projections, as well as his practice and video documentation of the existence of The Universal Connection and the Side-Effects it produces. He has been self mastering himself in the art of Nutrition for the last 4 years, and now offers cutting edge introductory courses in Comprehending Physiology and Universal Phenomena. Your evolution is his priority. 


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