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Why You Should Sleep Next to Your Dog, Not Your Cat

Why You Should Sleep Next to Your Dog, Not Your Cat

How Animals Respond to Subtle Energies

The age old discussion about dogs versus cats has recently been expanded to the field of environmental influences. The research is in! Dogs and cats respond very differently to earth-related stress, a subtle form of energy in the environment which only animals can sense.

Environmental stress is caused by naturally occurring irregularities and patterns in the earth.

When people are exposed to environmental or geopathic stress (from: geo = the Earth, and pathologic = caused by disease) their physical energy is drained, and their cellular communication is reduced, which leaves them overly tired and exhausted. The body does not function as effortless as it should. If our Chi, our life force, is not recharging properly and regularly, the body needs to dip into its energy reserves, which over time will deplete. Geopathic stress prevents the natural process of recharging and self-healing, which occurs only at night during restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Environmental stress cannot be detected with our five senses, as our sensatory abilities are limited. Animals, on the other hand, are more connected to nature and are focused on survival instincts; they are still able to sense energetic changes in the environment. Simply by observing their behavior we can recognize and interpret energetic patterns around us.

German research from nearly a century ago shows that chaotic earth frequencies affect animals, nature, and human beings in different ways.

A centuries old tradition in rural Austria tells us that people watch where a flock of sheep would naturally rest and lie down on a property. A place like this would indicate an energetically healthy spot to build a home. Farm animals always seek out strong positive places to lie down at night. 

Nearly all larger animals avoid areas with geopathic stress.

Horses’ behavior is especially fascinating when affected by chaotic earth frequencies. Cribbing, a chronic behavior involving chewing on wood, is often related to environmental stress in a narrow stall. This reactive behavior can be addressed easily and quickly without medical intervention by moving the horse to a stall free of underground earth lines. Dairy cows were found to no longer need veterinary treatment for ongoing infections once they had been moved to a different spot in the stable.

A story on a German talk show in the 1980s covered a pig farmer who had ordered a boar for his breeding program. A week or two after receiving the male pig, the farmer called back the breeder to complain about the “unsatisfying performance” and the passivity of the animal. The breeder then sent him a replacement boar which, unfortunately, showed the same behavior. The case was finally solved by a traveling farm seed agent who came across the story and knew how to dowse. (Dowsing is the ancient art of tracking energy patterns in the earth.  Dowsers are trained to use branches of trees and other tools to determine if water, minerals or other objects can be found beneath a surface). The man investigated the stable and found a strong zone of geopathic stress below the entire stall of the boar. Just by changing the location, the problem was solved.

While most larger animals are affected negatively by geopathic stress the same way humans are, insects are attracted to these earth patterns.

Ant hills in nature are always on crossings of underground water streams or earth fault lines. Ants and many other small insects help to clean up nature and process organisms in their decomposing efforts. Of course, one might attract ants with food, as well, but they will likely spread out along geopathic pathways and build their nest over a maximum of detrimental energy.

Termites and carpenter ants will do the same thing. There was a case of a celebrity in Florida who tore down a 12 million dollar beach front mansion because of a termite infestation that got out of control. Subsequently, a new even bigger mansion was built in the same location, but without addressing these malignant earth lines. It will just be a matter of time before ants and termites will return.

Have you ever had a wasp nest on your house or in your garden?

Wild bees, wasps, even lady bugs are attracted to the same grids and fault lines. In fact, cultivated bees make 30% more honey when their hive is positioned above geopathic stress. In Europe, many bee keepers know how to dowse for exactly this reason and intentionally place their beehives in these areas. It is interesting that there is a theory that pure organic honey contains many beneficial properties, some of them assisting people who are fighting cancer. Cancer has been researched for over a century to be clearly correlated with exposure to negative geopathic stress. This reminds us of the similarity principle in homeopathy that states “Similia similibus curentur” (“let like be cured by like“), implying that substances causing illness can be used as medicine to treat health challenges one has encountered in the first place.

Finally, our most beloved pets, cats and dogs, show typical behavior which can help us understand energy patterns in our home.

Anyone who has encountered a cat knows how different they are from all other creatures. This is particularly true in their response to earth grids! Opposite to all other animals, cats are attracted to harmful earth energies, but are obviously not affected negatively. This is a well established fact among dowsers. By marking and connecting the favorite sleeping spots of a cat on a floor plan, one can often  discern the main earth grid patterns in a house.  While dogs emphatically avoid geopathic stress, cats show us which place to be suspicious  of and put some further investigation into it to make sure our bedroom is safe.

Ernst Hartmann, MD, one of the early researchers on cancer and harmful earth energy grids in Germany in the 1960’s, reveals a funny story about dogs in his book “Krankheit als Standortproblem” (“Illness as a problem of the location”).

One of his patients owned a German shepherd, a very obedient race of dogs. He wanted his dog to sleep in a specific spot next to his bed and therefore ordered his dog to lie down there every night before he went to sleep himself. In the morning however, he always found the dog in the opposite corner of the room. Annoyed by the disobedience of his dog, the man decided to find out exactly what was going on. He commanded the dog to lie down next to his bed as usual, and then just pretended to fall asleep himself. The dog was fully awake listening to his master’s breathing patterns. Once the dog thought the man was asleep, he got up quietly and moved to the other side of the room again. At the next routine visit to his doctor, the man complained about his “badly trained” animal.

Dr. Hartmann explained to him that dogs tend to naturally avoid negative geopathic earth grids because they would make them sick. Following his dog’s guidance the man later changed the bed position in the room. At the next visit he not only reported sleeping better himself, but also having no further behavior issues with his dog.


Here are some final tips to improve your personal energy and health by creating a more restful environment:

Observe your pets! Avoid the favorite places of your cat, enjoy those where your dog likes to lie down. Also, if you have ants or other insect manifestations in a specific area of your house, be aware that spraying toxins is not a long term solution. If your bed is on the same side of the house above these spots, move the bed away to another wall or even consider changing the bedroom to another part of the house. Before building a new home, investigate the land for hidden ant hills and dead or crippled trees. Move the foundation to an area which is free from these signs.


The Institute of Geopathology provides research about geopathic stress and methods to determine and avoid these areas, along with information on health related issues connected to its exposure.

About The Author - Werner Brandmaier

Werner Brandmaier is a gifted diviner and researcher of subtle energetic earth structures. Born in rural Austria, Werner inherited a diverse background in healing and alternative practices. He comes from a family of herbalists and dowsers and from his early 20’s was drawn to metaphysics, yoga and Eastern spirituality. Werner also holds an engineering degree and more than 10 years experience in the high tech medical field. Bridging both the Eastern and Western world philosophies became his passion and life purpose.

In 1999 Werner moved from Austria to the US with the intent to share European research about geopathic stress. Werner began to expand his private practice of traditional Feng Shui with the goal to increase awareness for environmental influences on our health, especially with long term chronic issues and cancer. He is the Founder of the institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology in Portland, Maine. He also develops energetic tools which harmonize homes and businesses and protect people’s personal energy fields. Werner offers personal consultations and teaches seminars and workshops in Europe and all over the United States.

He can be reached at 207-772-7888
Facebook: Werner Brandmaier Institute of Feng Shui

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