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How Can I Understand 5D Reality in a 3D World?

How Can I Understand 5D Reality in a 3D World?

This article is in response to a comment on one of our Facebook pages asking about how a person can understand and apply 5D knowledge in what is still a 3D reality. 


The challenge with attempting to describe the 5th dimension, is that you cannot authentically do so, while existing in the 3rd Dimension, and using a 3rd dimensional vantage point. It would be like explaining to a fish that swims in the oceans, what it would be like to travel in outer space, while being a fish yourself. The laws that govern the reality in which the fish lives, limit it from possessing the language or understanding, to be able to conceive of the reality of living in space.

In a 5th Dimensional reality, there will not be language, speaking, writing, or time, to name a few things that we rely on at present in order to conceive of our 3rd Dimensional reality. Written language will transition to instantaneous telepathic understanding. Manifestation will be instantaneous, there will not be energetic or karmic blocks as we think of them today.

It would be much easier to describe the 4th Dimensional reality as it is much closer to where we are now, and the reality through which we will temporarily transition as we move to the 5th.

The 4th Dimensional Reality 

The 4th Dimensional reality is already becoming apparent in the world now, and will continue to come into being in your lifetime.

In this reality, we will learn to manifest more quickly than in the 3rd. You can already see this now as it is being expressed through technological means through 3D Printing of cars, houses, and even food.

Health will not longer be a limitation as we will be able to regenerate organs both through technological means, and through spiritual practices. Food will become less of a necessity as our bodies will become lighter and not require the density of food.

We will not have a need to exchange money, but on the way there, taxes and the unjust legal structures will be eliminated.

More individuals will become aware of, and will awaken to their spiritual gifts and people will follow their life missions rather than spending their lives doing things that are not in alignment with their authentic selves.

The education system will change and become more empowering toward children. Writing will begin the transition toward eventual disuse as our ability to communicate ideas will become multidimensional or telepathic.

These are just a few thoughts of how the transition through the 4th Dimension on the way toward the 5th Dimension will look. Much of the beginning stages of these transitions are already underway.

Once we are more immersed in a 4th Dimensional reality, it will be much easier to conceive of and describe the 5th Dimension. At the moment, we are all limited by our 3 Dimensional physical existence and way of perception. Any attempt to describe the 5th Dimension from here, will be inaccurate.

That being said, the 4th Dimension brings with it, many wonderful things and a reality that many of us have wished and hoped for our reality.

About The Author - Ethann Fox


Using new world tools and spiritual teachings, Ethann Fox assists people around the globe in their awakening to higher consciousness and living a happy, fulfilled life. Ethann has a distinct gift for helping Lightworkers uncover their soul's purpose and piloting highly consciousness organizations and events that are the impetus for our transition to a new world consciousness. 

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