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The Antidote to Resistance

The Antidote to Resistance

Getting into Alignment with Non-Physical Potentials

Do you feel stuck in a life that won’t seem to budge or frustrated with humanity and the current state of our planet? You may be holding resistance, a very powerful energy that holds you and our human collective separate of the amazing opportunities that are orchestrating in non-physical and ready to manifest. The Pleiadians come to share their views on what they see us creating in non-physical and tips for identifying and easily moving hundreds of years of resistant patterning out of the way, accelerating a new earth template that may already be a vibrating reality.  

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

As a progression of planetary alignments continue to take your human collective through significant non-physical transitions, the evidence of physical change you desire to see upon your earth is in-equal in proportion to what is brewing beneath the surface. We come to share this with you now because a massive amount of resistance to the unveiling of a new earth hampers its ability to spring forth into form. You may contemplate that you do not hold this resistance. As we explain the way we observe it within your human collective, this transmission becomes a vibrational, key code reminder to your highest self to quickly transmute hidden resistance when it is present within your field.

First, it is most important to evaluate how you may be judging yourself or others for its possession. At the core of human resistance is a plethora of beliefs, programs and archetypal patterns that have been present for hundreds of years and no longer serve you. These patterns have been passed on through generations of humans, who have unconsciously strengthened them, keeping them alive and thriving in the subconscious mind. As your consciousness has risen, a new awareness of these aspects of humanity has simply brought them into the light. This awareness alone must force change.

As an evolved human, it may seem daunting to think about the sheer number of belief systems and programs you would have to uncover and re-write to actually become your truest identity. This is why collectives such as us come to offer these transmissions. They are crystalline in nature and encoded with patterning to over-write what might take years of emotional, mental and physical training to accomplish. Perception and awareness are golden tools at your disposal to simply interact differently with energy. And as you continue to stay present with your mind, emotions and spirit, you are creating new patterns that will be passed down to future generations, expanding your desires for a vibrant earth collective.

Resistance is simply an energy that restricts. Energy in the universe is always meant to expand. When resistance is present, Source is not working in alignment with your desires. Resistance sends a signal to the universe to slow things down, or to keep drawing those things that hold you in the same vibration equal to this resistance. Quite simply, many humans feel as if they are stuck. They are stuck in a job that doesn’t match their consciousness, a relationship that feels difficult, an inability to resource, or a body that does not serve their needs. If you find yourself feeling this way, resistance must be present. There is some subconscious program running that is telling the universe, ‘this is how it must be’. Or, that it is ‘too hard’ to overcome your current circumstances. You may have tremendous desire to move forward, and desire is an important component of universal law. But this desire does not match the signal coming from deep within you that says, ‘I must stay here’.  Amplifying this desire through future projection is a valuable tool. It strengthens the signal at the time of the activity. But the problem with this approach is that most of your waking hours are still spent in resistance of your desire, vibrationally skewing what your manifestation efforts are attempting to achieve.

There are several approaches you can take in this circumstance to move resistance out of the way. You could take expansive inventory of these programs or beliefs, where they originated and how they came to be within your energy. Working through human programming in this way, either mentally, emotionally or energetically, is a beneficial practice and can often result in vibrational alignment. However, what we notice is that so much dense programming exists, that a very similar, slightly different pattern may be present, evoking resistance to the same desire. For example, you may uncover a belief that you are not worthy. This belief or program may have come from your childhood. You may work very diligently to identify this belief and the events responsible, reversing it in your structure. But deep beneath this belief lies another that says, I am not good enough. This belief may not come from childhood, but followed you through adolescence and adulthood, judging yourself against societal standards or others achievements. Although to the reader, these statements may sound the same, they are slightly different yet draw the same resistance. This may seem defeating, however, there are easier ways of moving beyond these limiting beliefs.

Resistance also shows up collectively within your human race. Massive amounts of human belief culminate in collective resistance to new ideas and conscious manifestations that can ground and change your earth right now. This resistance forms through a plethora of limiting beliefs. From perceiving the earth is a bad place to evolve a soul to a general feeling of hopelessness that humanity is rooted in unconsciousness, your collective carries a dense energy that is not serving its evolution. Resistance cares not the belief that is creating it. Its only job is to signal the universe to stop expanding; to slow down the speed of evolution. To demonstrate this visually, acceptance is white while resistance is black. They are completely opposite vibrations. In the same way you can be accepting of something or someone from many different vantage points, you can be in resistance of the earth from a variety of beliefs and programs running in your energy to slow the speed of collective manifestation.

We wish to remind you of how physical manifestations take place and the incredible shifts that are currently happening on the planet. As we do, you will understand how to quickly and easily eliminate resistance both from your singular perspective, as well as that of the human collective.

Everything that manifests into form started as an idea; a chronic thought that gained steam like a moving train fueled by your belief. A timeline potential began brewing in non-physical in which this idea became a reality. This reality is not experienced by your consciousness simply because it is not vibrating in the same dimension; yet it is as real as the life you are living now. It is not only vibrating in the universe, but expanding as new elements are added that support its coming into physical being.

When your belief that this potential exists is so strong that it matches the vibrating timeline in non-physical, elements begin to show up in your linear timeline. You may first observe situations or other humans that mirror your desires or ideas in slightly different yet similar ways. Next, synchronicity leads you to resources that support your new idea. All of these signs, when acknowledged by you, strengthen the signal to the universe that it is a perfect match to become a new reality on earth.

If this in fact is true, that you are a quantum universal fragment, a creator of your singular and collective hologram, why is it that many of your desires don’t show up for you in physical? There is some resistance to them standing in the way. The space between where you are now and what is orchestrating for you in non-physical simply requires alignment; acceptance of your current reality as a moving timeline continuum to something better. Where in the past humans would measure their reality through physical evidence only, the new energies you have been integrating require you to let go of this false premise. The new grid system you have attained vibrates at a higher speed than physical measurement, which requires you to challenge your ideas of reality.

Non-physical templating in your auric field and that of the earth is profound. We see the new ideas and timelines you are creating, and they vibrate very quickly. This is why you may find yourself at times jumping between massive opportunities and ideas coming into your awareness. When you feel confused and overwhelmed due to their creation in physical, we wish for you to gently move yourself back into the frequency in which they originated. Ideas and creativity do not come out of thin air. If you are questioning something, that question is present because a new non-physical template already exists for the answer. You can be sure that you have already created a potential timeline in which the answer is creating a new reality. If an inspired idea to create finds its way into your mind, there is a symbiotic relationship taking place between a new template and your soul, signaling you in physical that it is a strong potential for your higher good. How is it that you take action on these inspired ideas? Before jumping quickly into physical, strengthen your belief. Getting yourself into this frequency will always ensure that physical actions taken are in direct alignment with the thoughts and ideas streaming from this beautiful template that wishes to show YOU the way.

We understand the significance of belief is something foreign to humans because they have been trained out of the present moment. Belief has become a filter through which the past has allowed you to trust what comes in the future. And the mind enjoys capturing the most devastating experiences, the ones that have created the limiting beliefs and programs to begin with. Massive resistance has been built over time through a chronic focus into the mind, which is designed to think linearly, basing its next physical experience on evidence from the past.

Your soul is not linear. You are here to experience everything in physical that the mind and heart can project. Our suggestion is that when you feel a new idea coming, focus into the unseen as a huge non-physical design, already sourcing for you and expanding; drawing what is needed to move you forward. Trust that this non-physical potential exists and is just as important, if not more, than the actions you can take in physical. Watch carefully how the mind wants to interpret your ability to put this idea into action. Stay aligned with the belief that what you are creating has already decided the perfect space and time to land on the earth; and as this belief carries you through the day, relax in the present moment that who you are and where you find yourself is only temporary, even perhaps necessary, to lead you to this new and expansive reality. As a bird taking flight to the next destination, your wings are expanding beyond your peripheral; carrying you quickly and easily to the desires you have for the self and the planet.

Hope is an abstract concept that may seem to have failed you in the past. But hope is only necessary to amplify what your higher self already knows, running it through your mind in deliberate ways to easily over-write negative patterns that may take years to obliterate. When you take a moment each day to feel into the non-physical templates that sit just outside of your aura, interacting with them and drawing them closer with the breath, hope becomes automatic for you. It is no longer a trick your mind plays to land your desire, but a solid frequency you carry that affects all humans. Hope in this form is truly needed on the planet right now.

So in a highly charged, new harmonic earth vibration, you are becoming master manifestors. Resistance is either showing up quicker for you; or acceptance, hope and belief are driving you and the planet forward. If you could see into all of the non-physical energy that strengthens your connections to the earth’s multi-dimensional grid and the universe, you would be astounded. This non-physical energy is ultimately why the earth is moving so quickly into a new location in the universe and preparing for a new dimensional reality. Changes taking place within your life right now are necessary for the new potentials to arrive. Be at peace with these changes and carry a knowing within your heart that your current transition exists in preparation for a new earth. 

About The Author - Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan serves as Executive Director of Flower of Life Center. In this capacity, she works closely with members and committees to evolve consciousness through many vehicles that promote positive growth and change. Micheila was drawn to Flower of Life as a member on a quest for resources and support from like-minded individuals. A mother of two, she became increasingly concerned about her children’s health in regard to toxins in our food, air, water and soil. This concern fuelled her research into issues such as GMO foods, water fluoridation, chem trails and equally harmful practices. At the same time, she became passionate about holistic health and well being as a result of overcoming chronic pain in her own life through a combination of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and Eastern medicine philosophies. Inspired by Flower of Life’s mission and goals and their similarity to her own, Micheila decided to volunteer her time to support the organization, eventually evolving into the executive director position.

Micheila’s personal background and beliefs, coupled with her professional and volunteer experience allows her to fulfill many roles within Flower of Life. She is currently marketing director for the group’s national conference, Awake and Empowered Expo, and takes an active role in Conscious Action, its activist arm. Micheila is an avid writer whose experience includes marketing, event planning, public relations, fundraising and sales, with specialized expertise in the environmental field.

Micheila is a psychic intuitive and channel who is able to connect with her Spirit Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, as well as those of others. Micheila is primarily clairaudient and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul's path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results.  Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of beings, including extraterrestrials, and answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future.

Intuitive Channel:
Executive Director for Flower of Life &
the Awake And Empowered Expo,

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