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De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 3

De-Evolved Man and the Path of Self Mastery - Pt 3

(This is the last part of this work. Please read part 1 and part 2 first).


The Path to Self Mastery

Chances are that de-evolved Man will gain experiences which only support his belief in the state of development he has attained. Though, due to the complexity of our world, de-evolved Man will always encounter another who propagates demonstrable proof to reveal to Man the potentiality of the soul. 

As it is nowadays, Man is indoctrinated into a programmed belief system, wherein he is taught “what” to think rather than “how” to think. It is of course necessary for a child to be taught certain things he must know in order to function properly in society. However, at a certain age, when the Ego personality is fully developed, the child requires insightful wisdom as to how to self-care for himself in the absence of an external guiding force. Man is not taught in our public educational systems a masterful level of knowledge and wisdom about his anatomy and physiology (whether physically or energetically). Due to his inferior level of education, Man does not possess sufficient knowledge, and in particular wisdom, in order to maintain his physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health past the age of 100. Considering the age of endlessness, good health at 100 years old shows that a person has a considerable taste for life and self-maintenance to have EARNED it.

When Man awakens and has a proper platform to nurture his developmental stage, he is able to integrate profound spiritual knowledge into applicable wisdom. Such a platform must take into account a most profound observation: your skills improve more when you study and train with more-skilled peers. A study published in ScienceDaily in 2011, titled “Preschoolers' language skills improve more when they're placed with more-skilled peers” may serve as a foundation for such a belief. 


The Potential of a School for Self Mastery 

For a consciousness in a developmental phase of awakening, a “school of thought” can shape the ranges of its baseline experiences. A person who has developed a skill as an engine mechanic or a guitarist would only be able to operate from the level of mastery he has achieved. Thus he offers services and experience only in the field and on the level of authority he possess - that being his baseline. A school for Self Mastery would provide a resource for a skillful person to gradually expand his range of skills. Such an environment would provide him with the support necessary in his crucial stage of awakening, so he may be able to surround himself with like-minded people devoted to bettering themselves. A school which develops him in such a manner, also provides him with a new baseline experience, which includes knowledge on Physiology, Energy mechanics and how to Engineer Reality, so he may be able to perform tasks from an evolved perspective of self and his relationship with the universe. Man must undergo self-evolution in order to evolve his surroundings, and to do that; he must study truth and wisdom devotionally to integrate it and propagate it authentically. 

This kind of school will focus on you first developing your soul, as a prerequisite in order to develop an earned skill; that of which permits the conscious Man to use his mind and comprehend his body, so he may be able to work with his environment on a co-creator level. It recognizes the benefit in preparing a soul in an adequate way, with its mind and body clear of clutter, and a benevolent world-view to aid you in improving your co-creative efforts in bringing love and relief to others everywhere. One such school is Evolved Ministry, which is an online Self Mastery University platform, and you can learn more about what it offers on their website


Closing Notes

The notion that Man’s mental and physical faculties can degenerate, de-evolve, isn’t entirely foreign, but rather widespread across the western horizon. Although many of us have been raised and indoctrinated into a “civilized” and “sedentary” existence within our manifested terrain of frozen thought, we are certainly not limited from pursuing the path of Self Mastery - of bettering ourselves in the most personal and deepest ways that we can meet ourselves at. We know ourselves better than anyone else does. 

What drives you forward? What pace of learning does it take for you to integrate new wisdom and habits into your life? How far are you willing to go to raise your consciousness and to know yourself inside and out? 

There are many reasons to suggest that people are residing in a balance between evolving and degenerating. We may certainly be learning our lessons everyday, sometimes "getting it" and sometimes not being able to evolve past the limitations of the box that contains us. Though, when the urge is strong enough and our day is filled with activities that stimulate understanding of ourselves on multiple levels, then possibly our push forward to evolve outweighs the pull backward to degenerate. Consequently, we unfold our consciousness in a linear progression while keeping our feet on the ground until we’ve built enough inner momentum to soar into the air and defy gravity. 

Although the majority of us are not equipped with a supportive environment, as our parents do not pursue evolution of the soul through Self Mastery, nor does our public educational facilities and communities (to some degree of course), we can rest assure that the age of technology is allowing us a new portal into the realm of enriching our souls and bettering our knowledge. The path to mastering yourself will always demand knowing yourself inside and out, so you can improve your performance and be the catalyst to inspiring evolution in others.

When you awake in the morning, you aren’t straight away “awake”, unless you have chosen wakefully to be an Awakened Soul. Practice daily, Awake!

Evolution is for Everyone.


(This is part 3 out of 3 parts of this work. Read part 1 and part 2).

About The Author - Joel Jacobson


Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitioner who acquired wisdom and experience on the nature of reality through Astral Projections, as well as his practice and video documentation of the existence of The Universal Connection and the Side-Effects it produces. He has been self mastering himself in the art of Nutrition for the last 4 years, and now offers cutting edge introductory courses in Comprehending Physiology and Universal Phenomena. Your evolution is his priority. 


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