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Manifesting the Human Experience

Manifesting the Human Experience

Reorganize Outcomes in the Quantum Field

The following is a channeled writing through Micheila Sheldan from the Domantians. What the Domatians come to teach us is the power of our collective union in relationship to free will and creation. There are many predicting doom on the planet. How we choose to observe and further create the energy of fear around these predictions through thought form and emotional frequency has a tremendous effect on our reality, increasing the potential to match these outcomes in the quantum field. The process offered here goes far beyond pure positivity. It has everything to do with our power as a collective One consciousness to over-ride the free will of those not operating in the highest intention or full awareness, as well as our ability tore-organize timeline potentials into what we wish to experience here. And it is far easier than we think. 

We are the Domatians

Domatia is a star west of the Pleiades yet considered equal to the Pleiadian star system. We call ourselves One with the earth. We are observers of your timelines through nature and we hold this connection through our consciousness. This is because we are your nature. Your nature is one with us. You see, Domatia is a network of actual protons coming together energetically though a One source consciousness of which we are a part. Your DNA is linked to various races and beings in many varieties of ways. The very earth soil upon which you walk is a consciousness and that consciousness has a beginning and an ending. We hold these experiences as truth as we were ones most closely connected to your being at a time in which the earth was formed. And we are observers of your progress, for it is our own.

Miles of space time separate your collective consciousness from our own, yet we are aware of how time interconnects us with you. As time on your planet is misunderstood, we wish to clarify the meaning of time space reality and how you operate within it. This definition is most misunderstood in relationship to time travel, future experiences and how potential timelines can be created as material existence. 

There is a field you call ‘quantum’, or existing within all things. This field, for the sake of your understanding, we will call ‘space’. There is a space by which material and non-physical or light existence comes into one understanding. This field is the space by which time can be measured, not in numbers, hour or minutes as your planet observes, but by higher order universal law. Universal law operates as a quantum or space energetic structure. All things operate under universal law regardless of their vibratory make-up or speed of vibration. So, in other words, humans operate in the quantum field in the same way that other, higher order vibrational light beings operate. Yet there is a difference in the result for many reasons. Let us start with how these higher order beings operate and use the quantum field of universal law to create real time experiences.

First, the vibrational speed of a being must match the material outcome of potential that is being achieved. This is an important statement, for it is equal to your understanding of the Universal Law of Attraction. But let us say for a moment that the magnetic field by which you are operating did not exist. Even if this universal law was not a part of your reality, the way in which you create would be equal to your experience in the quantum field. This is because what is put there remains. And what is created there anew, is available. And when you enter that space, it is not to create. The creation has already been completed. You come into the quantum field and exist there to experience or to manifest a new experience. So in order to better understand time space reality, a being must understand speed of light and match the speed of light in which it wants to experience time, time being material energy brought from the quantum field into your density and observed.

What higher order light beings have come to realize is that creation matters not. We understand this is a significant statement to make amongst many previously stated interpretations. But we say this because you cannot possibly fathom the creative force that you are, and through your thoughts and emotions, the sheer amount of potential paths of existence you are placing into the quantum field. So for the purposes of human understanding, we would say this. You are creators whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. And if you are creators in each moment, this must mean that wave pattern form holds hundreds of thousands of potentials for you, and others, in the quantum field. So, if this is the case, you can image the destruction, the joy, the sadness, the excitement that lies for you in this field. Many do realize the sheer potential that exists, yet fall victim to their vibration in response to universal law and time space reality. They are operating backwards in a sense, creating and then vibrating to match only the time space reality that is equal to their current state of affairs.

Since all potential lies in the quantum field, higher order light beings understand that this is where the potential to exist in harmony and beyond the current state of affairs can be matched. And so, as masters of their vibration, they hold themselves in neutrality, in love and in harmony so as to match the ascension and evolution of their race for the highest good. You will notice we are not using words here such as thought form and emotion. Do higher order light beings have thought form and emotion? Yes they do. But the thought form and emotional states they experience have evolved into higher dimensional existence, connecting them to information that is different than the vibrational state of the human consciousness. In addition, the collective nature of these beings makes it easier for them to experience material time in harmony with one another. This goes beyond intention, although we would say intention is a very critical energy for the human consciousness to grasp and utilize. Quite simply, higher order light beings are vibrating more alike in their energy through a love frequency. Collective realities are also materialized in time space through the quantum field, and this is where the conversation expands.

Collective realities are the basis of the universe. When one race chooses to hold a DNA connection that so mirrors the singular make-up, this is an intention so strong that it becomes a creative force field in the quantum space. Think of it this way… as a singular being you hold a vibration. If 12 beings held that same vibration, something very beautiful and unique beings to happen. The vibration becomes a more active force in the quantum field, a stronger magnet if you will. And that means universal law operates differently. When a collective thought form vibrates into the quantum field as wave form, it can transcend time (material) creation and reorganize creative thought into a new potential.  A collective being vibrating as One can take many points of creation (or timelines if you choose to call them) and reorganize them into an experience that is different than what was created or placed into the quantum field. The reason for this is that the intention of this consciousness or collective vibrating energy over-rides the free will of those in singular energy. And this is where we wish to place our emphasis on your understanding of potentials existing in the universe.

You see, a collective of 12 in wave form pattern vibrating alike has 12 times more influence and creative ability to reorganize the information in the quantum field than one. What this means is, one vibrating in fear can create a potential equal to something that can be experienced by a collective. But a collective vibrating in love can reorganize that potential experience to something other than fear very easily, neutralizing its material time space manifestation.

So the potentials matter not. And yes, there are many potentials that exist in the quantum field that are not in the highest good of the collective. But no one decision on your planet, such as the ones made in your political elections, has any bearing on what will be experienced here. It becomes the choice of the human consciousness to reorganize its collective power by intention to enter the quantum field and shift timelines. This is why we have talked so much about two separate dimensional realities existing here on the planet being a significant part of your history. We have observed that these pockets of collective consciousness already exist here. Some will manifest war, some will manifest peace. Not all humans will experience the same reality here because at this very moment, they cannot. 

What is continuing to happen that we most observe is a consistent leveling of frequencies between singular humans. This fluctuation in consciousness has wreaked havoc on your planet. This has been your singular focus. Moving into a new dimension is only possible when that group of 12 beings becomes 15, then 100, then 1,000. This is how the mathematical odds of material reality being healed swings in your favor. It has nothing to do with what those in the lower vibrational energies are creating and everything to do with the collective consciousness that matches those creative potentials in the quantum field. This is how time, experience, material existence and history are created and observed here. And we see this beginning to change. 

Our best advice to you continues to be operating within the power of your free will to choose neutrality within your current reality. Your singular experience is the basis of connection to others through your consciousness. So if you are addressing yourself and others from a love based frequency, in all aspects of your current timelines, you uphold the truth of your sovereign being. Sovereignty is misunderstood here. It is not a singular adjective applied to the self. If is your ability to be One with Source. So if you are operating from Source in all interactions with others, you are allowing your consciousness to move into a state of being in which the intention is for the good of all beings. To make it quite simple, when you operate within your truth from the highest place of love you honor all things. And that honoring of all things is the energy by which the human consciousness is reconnected to match the highest potentials in the quantum field. Those you wish to experience here.  

Also, we remind you that consciousness and energy are tools of creation. So if you continue to grow a thought form connected to a collective reality and fuel that thought form with emotion, be absolutely sure this is a potential you wish to experience here. Creation does have an important part in the universal experience, coming before material manifestation. The potentials that exist in the quantum field carry a weight associated with them. That weight can be associated with a singular experience or a collective manifestation. Collective forms of consciousness are simply more powerful and magnetic. So the more you choose to acknowledge your consciousness and energetic currency as valuable creative forces, the more you will create in relationship to harmony. And this practice becomes the basis for a new society. One that is enlightened and at peace. And so it is. 


About The Author - Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan serves as Executive Director of Flower of Life Center. In this capacity, she works closely with members and committees to evolve consciousness through many vehicles that promote positive growth and change. Micheila was drawn to Flower of Life as a member on a quest for resources and support from like-minded individuals. A mother of two, she became increasingly concerned about her children’s health in regard to toxins in our food, air, water and soil. This concern fuelled her research into issues such as GMO foods, water fluoridation, chem trails and equally harmful practices. At the same time, she became passionate about holistic health and well being as a result of overcoming chronic pain in her own life through a combination of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and Eastern medicine philosophies. Inspired by Flower of Life’s mission and goals and their similarity to her own, Micheila decided to volunteer her time to support the organization, eventually evolving into the executive director position.

Micheila’s personal background and beliefs, coupled with her professional and volunteer experience allows her to fulfill many roles within Flower of Life. She is currently marketing director for the group’s national conference, Awake and Empowered Expo, and takes an active role in Conscious Action, its activist arm. Micheila is an avid writer whose experience includes marketing, event planning, public relations, fundraising and sales, with specialized expertise in the environmental field.

Micheila is a psychic intuitive and channel who is able to connect with her Spirit Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, as well as those of others.  Micheila is primarily clairaudient and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul's path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results.  Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of beings, including extraterrestrials, and answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future.

Intuitive Channel:
Executive Director for Flower of Life &
the Awake And Empowered Expo,

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