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Raising Human Consciousness with Energy Transfers

Raising Human Consciousness with Energy Transfers

As humanity is evolving, many people are waking up to their spiritual gifts and missions on this Earth. People are able to tap into the universal energy that is accessible to everyone, but everyone uses it in a unique way. Ethann Fox, the creator of the Flower of Life Center and the Awake and Empowered Expo, always had a gift with energy, but it took years and a series of unmistakable events for him to realize his true purpose on Earth: to raise the consciousness of others through a process called an Energy Transfer. An Energy Transfer removes negative karma or dense energy from participants, while providing positive energy to take its place. In this channeling with Micheila Sheldan, it was asked which Collective facilitates the Energy Transfer process and what exactly happens during it. All information came from Jeremiah.

“Which Collective Consciousness is working behind the Energy Transfers?”

There are many who are of a collective nature that have assembled at this time to assist on a mission of providing an uplift in terms of energy and consciousness to many human beings upon your planet. The Collective working through the Energy Transfers is made up of many beings not only of an extraterrestrial nature, but who are of past human form, who have come to gather in a time in which the Earth is in need of additional energies or assistance. This energetic flow is a source of raising human consciousness and evolution. There are people who are in fact channels of this energy for various purposes in this lifetime. In the circumstance of Energy Transfers, there is a shift in awareness or consciousness that is happening in order to open minds to truths that have been shielded or hidden, that have shifted human beings away from their own truth.

“What is the source of this energy? Is it coming from this Collective of Beings, or is it coming from somewhere else?”

There is a field of energy that is accessible to all human beings on your planet at this time. It is a clear field of potential, of quantum potential, in which all human beings are able to tap into Source energy. In this time, this divine energy is in fact fueled through Collective entities and channeled through human beings in order to reach others because some may need that middle ground. In a sense, this energy is coming from the Collective, for they are gathering this divine energy and assisting others to connect to it in a way that brings them to a higher place of human consciousness and awakening.

“What exactly is happening to an individual who is receiving an Energy Transfer? What effects does it have and what are the benefits?”

They are many benefits. As humans are shifting to a lighter form of awakening, in terms of belief, they must remove many of the heavy dense energies that are holding them back. Much of this karmic energy may also have come from past relationships in other lifetimes. It may have come from battles in ancient times. It is also part of the collective. Human beings are connected to all and as one accumulates karma, it is affecting others. The energy during an Energy Transfer assists this process of removing karmic negative energy from other human beings. Many are also held back by lower vibrations that are affecting them. This could be from microwave type of rays, electronic equipment, the soil, and the water. These other factors are affecting human beings and are also in need of being released in order to allow divine energy to flow through, and this is a critical part of the Energy Transfers. Participants of an Energy Transfer are releasing all this negative weight from them which allows them to come to a place where they are have a better understanding of their surroundings, they are awakening to other human beings, and other vibrational energies, their own purpose, and are able to connect better to the divine energy. For some people these energy transfers should be a regular process in order to keep the lower vibrations out, until the planet is in a more stable place. When that happens, the others will awaken to the own power and understand the divine field of energy. They will see it clearly and be able to tap into it themselves.

“How are the Energy Transfers different from what others are doing with the planet now?”

During the Energy Transfer, there is a shift of enlightenment that is happening through consciousness. This is allowing individuals to feel a state of peace in this time. The wider goal is a shift of the life force of consciousness that is enabling human beings to awaken. The people coming to the Energy Transfers now need this wider shift of consciousness. In terms of: “I live my life here in peace. I am awakened. I see the road in front of me.” These people do similar work in their own way, who also here to assist the planet. They come to the energy transfers for this raise in consciousness that helps them step into what they are meant to do.

About The Author - Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan serves as Executive Director of Flower of Life Center. In this capacity, she works closely with members and committees to evolve consciousness through many vehicles that promote positive growth and change. Micheila was drawn to Flower of Life as a member on a quest for resources and support from like-minded individuals. A mother of two, she became increasingly concerned about her children’s health in regard to toxins in our food, air, water and soil. This concern fuelled her research into issues such as GMO foods, water fluoridation, chem trails and equally harmful practices. At the same time, she became passionate about holistic health and well being as a result of overcoming chronic pain in her own life through a combination of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and Eastern medicine philosophies. Inspired by Flower of Life’s mission and goals and their similarity to her own, Micheila decided to volunteer her time to support the organization, eventually evolving into the executive director position.

Micheila’s personal background and beliefs, coupled with her professional and volunteer experience allows her to fulfill many roles within Flower of Life. She is currently marketing director for the group’s national conference, Awake and Empowered Expo, and takes an active role in Conscious Action, its activist arm. Micheila is an avid writer whose experience includes marketing, event planning, public relations, fundraising and sales, with specialized expertise in the environmental field.

Micheila is a psychic intuitive and channel who is able to connect with her Spirit Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, as well as those of others.  Micheila is primarily clairaudient and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul's path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results.  Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of beings, including extraterrestrials, and answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future.

Intuitive Channel:
Executive Director for Flower of Life &
the Awake And Empowered Expo,

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