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The Unknown Consciousness of the Microbiome

The Unknown Consciousness of the Microbiome

Microbes and Yeast are often portrayed as the culprits in our environment and as the leading cause of many of our health issues. We spray our homes with anti-microbial cleaners, wash our hands multiple times a day with anti-microbial soap, and take antibiotics at the first sign of illness to eradicate them from our homes and bodies. We have over treated and over sanitized our environments to the point that the human immune system is now showing signs of increased weakness and strain; as evidenced by the shocking increase in the number of allergies and an ever increasing resistance to antibiotics.  

Your body contains many different types of microbes, the collection of all of these is known as your microbiome. They include, bacteria, archea bacteria, yeast, and viruses. These microbes are so important to our health and well-being that we could not function or develop properly without them. When our microbiome is happy, these tiny creatures keep our immune system functioning at its peak, protect us from infections, help our mood stay positive, combat depression and fatigue, keep our skin looking radiant and manage our weight and metabolism. 

These tiny beings that make up over half of the cells in our body have not only been mischaracterized and misrepresented for hundreds of years, but it has been discovered that their role in human evolution is more important than originally thought. They also hold a consciousness – a consciousness that can be communicated with and understood in order to create a harmonious relationship in our bodies for better health and well-being.  

Bacteria carry a very strong loving energy that is easily felt. This consciousness is ancient, almost as old as the Earth, and can teach us much about human evolution, our health and how to best interact with them in the body. When we are in harmony with the microbes of our body, many of the physical ailments we suffer from can begin to be ameliorated. It is vital that we communicate with microbes to gain a better understanding of their role here on Earth: that of facilitators and managers of our existence. Not only do these tiny beings manage our existence on a constant basis, they also help make our very existence possible on this planet. They work closely with Gaia to make this possible, she supplies the elements and chemical constituents that they need to survive and they perform myriad tasks for her on this planet. Breaking down and processing the massive amounts of bio-matter and releasing needed chemical elements (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus) that make life possible is one of the most important tasks of the microbes. Keeping humans alive and healthy is another critical role for them. For the most part, the microbes do this dutifully for humanity, plants and animals. But because there are thousands of different strains of bacteria, there can be differences in the way they behave, and although their consciousness operates as a collective, where they are all accessing the same information and thought patterns, there are exceptions to the rule of keeping us healthy. Like any organism with a consciousness, they include more and less evolved groups of beings. Some strains are more evolved and operate to keep us in optimal health, and others, less evolved, are more concerned with their own dominance, land-grabbing and power. Bacteria; they are just like humans in this way.  

Yeast are slightly different. Surprisingly, Yeast carry an overall benign consciousness – despite the fact that C. albicans has been labeled as a pathogen. This is a gross oversimplification of this microorganism that also carries out many vital processes in our body. Yeast, even more so than bacteria, are very subject to population changes due to the environment. So what we eat, the pH of our blood and tissues and our levels of stress can have a big impact on this organism. It reacts very quickly to these types of chemical changes in the body which can lead to rapid changes in both the host and the yeast genomes, leading to rapid population growth. Shifting them back into balance often requires a resetting of genomic markers in both yeast and human as well as a shift in the environment (blood, tissues, etc) through alterations of our body chemistry.  

So how can we learn to work in harmony with these organisms that inhabit our bodies from head to toe and outnumber our own human cells in our body?

We can start by having respect and reverence for these magnificent creatures that are the caretakers of our earth, our bodies, and the bodies of just about every living organism on this planet. If one stops to think about just how pervasive microbes are, and how just about every body process we hold dear, from our immune system to our digestion, could not function successfully without their aid, we can begin to have appreciation and deep gratitude for this amazing group of beings. Take some time to sit with your body and tap into the consciousness of the microbes within it. See if by quieting your mind and focusing on your body you can connect with these beings. Ask them what they need and how you can best work with them. Are there any changes in your diet or way of life they require to function better?  

This is not only good practice for the microbes, but also imperative to our health that we start communicating with and appreciating these important beings. We must cease dropping nuclear bombs of antibiotics into our guts unnecessarily and as often. Antibiotics should not be used as the first line of defense, but saved as a later option after other immune boosting measures have been taken. Additionally, taking non-living probiotics as a supplement, often the plight of the non-refrigerated varieties, are not as beneficial. Studies show that a sample of live microbes left for just 24 hours at room temperature causes a high percentage of die off. Refrigeration helps ensure sustained microbial activity in a sample and in your probiotics, so always buy the refrigerated option when possible. Imagine standing on the shore of a river (your intestinal wall), and watching boats full of dead humans floating by, this is what it is like from the perspective of the microbes in your intestines. This sends off a cascade of stress reactions in the microbes that disrupts their usual program of keeping us healthy.  

The other leading cause of distracting and disrupting your microbial community is stress. It has recently been shown that stress is a leading precursor to many health imbalances responsible for the most common diseases we suffer from as humans. The hormones and neurotransmitters that are released during the stress response make the environment of your blood, gut and tissues unfavorable for the microbial communities that inhabit them. This happens through epigenetic marker changes to both our genome and that of the microbes. Epigenetic markers are the controllers of gene expression; when they are shifted they can create a divergence in normal body and microbe function, causing disruption to our normal, healthy state. These shifts created by epigenetic changes can boost the populations of less desirable microbial species and inhibit the growth of the friendly microbial species which can lead to compromised immune function, gut issues, brain fog, depression, metabolic disorders, yeast overgrowth and many more undesirable conditions. The role of the microbiota in our bodies cannot be overstated, so taking measures to create a nurturing environment for them by reducing stress and the triggers of stress is key.  

Other ways we can support and nurture our microbial partners is by doing activities that promote the release of the “happy” hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These hormones and neurotransmitters act as an elixir of health and well-being in our bodies when released at the appropriate levels. The two best ways to do this is through diet and regular exercise. It has been shown in scientific studies that both diet and exercise are two of the fastest ways to improve the functioning of your microbiome. Eating a diet low in sugar and processed foods and rich in vegetables and fiber is imperative for ideal microbiome function and fundamentally important to our health. Many of our health problems can be solved by switching to a diet and exercise plan that serve our microbiome.

We can also help our microbes by practicing gratitude, meditating regularly, and connecting to our heart-space to develop more compassion for ourselves and others. When the microbes are living in the nourishing and peaceful environment they release their own hormones and neurotransmitters, such as GABA and Oxytocin that continue to help us feel inner calm and peace, thereby creating a positive feedback loop. Happy hormones equal a happy microbiota and a happy healthy body.  

Recognizing and appreciating that the microbiota in and around our bodies make up as many cells as we have human cells and carry out a vital role in our human health and evolution is the first step in connecting to these wonderful beings. As we expand our understanding and communication with the loving consciousness of these tiny creatures, we can also begin a dialogue with them. This dialogue will enable us to further understand what their role is in our bodies, on this planet and how we can best work with them to generate optimal health and longevity. Let’s start showing them the respect and love they deserve for taking care of us and the Earth for millions of years and keeping us alive and healthy. The microbiota are our partners in this adventure upon Gaia, it is time to start treating them that way.

Editors Note: The above includes theoretical assumptions, based on the author’s research and observation. No information in this article is intended to represent a cure for any health conditions.

About The Author - Jeilene Tracey

Jeilene Tracy is a Vibrational Geneticist, who works with tones and light language to make shifts at the cellular, epigenetic, and DNA level. Working with multidimensional beings, she harmonizes and adjusts the physical DNA to its crystalline DNA counterpart in order to shift the physical, mental, and emotional body into a state of coherence and health.

Jeilene works with ascended masters, Arcturians, and a Mantis collective. She serves as an ambassador to a benevolent group of Mantis beings who are here to teach humanity how to heal themselves and assist with Gaia’s ascension. The Mantis utilize a heart based vibrational field to repair and optimize DNA to bring humanity into alignment with earth’s frequency. As human beings release density, energetic imprints, and heal past traumas, they accelerate the ascension of both humanity and Gaia.

Jeilene received her degree in Biology from Smith College with an emphasis on Molecular Biology, and spent 15 years in the biotech industry working for cutting edge start-ups focused on revolutionizing healthcare through novel ways of understanding human genetics and the microbiome. Today she uses her understanding of DNA and the microbiome, in conjunction with sound, to assist individuals to alleviate a variety of physical, mental, and emotional concerns.


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